God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 715

The Divine Warrior was a term used to distinguish powerful experts of different levels. There were a total of 6 types, with the Type 1 Divine Warriors able to take on ordinary Mutants. Type 2 Divine Warriors could fight Type 2 Mutants, Type 3 Divine Warriors fighting Type 3 Mutants, so on and forth.

Eiphen’s knowledge was limited as he was part of a vagabond tribe, and only knew of the existences of Divine Warriors. He had only seen at most 5 Divine Warriors. He had never even seen a Type 3 Divine Warrior that had could take on a Type 3 Mutant. It was because of that, he was all the more respectful and fearful of Yue Zhong.

Eiphen knew some other things with regards to the other tribes but he wasn’t able to make himself clear. Yue Zhong tried probing and gave up after a while.

After erecting a tent, Yue Zhong and Kong Cui Yun entered it.

Xiao Lan hesitated a while, and burrowed in as well, before hiding in one corner.

Yue Zhong glanced at Xiao Lan and did not mind it.

At this time, the little beautiful blond Dina also entered the tent, looking towards Yue Zhong with a pitiful look.

Yue Zhong looked at Dina and said, “What’s the matter?”

Dina seemed to falter, before she pulled away at the cloth around her body, revealing a youthful and lithe body. She looked at Yue Zhong, walking up to him carefully before speaking in her bright and clear voice, “Esteemed Divine Warrior, my father Eiphen has told me to come and serve you. Please use my body to your heart’s content. Be assured, my body has never been touched before, I hope that this pleases you.”

Seeing this, Xiao Lan and Kong Cui Yun were filled with shock. They had not expected that frail looking Eiphen would actually resort to such a means to win Yue Zhong over.

Yue Zhong looked at the little girl and frowned, in this apocalypse, he had seen many people playing with little girls, but sending one’s own daughter to be played, it was the first time. Yue Zhong could not help but feel angry at Eiphen.

He threw a blanket over to her and spoke gruffly, “Put on your clothes! Head back!”

Dina became frightened, her face turning pale. She crawled and pleaded, “Sir, sir, please, please use me. If my father knew that I did not accomplish what he asked me to do, he will allow the rest of the tribe to use me before selling me away as a slave.”

She kneeled in front of Yue Zhong as she continued to plead and beg, “Please, I’ll do anything!! Please just use me!”

Yue Zhong’s face turned dark when he saw Dina crying like this. He had never expected Eiphen to have this side to him. On the surface, he appeared weak and unassuming, and yet he was secretly so manipulative and cruel. He was willing to sacrifice his daughter, and if he didn’t get his way, he would even threaten to sell her away.

He frowned deeper and barked coldly, “Stop crying!”

Dina’s body shuddered, wiping her tears away as she looked at Yue Zhong expectantly.

Kong Cui Yun was standing at one side, looking at Yue Zhong as though to say something. However, upon remembering the terror of the Mutants and the corpses in the soup, she turned pale and could not say anything. Although she wasn’t happy if Yue Zhong decided to have his way with Dina, if Yue Zhong really chose to do so, she could only accept it.

“Ah! What is this?” Yue Zhong was thinking about how to deal with Dina, when his eyes suddenly brightened and he told Dina, “Turn around, get on your knees and raise your butt!”

“Yes!” Dina’s eyes flashed with happiness and proceeded to raise her little perky ass.

Yue Zhong saw that there was a huge black scale right above her tender butt cheeks, and on top of it, there was a short tail of about 10cm.

Yue Zhong grabbed the tail and pulled it, saying, “What’s this?”

Dina’s face turned incredibly pale as her body trembled even more violently, “I’m sorry!! I’m sorry! Esteemed Divine Warrior, Dina is a lowly bitch! Dina is a lowly half-Mutant!”

She continued to tremble as she turned around to cry and plead with Yue Zhong, “Dina might be the most shameless half-Mutant, but only my butt area has a mutation. The rest of Dina’s body is fine, Dina is not a Mutant. Dina is free for your pleasure, please do with Dina as you please.”

Yue Zhong continued to hold that little tail and finally understood why Eiphen would treat Dina this way.

Since Dina had some part of her that underwent mutation, she was considered half-mutant already. She was no longer human, nor fully Mutant, and thus, was ostracized by both sides.

For half-Mutants who accumulated some radiation, there were 2 possible outcomes. One was death, the other would be to transform fully into Mutants. These Mutants would suffer from the torment of the radiation, the pain so intense that they might spew out blood. Once they transform fully, they would then go crazy and kill their fellow tribesmen. Therefore, half-Mutants were always despised and ostracized regardless of the tribe they belonged to.

Once a half-Mutant was discovered in a tribe, many of them would either be abandoned or sold to slavers.

In order to prevent future mutation, it was actually simple. Prevent these half-Mutants from being exposed to further radiation. However, there was nothing in this world that was not already irradiated. Even water was precious. Ordinary half-Mutants already had no rights to such water and food, therefore, once they were discovered, their fates were basically sealed.

Yue Zhong looked at Dina carefully. Her blond hair and exquisite looks, coupled with her voluptuous figure at such a tender age, gave her a powerful and attractive charm. The only problem was that she was lacking in nutrition and thus, she was slightly sallow. Her skin was also slightly dried, and her hands were full of calluses. She could still be considered a pretty little thing.

Yue Zhong pondered a while, before saying, “I got it. Dina, you can agree to follow me as my slave, and subject yourself to me. If you’re willing, I will talk to your father, and buy you over. If you’re not willing, you can stay here for a night and leave.

Dina was elated as she nodded profusely, “I’m willing!! Dina is willing to be Master’s slave!! Dina would do all she can to learn and help Master.”

After that, she dove into Yue Zhong’s covers, revealing a sweet smile, “Does Master want to play with Dina?”

Yue Zhong shot her a glare, “Mind yourself, go and get some rest! We’re moving tomorrow!”

Dina did not know Yue Zhong’s temper, and immediately nodded obediently, “Yes!”

After accepting her, Yue Zhong continued to read for a while before turning the light off and sleep.

Early the next morning, Yue Zhong brought the 3 ladies out of the tent, and a number of strange gazes fell upon him.

Yue Zhong directly went to Eiphen and said, “I want to buy Dina, how much do you want?”

Eiphen was incredibly frightened, “Esteemed Divine Warrior! You can just take this lowly daughter of mine! Treat it as a gift for saving our lives!! We’re incredibly honored that you like her!!”

Yue Zhong chuckled indifferently, giving 4 rifles and 10 magazines, “We’ll do it like this, these are yours!”

Eiphen immediately thanked Yue Zhong profusely, “Thank you, Divine Warrior!! Thank you!!”

To these vagabonds, firearms and bullets were precious, even more so than Eagle Yuan. A lowly half-Mutant exchanged for 4 rifles and 10 magazines were incredibly good news to Eiphen. Even if Dina wasn’t a half-Mutant, to be exchanged for this amount, Eiphen would be more than happy to do so.

“You Zhong, I’ve something to say to you!”

He turned to the direction of the sound and noticed Fuhrana and the rest of the Enhancers coming over to him.

His eyes flashed with a complicated gaze. In front of him, there were only 8 of them left. In just a week, they had dwindled down from a few hundred to just a few of them. This world was truly cruel.

Last night, the attack had a Type 3 Mutant, if there had been 2 of them, only Yue Zhong might survive and be forced to flee. Had there been a Type 4 Mutant, Yue Zhong might have been killed instantly.

Yue Zhong replied, “Say what you want to say!”

Fuhrana’s gaze turned complicated as she looked at Yue Zhong, “I hope that we can join forces. This world is too cruel, only by working together, we can maybe stand a chance.”

Yue Zhong shook his head and rejected, “I’m not interested!”

Fuhrana and the rest of them had managed to survive, which meant that they were of decent strength, but to Yue Zhong, it was not worth it. The most important thing was that Fuhrana and the rest were always proud, even when working together, they would most likely harbor intentions when cooperating. If he joined them, he might have to waste his energy being on guard against them.

Seeing Yue Zhong reject, Fuhrana and the rest felt the color drain from their faces. She gritted her teeth and said, “Yue Zhong, as long as you’re willing to join us, you can be the leader.”

Yue Zhong spoke indifferently, “If you want me to join, it’s possible, you will have to obey my every order, there’s no room for discussion. Otherwise, forget it!”

One of the younger males with dyed hair laughed coldly, “Obey every order? If you want us to die, we will have to?”

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