God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 717

In the center of Red Rock City, there was a majestic castle that looked medieval.

In one of the rooms, 8 men were seated at a long table, while on the table, there was a 16-year-old girl, who was stark naked and extremely beautiful, kept locked in a cage.

The black-haired girl looked around fearfully at the crazed gazes of the 8 men, her body trembling uncontrollably. Her tears fell as she wondered what her fate was.

One blond man whose hair fell to his waist was wearing a suit. His good looks were accentuated by a haughty expression, while he held a glass of wine in his hands. He smiled and spoke, “Everyone, help yourselves. This is the prettiest girl of the Qiang Wei All Girls School. I have nurtured her according to everybody’s desire, She’s learned, dignified, have never touched a male before. She has drunk only the cleanest of water, and her food has never been radiated. Her taste cannot be more perfect.”

A burly man went close to the cage, taking a whiff of the girl, his eyes lighting up with delight, “Truly a magnificent specimen. There’s no smell of mutation, nor radiation. Good! Good! Good! Annette, I want to eat her heart, the hearts of such top-quality products are the best.”

The moment the girl heard those words, she began to shake even harder, her eyes flashing with despair, and tears flowed down constantly.

A man with yellow skin and dark hair, his face full of scars, spoke up impatiently, “Knight, why aren’t you killing her already! If she shits now due to fear, then it’s going to kill my appetite! Quickly kill her! I want her breasts, those are the most delicious!”

Knight chuckled and shook her head, “Luther, you’re still as anxious as ever. Such a tasty product has to be kept frightened for as long as possible before killing. Ah forget it, I’ll satisfy your craving now!”

After that, Knight’s face flashed with a savage and vicious look, his right hand extending to form a sharp blade-like claw. He thrust out violently, piercing the heart of the girl, before pulling it out.

Having lost her heart, the girl twitched slightly as her eyes dimmed, her life ebbing away.

Knight smiled savagely as he brought the heart to his mouth and took a huge bite, splattering his face with blood.

Annette looked at Knight and chuckled, before pointing at the dead girl. With a sharp wind, the girl was chopped up in 8 parts and separated onto the men’s plates.

Knight finished the heart before asking, “Annette, you actually brought out such a quality product to summon us, there must be something you want?”

Annette had a grave look as he replied, “The Gates of Hell have appeared. Our Sacred Clan is in dire straits now. This war has been foretold a thousand years ago. Once the gates open, our Red Star will come into contact with this other planet called Earth. Our Sacred Clan has to wipe out the humans from Earth within 20 years and gain control over their God and Devil System, otherwise, our world will crumble, and all of the Sacred Clan will cease to exist.”

Hearing his words, the rest who were midway through their meal turned solemn. It was depressing, to be foretold that their clan would perish. Even ants cherished life, not to mention higher beings with intelligence like them.

Luther spoke darkly, “Annette, we all know what you speak of. However, even though the Gates of Hell have opened, there is still a year to go before the 2 planets overlap. The war will only kick in a year from now. What does that have to do with you calling us here?”

“The Ancestor has already gained a decree from the gods, that there are already humans amongst our midst. They the seeds of hope that possess powerful imprints from the God and Devil System. Once they obtain the information and technology of our world, they will become the largest obstacles to our plans to swallow Earth. One of them is 80% likely already within our Red Rock City!”

Annette chuckled while sweeping his gaze, “Humans are weak, they are only worthy of being our food. However, there’re exceptional existences among them. Those with the God and Devil imprint could come to our world, they’re definitely not simple. While it might be easy to defeat the other party, to truly vanquish the seed of hope, it would be difficult. That’s why I have invited everyone in the hopes that you guys can lend a hand. Once we eliminate these seeds of hope, the great Ancestor would not hold back on his rewards.”

Knight pondered for a moment, as he held up the bloodied head of the beauty and shook it at Annette, “Annette you crafty, stinky fox. Just a single human and you actually summoned all of us. We’re 8 Type 3 Divine Warriors for goodness sake. We can even deal with the human leaders of the resistance, just a single human seed of hope, how difficult could it possibly be? I can help you, but you must provide such beautiful meat for me every day!”

Annette chuckled, “Sure!”

The rest of the 6 Divine Warriors also nodded towards Annette, before digging into their meal.

Yue Zhong was unaware of this cruel scene going on in the center of Red Rock City as he continued quietly along one of the streets.

There were huge crowds of humans that could be seen everywhere.

However, every single one of them had savage expressions, many of them were carrying guns, and almost everyone was eyeing everyone else with wariness and animosity.

Peng! Peng!

All of a sudden, there were 2 loud gun sounds, and the human crowd became agitated, diving for cover,

The small roadside vendors also quickly retreated within their establishments.

Yue Zhong looked towards the direction of the gunshots, noticing 2 strong men already lying in pools of their own blood. There was a hole in each of their heads, apparently, they had been taken out by a sniper.

After a few minutes, there were no more gunshots, and 3 or 4 humans began to creep out from some dark alley, dragging the corpses of the men back with them,

When Yue Zhong saw this, his eyes flashed with a strange glint. He had already gotten this information from Eiphen before entering the city.

This Red Rock City was a castle, a dark place full of depravity. Assassination, rape, cannibalism robbery were all too common. There were people being killed every day, before being sent to a slaughterhouse to be sold. Only the strong could survive here, while the weak became food for the strong. As long as you were strong and did not offend the master of the city, you could do what they want, as long as you possess the necessary strength to deal with any repercussions.

However, such disorder and chaos were only present in the outer parts of the city, within the inner parts, there were law and order. Offenders could be rounded up and sent to prison to await judgment.

The inner city was where the upper caste of society resided in. Eiphen and his tribe were considered lower caste, and could never enter the inner city. Whatever went on in there was based on what other people said.

Yue Zhong wandered about the streets for a while before entering a grocery store.

When he entered it, he immediately saw many melee weapons and leather hides. There were also other miscellaneous products meant to help with survival out in the wild. The boss of the shop was quietly polishing the double barrel shotgun in his hands and shot Yue Zhong a cold glare.

Yue Zhong looked at the store owner and could feel a strong killing intent from him. He could tell that the other party was also a strong warrior.

The store owner continued to stare at Yue Zhong without the intention of attending to him. There was no sign of him intending to do business.

Yue Zhong took out the Type 3 Mutant Crystal Horn and spoke, “I want to sell, do you accept this?”

The store owner took a single look and his eyes brightened up, “50,000 Eagle Yuan!”

The corners of Yue Zhong’s lips lifted in a mocking smile, “100,000 Eagle Yuan, no bargain. If you don’t want it, I can take it somewhere else.”

The owner had a look of fury as he stared straight at Yue Zhong. He gripped his shotgun tightly. He might be a businessman now, but he wasn’t above committing robbery.

Yue Zhong chuckled indifferently and pulled out the Flame Blade to swing towards the side.

The owner immediately retracted his gaze as he gave in, “Alright, 100,000 Eagle Yuan! Wait a minute.”

Not long after, the owner reappeared with a small hand-carried chest full of Eagle Yuans inside and handed it to Yue Zhong.

The owner looked at Yue Zhong and said, “Would you like a shot? I have a Type 2 Drug. Only 9,000 dollars. I can promise its effectiveness.”

In this world, drugs and medicine had taken great leaps, and the evolution effect had been researched. There were 4 levels of the evolution drug. Type 1 Evolution Drug could allow a person to become stronger by a stage. A Type 2 could allow a person to become 4 times as powerful. Type 3 allows 8 times enhancement, while a Type 4 could strengthen a person by 16 times.

Many soldiers, in order to become strong, would work hard to earn the money and rely on such substances to enhance their constitution. These drugs were expensive. A Type 1 cost 5,000, a Type 2 10,000, a Type 3 100,000 while a Type 4 would cost 1,000,000.

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