God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 720

Hong! Hong!

The loud explosions continued to rock and resound throughout Red Rock City. Yue Zhong rushed out and quickly caught up with Lisa, “Do you need my help?”

Lisa looked at Yue Zhong, her expression changed as she was caught in a dilemma, “I’m from the resistance. Just as Red said, once you’re linked to us, then your life will be entangled in pursuit and evading capture. Many times, we might have to hide out in the wilderness, drinking irradiated water, having insufficient food. We even have to fight with Mutants, Savages, and other hunters. If we’re not careful, our lives will be forfeit.”

Yue Zhong chuckled indifferently, “I don’t really care. I just want to know what those human-eating demons are. For the sake of that information, I’m willing to help you. However, in exchange, you must provide all information that you know.”

If it were to be an entire life out in the wilderness of this world, drinking irradiated water, not having enough food, and to fight constantly, it would truly be a nightmare. However, Yue Zhong just had to survive for a year before he was sent back to Earth. He was naturally not bothered by such a possibility. In fact, he was interested in the power struggle of this world.

Lisa pondered a while before smiling, “Fine! Deal!”

With Yue Zhong’s strength, killing 6 city guards with ease, having his help would prove to be an asset, Lisa would definitely not turn him down.

“What is that?”

Yue Zhong looked into the distance and his eyes widened in shock.

In the distance, there was a huge robot of about 5m, its entire body black in color, with 4 human-like limbs.

Beside the huge robot, among those streets and alleys, a few hundred city guards were wielding laser guns and rocket launchers, firing at the robot with all they had.

The robot only wielded a large laser cannon, while its body was covered entirely with 25mm laser cannons, as it fired continuously at its surroundings.

The firepower of the huge robot seemed to tear the defense of the city guards into smithereens, destroying the buildings and humans alike.

Lisa stared at the huge robot with a complicated gaze as she gritted her teeth, “That’s the Type RH2 Main Battle Robot of the Saint Clan. It’s also the strongest machine that can slaughter our resistance fighters. Over 200,000 of our resistance members had fallen at the hands of this robot. It’s our current main target. We need to bring it back to our base. Only then, we can catch up to the Saint Clan in strength.”

While the hundreds of city guards were being pulverized by the robots, their attack was not weak as well. Under their crazy assault, many parts of the robot were being destroyed, as wounds and damages started to appear.

If it went on like this, the Type RH2 Main Battle Robot would definitely be destroyed by the city guards.

At this time, hundreds of soldiers appeared, decked in tattered clothes and carrying various weapons. They began to engage the city guards in battle, taking them down one by one.

The moment those resistance fighters appeared, the city guards were forced to divert their firepower towards them, leaving a breather for the RH2 robot, which quickly made its way towards the gates of Red Rock City.

Yue Zhong stared at the distance,” How many of these does Red Rock City possess?”

If the city had over 10 of this, Yue Zhong could only choose to retreat.

Lisa flicked her silver hair away from her face, her expression solemn, “The exact numbers are unclear, but there should only be about 8 of them. The RH2 Robot was something that the Saint Clan produced only recently. It requires a lot of steel and advanced materials. Such an advanced weapon requires a lot of capacity to manufacture. Red Rock City is considered a mid-tier city and isn’t that important as a strategic place. In such a city, there would usually be at most 5 to 8 of such robots.”

“Is the RH2 capable of flight?”

“Nope! The Saint Clan had invented robots with flight before, however, the consumption was too large, and could not even outperform other fighting robots, hence it was discontinued.”

“8 of them yea? Now there’re 2 of them heading over here. Lisa, where is the pilot seat of these robots?”

Yue Zhong looked towards the central government, noticing 2 RH2s charging over towards them. Behind those RH2s, there were hundreds of more city guards running as well, carrying laser guns and rocket launchers. Some were riding various vehicles.

Compared to the vagabonds outside, the capabilities and technology of the people within the city were vastly different, it was practically heaven and earth. One side was so much more advanced than Earth, the other was similar to the medieval ages.

Lisa saw the elite troops charging over and her face turned pale as she pleaded, “Damn it! We need to stop them! If their reinforcements arrive, the sacrifice of our comrades will be in vain!! Yue Zhong, please help!!”

Lisa was also a stubborn and strong woman, however, thinking about her comrades who had fought to secure that single RH2, and how it might all be in vain, she could not maintain her strong front.

Yue Zhong frowned and asked once more, “Where are the pilot seats of these RH2s?”

“About 1m below their head and neck!”

“Great! Wait for my news!”

Yue Zhong laughed lightly, and grabbed a 6-barrel machine gun, charging towards one of the Red Rock City reinforcement troops.

In a flash, Yue Zhong had appeared in front of them. He raised the weapon and began firing at the troops.

The 6-barrel machine gun exploded out, as a terrifying rain of bullets enveloped the mechanized infantry unit. The various armored vehicles, motorcycles, gun-mounted vehicles were all blasted full of holes. The soldiers within were also ripped to shreds.

Only the alloy hull of the RH2 could withstand the defense of the machine guns, as the bullets only caused slight dents in the armor.

There was a flash of the electronic eyes of the robots, as machine guns appeared from their bodies, firing madly at Yue Zhong.

A single RH2 could fit about 10 cannons within them, 2 of them meant 20 cannons were firing at Yue Zhong, controlled by computers. There was no blind spot, nor room for error. As long as the shots landed, even Yue Zhong would be riddled with holes.

The moment those guns appeared, Yue Zhong had already activated his Shadow Steps, his speed pushed to the maximum. With a flash, he leaped into a shop.

The next instant, the rain of bullets came pouring down on the shop, the might of the rounds and explosives tearing the entire shop apart, coupled with 2 large beams of laser that pierced right through the shop front.

Lisa stared at the shop, her heart in her mouth, “Will he be alright?”

Although there was no relationship prior between them, Yue Zhong’s decision to help the resistance caused her to be concerned about him.

As the reinforcements were searching for Yue Zhong, a transparent spider web shot towards the head and neck area of one of the RH2. As it retracted, Yue Zhong was swiftly pulled towards the body of the RH2.

The moment he leaped onto it, he pulled out his Flame Blade and thrust it down through the armor of the RH2.

The Type 4 Mutant Flame Bird’s claw was truly sharp, with Yue Zhong’s strength of 13 times a human, it easily pierced through the armor, revealing the cockpit of the RH2.

Yue Zhong saw a man with a helmet and tight clothes sitting within.

He leaped inside and used his spider silk to wrap around the pilot. Tugging strongly, he threw the pilot aside, and quickly wore the helmet.

The moment he put on the helmet that linked his consciousness to the robot, a flurry of messages bombarded his mind. They were all in Chinese and other runes. Other than the Chinese words, there were the option of using it in English, Russian, French, Japanese and other Earth languages.

From the messages, Yue Zhong quickly gained an understanding of how to control the robot. It could be said that the helmet was the crux of piloting the robot.

After donning the helmet, the messages traveled to his brain, and he found his consciousness projected into the robot, allowing him to see whatever the robot saw.

“This technology is too advanced! Fortunately, I’ve learned Vehicle Manipulation before, otherwise, today would have been troublesome!”

Yue Zhong could feel the sensation of being a robot, and the corners of his mouth turned up in a smile. He controlled the RH2 to aim at the cockpit of the other RH2 and fired.

A laser beam shot directly through the cockpit of the other RH2, piercing the pilot, turning him into vapor.

When everyone saw this, the whole battlefield was stunned!

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