God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 721

Atop that huge robot body, various flaps had been opened, with numerous firearms raised and readied. Targets appeared in the form of information that was sent through the helmet into Yue Zhong’s brain.

With a single thought, the cannons automatically adjusted the target-locking system onto those he deemed enemies.

At the next instant, the firearms unleashed a carnage that rained down on the nearby city guards who were caught unaware. Under such a terrifying barrage of bullets further enhanced by the locking mechanism of the RH2, almost none of the city guards managed to evade.

In 10 seconds, the firing stopped, and there was no one left alive near the RH2 piloted by Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong surveyed the surroundings through the visor of the robot, and he was thoroughly shocked, “Powerful! This RH2 is truly something else! What a terrifying combat machine!”

The RH2 robot had an artificial intelligence installed, together with the 30,000 types of sensors on it, as long as one gave the right order, there wasn’t much control required. The robot could deal with the situation and make the right judgment according to the receptors.

Earlier, Yue Zhong gave the order to vanquish all enemies, and the artificial intelligence automatically took over and aimed for those Yue Zhong deemed enemies.

Lisa watched Yue Zhong control the RH2 so easily, her eyes filled with shock, “What in the world? He could actually control it this easily, who is this person?”

There was no doubt about the capabilities of the RH2, however, in order to maximise its potential, not everybody could accomplish it. The artificial intelligence of the robot could process a large amount of information, but likewise, there could be too much information sent through the helmet. Together with the incredibly quick movements and controls of the RH2, it could pose a huge burden and stress on the pilot. To pilot one smoothly, one needed a strong constitution and an exceptional, neither could be lacking.

An ordinary pilot could only exhibit 10% or 20% of the full RH2, whereas Yue Zhong had wiped out over 100 city guards in a blink of an eye. This was about 70% or 80% of what the RH2 was capable of. Even the most outstanding of pilots from the resistance would only be able to exhibit 50% or 60% of the RH2. This was naturally shocking to Lisa.

“What a pity!” Yue Zhong looked to the corpses of the city guards and his eyes flashed with regret, before controlling the RH2 to run towards the distance.

“Get on!”

As he passed Lisa and Rooney, he reached out with his robot hand.

Lisa and Rooney quickly jumped up.

The 8 thrusters of the RH2 roared alive with the powerful winds blowing around it, its speed became faster, and rushed out of Red Rock City in a flash.

Not long after that, a troop arrived at the scene, consisting of 50 black-uniformed soldiers with 1-star, 20 with 2-stars, led by one with 3 stars.

The leader with the 3-stars had a 3m-sword strapped to his back. He had a cigarette in his mouth with his brows furrowed, “Did they escape? Who spoiled our plan? According to our plan, the resistance should have been wiped out here. I should be enjoying the innards of the resistance leader Lisa.”

His eyes flashed with a savage look as he suddenly whisked out his sword and pierced it into the heart of one 1-star soldier beside him. He dug it out and bit down on it, while growling, “That damn human trash dare to foil my plans. I must have his head cleaved open, with hot oil poured on it, and while he’s suffering, I will eat him alive!”

Seeing that gruesome scene, fear flashed in the eyes of the 1-star soldiers, yet none of them dared to make a move. The moment they showed any displeasure, they were sure to end up as food for the Saint Clan.

One particular male with shifty eyes, face full of pimples, a head of golden spiky hair and a thick, golden necklace came up to the leader with an excited smile, “Don’t be hasty! Santana, the more our prey struggle, the more delicious they would be! Such thrill of the hunt! If we can vanquish their hope at the moment when they start to believe there’s hope, it would be such a delight to watch their dreams crumble! This time, those who died are just some lowly humans, even if they died, it wouldn’t mean much. Though, it’s a pity about the 3 RH2s. However, we’ll let Annette deal with that.”

Santana licked his lips as he laughed out grimly, “Jack, you’re still as sick. Let me warn you, Lisa is my prey. You can’t kill her. The rest can be up to you. Otherwise, I’ll tear off your head!”

Jack revealed a sinister smile, “Fine! However, Aloya is my prey. You can’t kill her. Otherwise, I’ll dig your heart out to feed the dogs!”

Santana snorted coldly, however, he had no intention of arguing further.

Santana and Jack were both experts of the Saint Clan, both of them had no confidence in overcoming the other. They did not want to go all out just because of a silly dispute as well. The people of the Saint Clan might possess terrifying power, but they were likewise as prone to violence and slaughter, thus there would be frequent clashes between members of the Saint Clan.

Yue Zhong brought Lisa and Rooney towards a small hill before placing them down. With a thought, the cockpit opened up and he grabbed the corpse of the original pilot and leaped down.

Yue Zhong threw the body aside, before asking Lisa, “According to our agreement, I’ve helped you eliminate a part of Red Rock City’s firepower, are you able to provide any intelligence now?”

Lisa looked at him coyly while twirling her long, silvery hair, “Shoot!”

Yue Zhong asked, “What is the Saint Clan? Are they humans at all?”

“Saint Clan! They can be considered humans, yet not humans. The Saint Clan is a highly-evolved intelligent life form from a lineage of zombies.”

“According to the legends, 200 years ago, our planet became subject to the will of the entity called God. In the span of one night, 90% of the humans turned into flesh-eating zombies. During the process of defending, humans fought constantly and managed to open the 2nd Stage. However, since then, our chosen leader of this planet, the selected Seed of Hope, died in combat. We failed the game and our planet became an abandoned one, and the zombies began to evolve. Those intelligent ones then began to slaughter humans on a large scale.”

“In the aftermath, humans used their final trump card, nuclear weapons. Under the terrifying effects, many zombies were killed, and the intelligent ones were eliminated. However, that was when the real nightmare began.”

“With the continuous usage of nuclear weapons, many zombies were wiped out. However, those evolved life forms not only possessed human intelligence, they had monstrous strength as well. A single Type 5 intelligent evolved zombies could wipe out an entire army. Under their schemes, many nuclear bases were seized. The zombies engaged in a large-scale nuclear warfare with humans, in the end, turning this planet into an irradiated hell.”

“In this hell, there was radiation everywhere. Due to that, many humans began to mutate, turning into those violent Savages, or Mutants who have lost all reason, or grotesque carriers. Wild beasts also transformed into Mutant Beasts, Irradiated Beasts, some turning into demonic beings as well. The zombies were also mutating due to the radiation. Some turned into living corpses with no minds or rationality. Some evolved into beings with appearances of humans, yet they possessed terrifying combat strength. They had powerful recovery abilities and superhuman intelligence. Some didn’t feast on human meat, yet it was unbearable, so they chose to drink blood, whereas the others indulged in their cravings. These 2 clans are all evolved from zombies, the flesh-eaters are known as the Saint Clan, and the vampires are known as Longevity Species.”

“Of these 2 clans, there is still one more Ancestor Clan. They are the offsprings of the union between the top experts of both the Saint Clan and Longevity Species. They have the strength and abilities of both races, and they do not need to consume blood or flesh to live. Their strength is also off the charts. The Ancestor Clan number very little, but each and every member is a terrifying existence. Truthfully speaking, any one of them could wipe our entire resistance out.”

“The west wing of the resistance forces had established a city in the past before. Within 3 days, one of the Ancestors appeared and wiped out the entire place. There were over 1,500 fighters as well as 30,000 survivors within the city, and yet, it was turned into a graveyard!”

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