God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 713

“Savages?” Yue Zhong could not help but remember those strange human-like creatures that launched an assault on him and his fellow survivors.

Eiphen wore a hateful look, “Savages are the lowest of humankind. They eat anything, humans, Mutant Beasts, Mutants, as long as they’re hungry, they can eat even their own children. Everywhere they go, they will devour anything.”

Yue Zhong looked at the rest of Eiphen’s tribe coldly, his eyes flashing with disgust. However, this wasn’t Earth, even if he hated their actions, he had no intention to kill them. He became clearer on the cruelty of this world.

The vagabonds surrounded the huge wok, and everyone scooped up their helping of broth and wheat, carefully consuming the food, not leaving even bones behind.

The rest of the survivors from Earth felt their faces drain of color. As Enhancers, they were people of lofty status and had never had to resort to cannibalism at all. Seeing the scene in front of them, they were rocked by waves of nausea.

Under the threat of Yue Zhong’s presence, the vagabonds began to scoop up the strange mixture and handed it out to the Earth’s survivors.

Many of them immediately rejected, instead choosing to find the black wheat to consume.

It was late in the evening, under the cover of darkness, a number of strange creatures appeared in the night, their red eyes flashing as they crawled towards the campsite. A strong killing intent permeated through the air.

2 soldiers of the vagabond tribe were patrolling, when all of a sudden, a creature with 2 huge mouths on its head, one of them human-like, the other filled with rows of sharp teeth, its hands filled with sharp claws and its figure human-like but black and skinny appeared. It had boils all over its body, and it pounced on one soldier, biting viciously down on his throat, crushing it.

Before the other soldier had the chance to react, a sharp claw tore through his heart, tearing it out.

With the deaths of the 2 soldiers, many other creatures hidden in the dark quickly crawled towards the camp.

The defense of the campsite looked simple, however, there were many warning traps laid out. One of the creatures accidentally triggered one, causing warning sounds to go off.

Eiphen’s face fell as he hollered, “Attack! Enemy attack! Prepare for battle!!”

Hearing his voice, the expression of the vagabonds changed, as they hurried to grab their weapons and looked out in alarm.
Even the old, the weak and the ill all took up their weapons, battling was ingrained in their bones. This world was much crueler and harsher than on Earth. Almost all life forms were enemies of humans. If they wanted to live on, they had to fight, or else they would die.

When these vagabonds took up their weapons, the strange creatures had already charged through the campsite, beginning their slaughter of the vagabonds.

Eiphen saw the creatures and his face turned incredibly pale, “Mutants, damn it, it is the mutants!! We’re finished!! Finished!!”

Yue Zhong observed carefully, noticing that those who had launched the night raid were all human-like creatures. However, their eyes had ferocious lights, while they had mutations all over their bodies. Some grew 2 heads, some had powerful tails, some had sharp claws. However, they still kept their main human attribute, just that their bodies were covered in boils, and there was a strong stench emitting from them. They had no clothes.

One particular mutant had claws for its right hand, its body burly. There were 2 sarcomas on its chest. It leaped onto a vagabond, its right hand slashing towards the unfortunate person’s head, slicing the brain apart.

Another mutant had eight arms, its eyes flashing with madness. Its tentacle-like arms rolled out, grabbing a female vagabond, before using one of its tentacles to penetrate the woman from below with such violence that she bled profusely while screaming in agony.


A dozen of the males immediately charged forth and swung their weapons at another 2 mutants with blades for shoulders.

The 2 mutants reacted swiftly, their blades flashing out with a speed faster than the sound barrier, and the dozens of vagabonds were immediately sliced apart. The 2 mutants then began to devour the brains of their dead victims.

Peng! Peng!

Within the tribe, a few had rifles and they had already begun firing at the mutants.

As the gunshots rang out loud and clear, 2 mutants had their heads exploded.

The rest began to pounce towards the soldiers with the weapons.

One of them waved its hands, firing out 2 sharp bone spikes from its right hand, piercing the body of the sniper and knocking him back.

Another one released a sack of pus from its body, and the green, poisonous slime landed on the body of the sniper.

The moment the pus landed on the sniper, he began to scream out loud as his body erupted in boils.

One mutant waved its hand and shot out a transparent silk, spinning it, and an unsuspecting Enhancer that charged towards it to fight was immediately killed.

The fight caught them unprepared and unaware, with everything happening fast and brutal. The vagabonds were almost all wiped out at the start. A few Enhancers who tried to take them on were also killed easily.

It was like Hell on Earth, where the mutants were easily slaughtering the humans. Even the Enhancers brought here from Earth could barely hold on. These Enhancers who had held their own against Mutant Beasts and take on the Savages from before was helpless before these mutants.

Among the Enhancers, the strongest was the naked man, Fuhrana, a black guy and another sword-wielding Asian. Of these 4, the naked man had lost his head immediately to one of the mutants with blades for shoulders. Fuhrana had her ribs smashed by a single kick from one of the mutants. As for the other 2, they had not yet come across any of them.

Su Lan and Kong Cui Yun saw the sudden surge of mutants and their faces flashed with fear, as they stood behind Yue Zhong.

“They’re powerful!” Yue Zhong looked at how the mutants carried out their slaughter and his heart turned cold. Each of them had their own unique abilities, and their combat prowess was on par with Evolvers of Level 30 or so. Based on his estimate, there were about 200 of them in this attack. That meant that they were facing an assault of over 200 Evolvers of about Level 30.

Had it been another Evolver, even Hu-er Ran would be forced to retreat.

However, through the constant enhancements, Yue Zhong’s strength had surpassed Hu-er Ran. Even more so, after conquering the capital, his strength had gained a huge boost. He was confident facing even an Apostle now.

With a flip of his hand, 2 fully loaded assault rifles appeared in his hands, and he activated his Shadow Steps, his eyes flashing. Both hands turned into blurs as he fired a frenzy.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Following the dense gunshots, many of the mutants fell under Yue Zhong’s marksmanship.

Many of those still alive instantly turned around and stared at Yue Zhong warily.

As Yue Zhong demonstrated his strength yet again, the gazes of the vagabonds and Enhancers fell upon him, flashing with surprise and hope.

Almost immediately, they all began to make their way towards Yue Zhong.

Fuhrana’s eyes were also filled with a complicated gaze. She struggled for a moment before making her way over. It was safe with him.

At that moment, one of the mutants with the blade shoulders appeared in front of Fuhrana, its blades already slicing midway at her head.

Warning signs went off in her heart, and her eyes flashed with despair.


At this time, just as it was about to land on her head, a bullet shot through its brain.

She looked at the corpse, quickly making her way towards Yue Zhong while bearing the pain of her broken ribs.

As the vagabonds and Enhancers rushed towards Yue Zhong, the rest of the mutants began to react. They dove for cover, staring at Yue Zhong, eyeing him with bloodshot eyes.

Seeing this, Yue Zhong’s eyes turned incredibly dark. If these mutants were to charge for him, he could easily slaughter them. However, should they separate, he would not able to protect all the survivors.

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