God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 723

Under Lisa’s lead, Yue Zhong came to the underground tunnel of the resistance.

When they came to the base, Yue Zhong could feel multiple gazes on him.

Under the various envious looks, he laughed lightly, “Seems like you’re pretty sought after here, Lisa!”

Lisa’s looks could be considered a peak beauty back on Earth. On this planet, where conditions were harsh and radiation was everywhere, it was tough for normal people to have a decent meal. Under such circumstances, the number of beauties that could exist was even lower than on Earth. Someone like Lisa was truly rare among the resistance.

She frowned, “Rooney and the rest did not come with you, do you not trust me?”

He chuckled and brushed it off, “Of course I trust you. You’re thinking too much. But before we get started, I need to meet your leader first.”

Lisa eyed him and snorted.

6 men and women came over from a distance, the leader a burly warrior decked in a black jacket. He had a blind eye, and his expression was slightly savage, as he laughed coldly at Yue Zhong, “You must be Yue Zhong?”

Yue Zhong replied, “That’s me!”
The burly man continued, “I’m Han Feng, I heard that you managed to wipe out an elite troop of city guards without any weapons. I wonder if it’s true, shall we spar?”

Yue Zhong dismissed him indifferently, “Not interested!”

Han Feng and his team of 5 immediately froze, not knowing what to do. In this world where the strongest reigned supreme, only an expert would gain the respect and recognition of others. Many people would choose to fight regardless of the result. They knew that a man that could gain Lisa’s recognition was definitely strong, but they didn’t expect that he would not battle them.

“Let’s go!”

Yue Zhong did not spare Han Feng and the rest another glance as he continued on his way.

Han Feng immediately threw a vicious punch in a fit of anger, “Damned brat, are you looking down on me?!”

In the next moment, his entire body froze, not daring to make another move. A dagger had appeared out of nowhere and was pressed right against his forehead. It was the first time he felt so close to death.

Yue Zhong kept the dagger back and continued walking, “You’re already dead!”

“Strong!! That man is truly strong!”

The 5 men and women saw how Han Feng was subdued and their eyes flashed with shock. Han Feng was the strongest expert among them, with a body constitution of 8 times a normal person. He was well-versed in all sorts of combat styles, and few could defend against him in close combat. Yet, such a fighter was overcome so easily by Yue Zhong, thus they were filled with respect.

Lisa glanced at Han Feng with pity and continued down the tunnel. Yue Zhong could easily eliminate an elite troop of city guards. Han Feng was at most comparable to an elite city guard, how was it possible to contend against Yue Zhong?

After defeating Han Feng, the gazes of the rest of the warriors towards Yue Zhong was different. In this world, the humans revered the strong more so than on Earth.

Qigong Hui bounced over, full of youth and vitality, as she assessed Yue Zhong curiously, her gaze fervent as she asked, “You must be Yue Zhong! Are you the one who controlled that RH2 in Red Rock City?”

Yue Zhong did not deny, “That’s me!”

Qigong Hui’s gaze turned heated, “Have a match with me! Let’s use the RH2 to determine the victor! I want to exchange pointers with you!!”

From young, Qigong Hui had loved robots. After joining the resistance, she had been searching for a pilot stronger than her to challenge. In the course of her experiments and battles, she had grown to become one of the best pilots of the resistance.

Yue Zhong turned her down, continuing towards the center of the base, “Not interested!”
The controlling of the RH2 require energy. In the course of a battle, both machines would be damaged. Yue Zhong had no one who could help him do repairs or maintenance, hence if the RH2 in his hands were to be put through a grueling battle, it might be damaged. He wasn’t willing to expend such a precious machine in order to pacify some little girl.

Qigong Hui saw that Yue Zhong was ignoring her, and her face scrunched up in annoyance, as she caught up to him, “How can you be like this?”

After passing through many protective defenses, Yue Zhong came to the deepest part of the tunnel and saw the bookish yet handsome man.

“This fellow doesn’t possess combat ability, he must be the brains behind the scenes.”

Yue Zhong observed Luo Chen carefully, coming to a conclusion from the muscles and movements of his. This caused him to be even warier.

The fact that such a man could gain respect and prestige in a world where the strong was revered, his intelligence had to be something else.

Luo Chen also assessed Yue Zhong in front of him. After a long while, he smiled lightly and raised his hands towards Yue Zhong, “How do you do, Yue Zhong! I’m Luo Chen, the Director of the Eastern Division 3rd Unit. Pleased to meet you.”

Yue Zhong shook his hands and could tell Luo Chen was really without strength. He was just a normal person, “How do you do, I’m Yue Zhong.”

Aloya gave a curious glance at Yue Zhong as well, before introducing herself, “Programming and Safety Engineer for the Eastern Division 3rd Unit, Aloya!”


Luo Chen smiled faintly and beckoned to Yue Zhong, “Yue Zhong, are you interested in joining our Eastern Division 3rd Unit and work together against the flesh-eating monsters and vampires, freeing the humans?”

Yue Zhong naturally rejected his proposal, “Sorry, I’m not used to being commanded. I think it’s still better to be allies!”

Luo Chen laughed lightly, and handed him a document, “That’s fine! Let’s work as allies then. Take a look and see if the conditions are fine?”

Yue Zhong received the document over and saw that there weren’t too many conditions, it just required the allies not to attack each other, and to trade and share information. Once an ally was attacked by the monsters and vampires, the other party had to immediately send help.

Yue Zhong saw that the conditions were reasonable and signed below, sealing the alliance.

He handed the document back to Luo Chen and asked, “I want to know of the combat strength in Red Rock City!”

Luo Chen laughed lightly, “Aloya!”

Aloya revealed a self-confident smile and immediately pulled up a file on her computer, “Red Rock City has 3 battalions of ordinary soldiers, consisting of 1,500 people. These ordinary soldiers are made up of humans, their strength comparable to us. Above them, there are 500 city guards, they’re the main force of Red Rock City, each and everyone having been injected with a Type 3 Enhancement Drug. Above them, there are 100 elite troops directly controlled by the city lord Annette, who are human experts, enhanced by Type 4 and above drugs. These are all the human troops.”

“Besides them, Red Rock City also has 200 Flesh-Eaters that form the Red Rock Guard. Every one of them has a strength that is beyond those enhanced by a Type 4 Drug. They’re on par with Type 2 Divine Warriors. At the same time, there are about 1,000 Flesh-Eaters inside the city. They might not be part of the army, but they all possess incredible might. Not too long ago, Annette had summoned 7 experts of Type 3 Divine Warriors’ strength. They are all Flesh-Eaters, and their names are Knight, Luther, Santana, Jack, Zhang Lan, Casey and Abu Bakar.”

“Type 3 Divine Warriors eh?”

Yue Zhong felt a chill in his heart and was somewhat wary against the might of Red Rock City. Based on his own conjecture, his strength was roughly about the same as the Type 3 Divine Warriors.

One Red Rock City already had 8 Type 3 Divine Warriors. If he were to be surrounded by them, he would not survive.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

All of a sudden, there were multiple explosions that rocked the entire underground base.

Underground, multiple alarms rang out.

Yue Zhong was shocked, as he looked towards the calm Luo Chen, “What’s going on?”

Luo Chen replied without skipping a beat, his expression unfazed, “Our base is compromised! Aloya, pull out the image for me!”


Her fingers flew across a strange keyboard, hitting the strokes at an insane speed, keying commands constantly into the machine. One by one, images flew up and were displayed on the monitor, revealing the situation outside.

About 20 kilometers away, an armored unit consisting of 5 RH2s, 15 tanks, 100 gun-mounted vehicles, 20 rocket launchers and several armored cars, was currently cruising towards their location.

In the skies, there were 8 assault helicopters, each of them filled with targeting missiles. When they flew over the base, they would release the missiles, bombing the place and causing multiple areas to be destroyed.

“Qigong Hui!” Luo Chen’s voice sounded out solemnly.

“Yes!” The girl, who had been staring blankly, immediately recovered her senses and leaped out the room. Her target was the RH2 kept within their own hangar.

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