God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 714

Not long after the mutants disappeared into the dark, one mutant stepped out, with sparse hair on its head, and a single green horn on its forehead. It had sharp claws for hands, and there were blades growing out every crevice. Its eyes glowed with a red gleam.

When that mutant came out, Yue Zhong’s heart thumped in alarm as a strong sense of danger rang off in his head.

After undergoing so many enhancements, his combat strength was getting more terrifying, to the point he could kill the ordinary mutants in a single strike. However, the moment that new mutant appeared, he immediately knew he had no confidence to kill it.

Eiphen’s countenance was extremely pale, “Type 3 Mutant! It actually is a Type 3 Mutant!! We’re truly finished!! We’re dead!”

The rest of the survivors turned pale, their eyes filled with despair. They knew clearly the threat of Type 3 Mutants.

Yue Zhong looked at the Type 3 Mutant and raised his gun to fire at it madly.

The eyes of the Type 3 Mutant flashed violently, and its body disappeared in a flicker, its speed reaching the sound barrier. It dodged the bullets effortlessly and appeared in front of Yue Zhong to slash at it.

Yue Zhong abandoned the gun and pulled out his Flame Blade to meet the blow of the Type 3 Mutant, deflecting it away.

The moment the Type 3 Mutant launched its attack, it continued without stopping, landing blow after blow at the speed of sound, forcing Yue Zhong backward.

Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps and the Flame Blade in his hands slashed out to meet the blows, matching the Type 3 Mutant evenly, and it was unclear who had the advantage.

Just as the Type 3 Mutant was focused on Yue Zhong, the rest of the Mutants had already routed around the battlefield craftily, launching sneak attacks on the rest of the vagabonds.

Since Yue Zhong was kept occupied, the rest of the Enhancers and vagabonds were slaughtered cruelly and miserably.

White Bones’ demonic eyes flashed with flames and it charged out with its bone blades, turning into a meat grinder. Everywhere it touched, the Mutants would be sliced and diced apart.

The Enhancers from Earth had been forced to a corner and gave it their all to fight back.

Yue Zhong glanced with his peripheral vision and saw the current situation. White Bones had to stay to protect Kong Cui Yun and Xiao Lan, and his heart sunk, “Shit! If this goes on, those vagabonds will be wiped out!”

The vagabonds were the only ones who knew how to get to Red Rock City. Before Yue Zhong got there, he needed to at least protect some of them, otherwise, he would be lost out here in this desolate place.

“I need to end this beast quickly!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly and he activated his Gravity Manipulation, causing the Type 3 Mutant to stumble slightly, its movements affected.

With a thought, a huge Devil Flame fireball conjured out of the air and blasted towards the Type 3 Mutant.

The Type 3 Mutant was too close to Yue Zhong, and it was instantly enveloped by the flames.

The next instant, the single green horn on the Mutant’s forehead lit up, and a green light burst out from its body, dispersing the Devil Flames.

“WHAT!!” Yue Zhong was shocked, his Devil Flame had been enhanced twice, a single ball of it could easily incinerate any of the ordinary Mutants. A huge Devil Flame fireball could heavily injure, if not kill, a Type 3 Mutant Beast as well. And yet, this Type 3 Mutant had dispelled his flames so easily.

The Type 3 Mutant had an exhausted look right after, it was evident that move had sapped it. Its eyes flashed ferociously as it opened its smelly mouth, the inner boils exploding as pus shot out right at Yue Zhong in the form of arrows.

Yue Zhong’s face fell and he conjured up a Devil Flame Ball to meet the incoming poisonous spit.

As the 2 projectiles met, the fiery flames instantly caused the poisonous spit to sizzle into smog.

The Type 3 Mutant became even more enraged, the horn on its forehead lighting up again, and its speed suddenly increased by 30% as it rushed at Yue Zhong to slash at it.

Yue Zhong waved his Flame Blade, slicing at the claw with a sharp whistle in the air as blade met claw in a shower of sparks.

All of a sudden, the Type 3 Mutant jerked its lower body, revealing a sharp tail that shot for Yue Zhong from a blind angle.

Yue Zhong’s face fell in horror, quickly channeling his Dark Dou Qi, enveloping his body, pushing his capabilities to the limit. He twisted his body, dodging that blow meant for his heart, instead, allowing the sharp tail to pierce his abdomen.

The sharptail was able to penetrate even the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake hide before being stopped by the Level 5 Defense Vest.

There was a powerful force behind that blow, and even after Yue Zhong’s equipment helped to block the blow, the remaining strength still caused 2 of his ribs to fracture.

Yue Zhong’s body was covered in a dark glow, as he retreated a few steps to diffuse the remaining force. However, blood could be seen trickling down his mouth. His injury was serious.

The eyes of the Type 3 Mutant flashed dangerously, as it appeared right in front of Yue Zhong, slashing at his head. Its tail swung back and suddenly appeared from Yue Zhong’s right, intending to pierce his side.

“Go to hell!!” Yue Zhong also roared out with fury in his eyes. At that instant, his Second Order Devil Flame exploded out in a pillar towards the skies, enveloping the Type 3 Mutant.

The Type 3 Mutant screamed out in agony when it was in contact with the flames. The horn on its horn glowed, allowing it to struggle and leap free from the pillar of flames. However, even with the protection of the green light, its hair had already been singed, and there were many wounds all over its body. It looked extremely miserable.

With a flash of a blade, the head of the Type 3 Mutant was lobbed off and rolled on the ground.

When the Type 3 Mutant Beast was slain by Yue Zhong, a huge amount of Life Energy was absorbed into Yue Zhong’s God and Devil imprint, nourishing and strengthening his soul.

“Congratulations, you have gained 10 Strength!”

Under the nourishment of the Life Energy, there was a sudden notification in Yue Zhong’s mind.

Yue Zhong felt excited when his Strength rose, “Indeed! There are benefits to entering this dangerous world!”

On Earth, it was incredibly hard for Yue Zhong to evolve. Within a week of being in this 2nd World, he had received another enhancement. Furthermore, his soul was becoming more powerful, which proved that while the 2nd World was dangerous, there were benefits present.

After the Type 3 Mutant had been killed, the rest of the Mutants took a look, their expressions filled with fear. They began to flee, as they dragged corpses along.

Yue Zhong watched them, frowning. He decided not to give chase.

It was going to be difficult to establish some foothold here. He did not want to waste energy to go chase the Mutants down. Furthermore, he had 2 broken ribs, while it would recover by the next morning, he did not want to endanger himself in the night.

Eiphen watched the Mutants flee, his heart welling up with emotions as he kneeled in front of Yue Zhong. “Many thanks, Divine Warrior!!! Thank you for saving us all!!”

The rest of the vagabonds also kneeled down and began to thank him profusely, “Thank you, Divine Warrior!!”

“Get up!” Yue Zhong declared indifferently, before walking up to the corpse of the Type 3 Mutant. He looked at the horn protruding out of its forehead, his eyes flashing with a strange glint.

With a flash of his blade, the 10 cm-long green horn was chopped off by Yue Zhong. He picked it up and looked it over carefully, discovering that the material was similar to the nuclei dropped by Mutant Beasts.

Eiphen looked at Yue Zhong holding the horn with envy, saying, “Congratulations on Divine Warrior for obtaining a Type 3 Mutant Crystal Horn. It could fetch about 100,000 Eagle Yuan in Red Rock City. Divine Warrior, you are indeed strong, to think that even a Type 3 Mutant would be defeated by you.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed, “Divine Warrior? Eiphen, what exactly is a Divine Warrior? Are there any tiers to it?”

Eiphen had a look of shock, staring at Yue Zhong who was overflowing with killing intent and decided to tell him everything.

In this world, there were vagabonds, Savages, Mutants, Mutant Beasts, Radiated Devils, Humans and other strange existences.

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