God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 716

One of the black men came up and tried to mediate, “Zhang Liu Yi, that’s not what Yue Zhong meant.”

Yue Zhong retorted coldly, “No! That was exactly what I meant, if I were to be the leader, and send you to your deaths, you will have to obey! Only when orders are followed to that standard, that it will be possible for me to join you guys, be your leader, and give you a chance at survival.”

Being the leader of this group of people, Yue Zhong had to share his precious water and food. He would have to divert attention to care for their safety and wellbeing, it was natural he wanted the authority over them. Otherwise, it was not possible for him to help them.

The main thing was that this world was so much harsher than Earth, there was no clean water or food, no matter how strong Yue Zhong was, he could not sustain all of them.

Hearing his words, the 8 of them had huge changes in their expressions. Who would be willing to hand their lives over to another person?

Zhang Liu Yi had a look of sarcasm, “We can’t afford you as a leader. Who the hell do you think you are? Even without you, we can still live on! Let’s go!!”

After that, the rest of them began to leave, only Fuhrana and one black man stood there quietly.

Zhang Liu Yi saw Fuhrana and Mansila standing quietly in front of Yue Zhong and his face fell, while a look of envy flashed past, “Fuhrana, Mansila, aren’t the 2 of you coming?”

Fuhrana rejected him flatly, looking at Yue Zhong, “No! Yue Zhong, I’m willing to be your subordinate, and follow your orders.”

Mansila chuckled at Yue Zhong, “Yue Zhong, you’re really strong! Last night, your helper saved my life. I’m willing to submit, and follow your orders wholeheartedly!”

One middle-aged man, who was dressed in a suit, sighed, “Who would have thought that Fuhrana and Mansila would submit to him.”

One well-built man snorted coldly, “Being someone else’s dog will never bode well. They will soon come to regret their decision. I’ve already asked around, in another 5 days, we can reach Red Rock City. Once we’re there, Yue Zhong will be useless, with our abilities, who wouldn’t want us? Before then, we can just hide behind him, let him block the attacks for us.”

Zhang Liu Yi licked his lips with a lustful gaze, “What a pity about that Fuhrana, if only I can fuck her once!”

Both sides separated and continued on the journey.

As this tribe of vagabonds continued to walk, Yue Zhong came across a few more streams, but they were all irradiated with at least Level 5 contamination. Level 4 ones were rare.

After 5 arduous days, the buildings of Red Rock City slowly came into view.

The wall around Red Rock City was about 20m high, made of some strange black rock. Every 20m along the top of the wall, there was a 12.7mm machine gun pointed down. At the same time, there were moats around the wall, if one wanted to attack the city, the moats provided a tough defense.

There were about 20 guards at the entrance of the city. Vehicles and people were entering and exiting the city in droves. There was some sort of an electronic device like a door, and everyone had to go through that.

Eiphen looked at the entrance and told Yue Zhong, “That is Red Rock City! The electronic gate can test if a person is a Mutant.”

Yue Zhong looked at the gate and nodded slightly, taking Fuhrana and the rest towards the gate.

Since there were no Mutants among them, they entered the city easily.

Once Yue Zhong entered the city, he noticed huge crowds walking by on the streets, many of them carrying a hint of killing intent, at the same time, they had all sorts of firearms.

When Yue Zhong’s group entered, many gazes fell upon them. Noticing the sniper rifle on Yue Zhong’s back, their hearts turned cold, and when their gazes fell on Fuhrana and Xiao Lan, they flashed with envy and greed.

Right at this time, 5 men in black uniform came walking from the center of the city saw Fuhrana, and their eyes brightened as they came walking over.

One of them had a gold star on his collar. He took a single look at Fuhrana, and his eyes flashed with lust. He spoke with an arrogant tone, “This woman is not bad! I’ve my eyes on her! Give a price! Those who have nothing to do better scram!”

Another one who had a similar star saw Dina and pointed, “I want this one. Give a price!”

When Eiphen saw these 5 men in black uniforms, his countenance turned pale as he quickly brought his people away from the scene.

Zhang Liu Yi and the rest also sneaked off, hiding in one corner to watch the commotion. The worse off Yue Zhong was, the happier they felt.

When Yue Zhong heard those words, his face turned dark. He was used to being the single entity no one dared to offend in the Central Plains for very long. If it had been outside, he would have swung his blade to decapitate the 2 of them. However, since they were outsiders in this Red Rock City, he was still unsure of this world, and this caused him to be more cautious.

He retorted coldly, “They’re my women, not selling! Get lost, don’t block the way!”

The one who had fancied Fuhrana immediately grinned savagely, waving his hands, “Your women? Good! Good! A piece of trash like you actually don’t want face when given it. This young master, I, Fei Nan actually wants to pay, it’s your fucking honor! Since you don’t want it, then I, your young master, shall fuck them in front of you, and cut off your meat to feed the dogs!! Capture them!!”

“Fei Nan, that woman is not bad! Let’s do her together!”

“Haha! Let’s do all 3 of us! I’ll be at the bottom!!”

“This boy is not too bad, I’ll pick him!!”

“Lan Nuo, you’re disgusting, you like guys!”


The 5 of them laughed out brazenly, and with a flash, they charged towards Yue Zhong with a speed 6 times that of normal humans.

“Seeking death!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, and he reached out to grab one of them by the head.

When the unfortunate guy was confronted by the sudden hand, he was shocked, it was the first time he had seen such fast movements.

After grabbing him, Yue Zhong flung him to one side, causing the man in his hands to knock into another violently.

The 2 men spat blood out upon impact and rolled to one side.

Having taken down 2 in one second, he lashed out with his feet, kicking another causing that guy to soar a few dozen meters into his friend. Both of them doubled over spewing blood.

Fei Nan looked at Yue Zhong in horror as he retreated a few steps, “Divine Warrior!! No! You don’t have an imprint, you’re not one of them!!”

Fei Nan and the rest were Type 1 Divine Warriors and were already strong existences that don’t need guns. However, being taken down and defeated by Yue Zhong in merely 2 attacks caused him to be filled with fear.

Fei Nan immediately hollered out loud, “I’m Fei Nan, the small captain of the Direct Guards of Red Rock City. If you dare touch a hair of mine, Red Rock City would definitely not let you off!”

Fei Nan did not know where Yue Zhong came from, hence he decided to use Red Rock City to pressure him.

Yue Zhong’s gaze was cold as he pulled out a double-barrel shotgun and placed it by Fei Nan’s head, barking, “Kneel!!”

Fei Nan was so frightened by Yue Zhong that he instantly broke out in cold sweat as his knees buckled. He was extremely clear on the might of this weapon. With a single shot, his entire brain would be splattered all over the ground.

Yue Zhong watched him kneel, before coldly barking, “Scram!”

Fei Nan’s face fell before he gritted his teeth and fled pathetically.

Yue Zhong took one look at the city, before turning around to head off, “Let’s go!”

If it wasn’t for looking out for Fuhrana and the rest, Yue Zhong would have long since fired at Fei Nan.

Fuhrana, Xiao Lan and the rest followed him swiftly as they headed out of the city.

Half an hour later, a troop of 36 people dressed in black uniform came rushing out of the city center.

The leader, who was blond and handsome, with 2 stars on his collar, looked at the 4 men on the floor and his expression turned dark, “Where’s that person?”

One of them groaned in pain, “Captain Franth, they went out of the city”!

Franth’s face turned darker, “Count themselves lucky. They dare hit people of our Red Rock City, they truly don’t know death. The next time I see him, I’ll chop off his legs and throw him in a cauldron!”

Franth continued to ask, “What’s his background?”

All of them exchanged gazes.

At this time, Zhang Liu Yi and the other 5 Enhancers came out from their spots smiling, “Excuse me, are you looking for the perpetrator from earlier? I know where they came from.”

Franth shot them a look of contempt, although he broke into a smile barely a moment later, “Good! I’m Franth. Come with me. As long as you can tell me what I want to know, I’ll reward you.”

Zhang Liu Yi and the rest rejoiced as they followed Franth, “Yes!”

Yue Zhong brought Fuhrana and the rest left Red Rock City, hiding within a small hill a distance away. After leaving behind White Bones and enough food and water, he went back towards Red Rock City.

Within the city, there was vital information and resources Yue Zhong needed. He had to go back once more.

Yue Zhong had studied the Art of Disguise, and since the security at the gate wasn’t heavy, he managed to slip in easily.

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