God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 722

Yue Zhong’s heart sunk, “So the Saint Clan came from the zombies? Seems like Yin Shuang, Amaterasu, Feng Bo and those intelligent zombies are similar to the predecessors of the Saint Clan. If we had failed, seems like our fate would have been similar to these people. Life and death beyond their control, being slaughtered like livestock.”

Although Earth was still crawling with zombies and Mutant Beasts, under the efforts of the humans, territory was still being reclaimed and recovered every day. If Yue Zhong and the other factions were to fail, then Earth would likely become like this hell.

Lisa looked at Yue Zhong, her eyes glinting, “Yue Zhong, I see that you possess some ability. Do you want to join us, the resistance force? Let us work together to fight back against the monsters and vampires, setting the human race free?”

Yue Zhong’s personal strength was something else, furthermore, he could pilot the RH2 well. If he joined the resistance, he would definitely boost their fighting capabilities.

“Right now, do you know the proportion of the humans to the Saint Clan?”

“Not too sure!”

“Excuse me for being presumptuous, but how many people are in the resistance now?”

Lisa instantly turned wary, “This is a secret, I will tell you only after you have joined us.”

Yue Zhong pondered deeply for a while, before suggesting, “I would like to meet the leader of your resistance. I don’t like to listen to others’ command. I intend to work as an ally to you guys, fighting side by side.”

If he were to join, Yue Zhong would have to listen to their commands. He was extremely uncomfortable with that. Furthermore, there was a strong possibility of him being treated as cannon fodder. He had no idea what the upper echelon was like, and before confirming that the other party had some benefits for him, he would not join them.

Lisa’s eyes flashed with shock, “Ally? On what grounds are you proposing that?”

Yue Zhong chuckled lightly and asked, “I have 6 subordinates, 6 machine guns, 1 RH2. I can easily wipe out an armored unit of the Red Rock City. Don’t tell me such strength is still not enough to negotiate an alliance?”

Yue Zhong was also probing the threshold and might of the leader of the resistance. If the other party truly had the capability and foresight, he would come in person to try and pull Yue Zhong over. If the other party was an idiot, then Yue Zhong would try to initiate a reverse takeover.

Yue Zhong was well experienced when it came to swallowing other powers. Of course, if he wasn’t forced to, he wouldn’t do it. After all, once initiated, regardless of the result, the hearts of the people would be affected. It would take time, victories, glory and benefits to rebuild their confidence and loyalty.

Yue Zhong had not yet established himself, if he were to try and take over the resistance, he would make an enemy out of the entire resistance force, making it difficult to do anything else.

“Alright! I’ll go back and discuss with the leader.”

Yue Zhong replied, “I’ll wait here for you. If there’s no news after 24 hours, I’ll leave.”

Lisa looked deeply at Yue Zhong, “Wait for me!”, before turning to run towards the distance like an agile leopard.

“Is she what she said true?” After Lisa left, Yue Zhong tried to confirm with Rooney.

Rooney hesitated for a while, before replying, “Sir. Red Rock City forbids all rumors or discussions about the things from hundreds of years ago. I don’t know much about that, however, the Saint Clan is indeed referred to as flesh-eating monsters by the residents secretly. Many pretty young girls would disappear for no reason all the time, some people say those girls had been whisked off to the inner city, becoming food for the monsters. The Saint Clan truly does not view us from the outer city as people, if they’re angry, they would just slaughter us as they like.”

Yue Zhong did not say anything, he had experienced their overbearingness for himself. THose city guards had not even treated the other residents as humans, just pulling out their guns to kill as they deemed fit. Just based on this, he was already filled with disgust for the governance of Red Rock City. That was one of the reasons why he decided to work with the resistance.

He turned to the pilot who was still wrapped in the silk, asking indifferently, “What’s your name?”

The pilot replied, “It’s Lin Guang!”

“Work with me, or die here, your choice.”

Lin Guang quickly made the choice, “I’m willing to work with you!”

Lin Guang was human, after all, the Saint Clan had treated the humans as though they were slaves. He was also unwilling to work for them. To a human like him, his life was most important.

After Lisa had left Yue Zhong, she ran towards a desolate hill and routed it a few times, observing the surroundings carefully. After ensuring that no one had followed her, she made her way towards some rocks, moving a few of the bigger ones aside to reveal a tunnel.

She entered it with nimble ease.

“Lisa! You’re back!”

“Awesome! It’s Lisa! She’s back!”

Inside the tunnel, there were a few elite soldiers guarding the place. The moment they saw Lisa, they erupted in cheers. Lisa was beautiful and sexy, furthermore, she had skills that were not inferior to many men. This gave her an aura and raised morale among the resistance fighters. Many of the males, being bored underground, had termed her as the leader of the 3 flowers. She was the dream lover and object of affection for many.

A woman dressed in tights, with a similar voluptuous body and short black hair, came running and hugging Lisa. Her features were exquisite and she had a valiant charm about her. “Lisa! You’re back! That’s great!! I was so worried that I might not get to see you again!”

Lisa chuckled and pried Qigong Hui away from her, “Hui-sauce! Where’s Luo Chen? Bring me to him!”

This pretty teen Qigong Hui was the best pilot of the East Division of the resistance and could exhibit about 50 to 60% of the RH2, surpassing other men. She was also one of the 3 flowers in the East Division.

“Luo Chen is right inside, come with me!” Qiqong Hui pulled on Lisa’s hands and asked curiously, “Lisa, how did you get out of the bar? According to Lin Yang, an elite troop of city guards had gone after you there!”

“There was an expert called Yue Zhong who lent a hand. He had killed all 6 of the city guards, that was how I managed to get out.”

“So lucky!” Qigong Hui sighed in relief, before bubbling with excitement again, “Oh yes! Lisa, did you see? That talented pilot who burst out killing those guards! He was so strong!! I dare guarantee he can at least pull out 60 to 70% of the RH2’s potential! I want to spar with him!”

The RH2 had plenty of receptors since Qigong Hui had piloted one RH2 out of Red Rock City, she had managed to witness the spectacle of Yue Zhong’s display while escaping Red Rock City. To an exceptional pilot, what she wanted to do most was to spar and get stronger with another pilot.

Lisa chuckled, “I saw! In fact, the pilot was Yue Zhong. He was the one who captured the RH2 from the city guards and wiped out the reinforcements.”

Qigong Hui’s eyes brightened up as she immediately begged, “No way?! Lisa, do you know him? Please introduce me!! I want to chat with him and have a good match with him!!”

Lisa was like an older sister to Qigong Hui and stuck to her like glue.

In a room deep within the underground city, a young, elegant woman with a head full of hair, beautiful looks and an alluring figure, sat in front of a computer. She wore a Gothic-dress, and had a princess feel to her as she smiled at Lisa, “Lisa, you’re back!”

Lisa smiled back, “Aloya, I’m back!”

Aloya was also one of the 3 flowers of the Eastern Division, she was exceptionally talented in the field of computers and networks. She was the best hacker and programmer of the division, and was likewise, a genius analyst.

Lisa turned to a man full of bookish charm, sitting in a wheelchair. He had black hair and yellow skin, his looks clean and he wore spectacles. She said, “Luo Chen, I have something to report!”

Luo Chen closed the book, revealing a refreshing smile that seemed to give off a relaxing vibe, “Oh! Speak your mind!”

Lisa then told him whatever Yue Zhong had mentioned.

Luo Chen closed his eyes for a while, before reopening and smiling, “An alliance eh? Interesting! Lisa, go back and tell him, I’m willing to work together with him. Invite him over as a guest!”

Delight could be seen in Lisa’s eyes as she hurried out, “Great! I’ll go let him know!”

When she left, Aloya suddenly piped in, “Would it be a trap?”

Luo Chen replied mildly, “It’s highly unlikely. There’s no reason for Red Rock City to risk losing 2 RH2 just for such a trap. If Yue Zhong didn’t appear, our operation this time might have a 70% of failing. We would have lost a hundred people. Anyway, there’s a spy among us.”

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