God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 719

The alluring Lisa looked at the 6 city guards and a strange look flashed in her eyes. She pulled out 2 handguns from her beautiful legs with practiced ease and fired shots at them.

“Stinking bitch, you dare to attack us! Seeking death!”

The leader of the guards laughed coldly, and with a flicker of his wrist, a small shield about the size of a palm appeared in his hands, which radiated a layer of light, enveloping the rest.

The bullets landed on the shield and deflected off, not causing any damage.

The leader of the guards then swept a cold look around the bar, ordering, “A bunch of lowly shits. Since she dared to attack us, other than capturing Lisa alive, kill the rest of them!”

“Yes! Captain Red!”

The 5 guards responded in unison, before pulling out powerful machine guns from their black uniforms, and pointed it at the rest of the people in the bar.

The next instant, the powerful gun erupted in a flurry of bullets, sweeping across the entire bar.

The mercenaries and prostitutes fell amidst screams and groans, their bodies ripped and shredded. The bar was soon shrouded in blood and bullets.

There was no way to dodge the bullets, even if one went behind the counters or sofas to hide, they would be torn after a few seconds under that fearsome fire.

“We’re innocent!!”

“Why are you doing this?!”

Some of the mercenaries roared out, but the city guards had no intentions of responding. They just continued to operate their machine guns, tearing those unfortunate victims apart.

One mercenary had a savage look as he roared out, “Kill them! Everyone, attack together!! As long as we kill them, we have a chance to live!”

The city guard looked at that mercenary with a gaze as though he was looking at trash, before pointing the gun at him, “Just based on you trash? Go to hell!”

With a burst of fire, the mercenary had his upper torso instantly shredded, blood and flesh splattering everywhere.

As Yue Zhong watched the gruesome carnage, his eyes flashed with a look, “These guys are truly too vicious!”

It was the first time he had come across such unreasonable characters.

The 6 guards bore an attitude of viewing other lives as ants, however, their combat prowess was truly strong. Just based on their machine guns, they quickly slaughtered half the people in the bar. Corpses could be seen strewn all across the floor.

There were over 60 mercenaries in the bar, however, within half a minute, they were already slaughtered, without even the chance to resist. The entire bar was like hell, with dead bodies and blood everywhere.

The leader swept a cold glance across the bar, giving an order indifferently, “Go grab Lisa, kill that man!”


2 of the guards flashed forward with a speed of 8 times a human towards Yue Zhong and Lisa.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flickered as he retreated a few steps, looking at Lisa. He had come to the conclusion that this beauty was not simple.

Lisa pulled out another 2 handguns and fired as she retreated.

Her accuracy was incredible, and although the 2 guards were fast, they were hit by some bullets. However, with a flick of the black uniforms on them, the bullets dropped to the ground.

“Such powerful Defense Vests? This world’s technology is not crude at all.”

Yue Zhong’s gaze retracted, and he could tell that the city guards had more advanced equipment than Earth. It seemed as though their technology was far ahead of Earth.

One of the guards approached Yue Zhong in a gust of wind, before slashing out with a blade towards his heart.

Yue Zhong chuckled with self-deprecation, pulling out his Stinger and pointed at the city guard’s head, “I seem to have become some side character to be targeted by some trash?”


With a loud gunshot, the city guard’s head burst open like a watermelon, the contents splattering all over the ground.

Seeing this, everyone’s turned pale with shock. While these city guards were the weakest of the entire city guard population, every one of them had strong combat strength. The weakest of them could easily overpower any character from the outer parts of Red Rock City. However, one was actually slaughtered within a second by Yue Zhong. Everyone was beyond shocked.

The other guard reached into his chest pocket in shock, “Evan!! You trash, you actually killed Evan!! I want you dead and fed to the dogs!!”

Yue Zhong did not even spare him a glance, just raising his Stinger and firing once.


The guard’s head also burst open like a watermelon.

Rooney looked at Yue Zhong, his eyes filled with fear and respect, “Strong! Strong!! This man is like a demon!!”

Rooney had just followed behind Yue Zhong and Lisa, and that was how he had escaped the earlier slaughter.

The leader of the city guard saw how Yue Zhong had killed his men with ease, and he bellowed with rage. Raising his gun towards Yue Zhong, he roared, “Kill them all! Leave no one alive!!”

“Looking to die!” Yue Zhong chortled coldly, and his body flashed, his speed bursting out, and in a flash, he had appeared in the middle of the 4 city guards. He swung his Flame Blade, decapitating 3 of the guards easily. Their heads fell down easily, fresh blood spraying everywhere.

Having killed 3 of them easily, Yue Zhong stopped right at the edge of the leader’s neck, coldly saying, “Put down your weapon!”


The countenance of the leader fell. He had just raised his 6-barrel machine gun when his neck was already compromised. He threw down his weapon helplessly.

“Sir, I’m the captain of the 8th City Guard of Red Rock City, my name is Red! We are just the weakest unit of Red Rock City. If you were to kill me, Red Rock City would not let you off. If you submit to us, I can try to seek for your pardon. With your strength, you could gain recognition of the upper echelons. Join us, and move to the inner city. There’s clean water, great food, and beautiful women there.”

Red pointed to Lisa and continued, “This woman Lisa is part of the resistance, and one of the important targets. If you were to help her, you’ve become our enemy. You will not gain clean water nor food and will be forced to roam outside. Under the radiation, with no clear future, and might even be forced to mutate further, in the end, turning into a mindless Mutant. Is that a life you want?”

Yue Zhong had already spent some time outside. In the wilderness, there was only desolation everywhere, with Savages, vagabonds, Mutants and little food. Almost all water sources were contaminated, and could not be drunk. It was truly a harsh place, even someone as strong as Yue Zhong was not willing to stay out too long.

Red’s words were truly enticing for the residents of this world.

Yue Zhong looked at Lisa, a meaningful look in his eyes, “Resistance force, interesting!”

Lisa looked at Yue Zhong with a moved expression, saying loudly, “Yue Zhong, don’t be misled by him! Once you enter the inner city, you can truly gain clean water, delicious food, and beautiful woman. However, you’ll also become the dogs of those human-eating demons! You’ll become their tool for killing us, humans! In the eyes of those demons, we’re just livestock to be reared and consumed. They kill whoever they want, and eat whenever they like. If you stay in the inner city, sooner or later, you or your loved one will be consumed by those demons!!”

When Yue Zhong heard this, his face turned dark, “Human-eating demons? What are those?”

Red’s face contorted as he hurriedly shouted, “Shut up!! Don’t you dare desecrate the glorious Saint Clan! It’s because of them that we lowly humans get to survive in this cruel world. They taught us knowledge and helped us clean the water, and even gave us food! We should be thankful and glorify them. You despicable resistance should just die, it’s because of you guys that our esteemed Saint Clan is misunderstood!!”

Hong! Hong! Hong!

At this time, there were sudden loud explosions in the city, before dense gunshots rang out.

“Although I don’t know who’s right or wrong, however, since you dare point your gun at me, you should pay with your life!”

The Flame Blade in Yue Zhong’s hands shuddered, and Red’s head was sliced off cleanly, while his neck spurted with blood.

Yue Zhong kept all their equipment into his storage ring before turning towards Lisa, “Those explosions must be caused by your people?”

“Hmph, I have no idea what you’re talking about?”

Lisa’s face was now devoid of any sultriness or coyness, instead, she flicked her robes and tore her dress in half, revealing her beautiful legs. She then readied her guns as she stepped out.

“The resistance force?” Yue Zhong’s flashed and he turned to Rooney, saying, “Go get a gun and come with me!”

Rooney shuddered and hurried to find 2 rifles and a few magazines before he followed behind Yue Zhong obediently.

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