God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 724

The resistance forces were well trained, the moment the alarms rang, they began to grab their weapons with practiced ease and charged out from the ground.

Through the images on Aloya’s computer, Yue Zhong could see clearly the resistance forces appear quickly outside of the base.

The position of the base was in an area full of low hills and boulders, in such a location, the scattering of a thousand people can seem pretty daunting.

Luo Chen kept his gaze on the images and spoke out mildly, “Bring Liu Hai over!”

A young man with blond hair and good looks, dressed in jeans and a yellow leather jacket came into the room, looking a little uneasy as he spoke, “Leader! You needed me for something?”

Luo Chen turned around and looked at Liu Hai with a complicated look, sighing, “Liu Hai, what benefits did the Flesh-Eaters promise you, that you chose to betray us? Have you forgotten how your mother was eaten by them?”

When Liu Hai heard this, his face fell, and he reached into his shirt with his right hand.

Lisa, who had been standing at one side, immediately shot forward with a chill in her eyes. She grabbed onto his left hand and swung his forcefully onto the ground like a toy.

Luo Chen’s eyes flashed with hurt, as he pulled out a handgun, pointing it at Liu Hai’s head, “Why betray us? Have you already forgotten the hatred of your mother?”

Liu Hai, who was being stepped on by Lisa, had a savage look as he laughed out maniacally, “Hahaha!! Of course, I have not forgotten! I have never forgotten!! However, I hate this life even more! Living like rats beneath the surface, not having a full meal, no water and no food, no women, and our fates are basically uncertain!”

After Liu Hai laughed out in his madness, he closed his eyes, “I did betray you guys!! I betrayed you, purely for the sake of eating my fill, drinking clean water, fucking beautiful women, and allowing my future generations a better life!! I’ve had enough of this rat life! Just kill me! Luo Chen, I’ve followed you for so long, I know your character, you’ll not let me go! Kill me if you want! Let me have a quick death!”

“Go in peace!” Luo Chen sighed, before pulling the trigger.


A gunshot hole appeared in Liu Hai’s forehead, his body shuddered once and ceased moving.

Luo Chen looked at Liu Hai’s corpse, his eyes filled with pain and bitterness, before he spoke solemnly, “He’s called Liu Hai. Before he betrayed us, he was our good brother and a hero. He had risked death to save 13 of our comrades. He had also undergone near-impossible missions and difficult combat. I was even saved by him once. He was one of the most trusted friends, and I never thought he would betray us.”

Yue Zhong was not interested in Luo Chen reminiscing the past, “I don’t think you have the luxury to recall memories. Dealing with the situation outside should be your priority now!”

Luo Chen laughed mildly, before giving an order to Aloya, “You’re right! Aloya, release the 1st air-defense, let’s deal with those 8 Falcon warplanes!”

As the 8 assault aircrafts were about to launch another round of missiles, a patch of ground opened up a few kilometers away, and huge beams fired out towards the 8 aircrafts, hitting them accurately.

Hong! Hong!

Without enough time to defend, 7 of them were destroyed in an instant, exploding in huge balls of fire.

Only one of the pilots managed to dodge with incredible skill. He had released a jammer at the first instant, and quickly maneuvered the aircraft in a strange flight pattern, dodging and destroying the rockets aimed at it.

After dealing with the crisis, the remaining Falcon warplane immediately rose in the air and disappeared into the clouds.

At the next instant, the rocket launchers behind fired multiple rockets at the anti-air defenses.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Loud explosions rang out continuously, burying the base’s air defenses.

Underground, Aloya reported with an impassive face, “The 1st air-defense is out!”

The moment she was immersed in her work, all sorts of thoughts would be forced out of Aloya’s mind, and she would remain focused and listened to all of Luo Chen’s orders without question.

As the anti-air defenses were destroyed, the forces of Red Rock City were already starting to blanket the area of boulders and rocks with countless firepower. Many resistance fighters were quickly vanquished.

In the rain of fire, the 5 RH2 burst forth with power, charging right into the stone forest.

Within the RH2s, there were heat sensors, thermal imaging scanning systems, biological induction radar system and many other scanners. The moment they began to operate those sensors to locate life forms and heat signatures, the RH2s became extremely efficient hunters.

As the 5 RH2s charged through the rocks and boulders, the cannons and laser cannons fired wildly. They were already trained on the heat signatures, causing the resistance fighters to be killed quickly.

As long as the sensors managed to capture any movement or heat signatures, even if the resistance fighters hid behind boulders, they would be blasted with a laser beam.

Lisa looked at the mounting death toll of the resistance fighters, and her eyes were filled with rage. Her fists clenched as she spat through her teeth, “Damn it!!”

If it were against any other weapon of war, the resistance fighters could at least make use of the terrain to fight back. However, against the powerful sensors of the RH2s, they were basically defenseless.

The RH2s were developed to wipe out the resistance fighters. Although they expended a lot of energy, their fire structure relatively simple, could not fly, and bore a huge burden on the pilots, they were extremely efficient killing machines.

Just as the 5 RH2s were engaged in slaughter, from far, 2 laser beams shot out, one of them accurately penetrating the pilot seat of one RH2, vaporizing the pilot in a cloud of smoke, the other brushed past the frame of another RH2.

The remaining 4 RH2s immediately turned to face the new threat, adjusting their condition, and started to surround the 2 new RH2s from the resistance.

The main forces of Red Rock City had already reached the resistance forces amidst the rock formations and were engaged in slaughter.

Luo Chen turned to Yue Zhong and pleaded, “Yue Zhong! You’ve seen the state of affairs, I need your help!”

Yue Zhong replied, “I will need an RH2!”

Although Yue Zhong had the ability to destroy an RH2, in terms of firepower and combat stamina, the RH2 surpassed him.

Luo Chen chuckled, “Way ahead of you! Lisa, bring our ally to the hangar!”

Lisa was already anxious in her heart as she rushed out, “Follow me!”

Yue Zhong gave a deep look at Luo Chen, revealing a knowing smile but he didn’t say much, as he followed Lisa without hurry.

Aloya had an impassive face, “He has seen through your act.”

Luo Chen laughed indifferently, “In fact, I never thought to hide it from him, he knows it too.”

Aloya was speechless as she continued to look at her computer, her fingers quickly tapping on the keyboard.

Within the area of boulders and rocks, there was an intense fight going on. The Red Rock City troops were advancing without stop, taking out resistance fighters left, right and center.

However, there were plenty of traps set by the resistance beforehand, including landmines, and since they were familiar with the terrain, they would appear from time to time to launch devastating attacks on the Red Rock City forces. These soldiers were all experienced and the only disadvantage they had was the lack of equipment.

As the resistance fighters put up a fight, the advance of the Red Rock City forces slowed down considerably.

“Too slow!! Too slow!! I can’t wait any longer!! I want to kill!!”

Santana revealed a savage grin as he disappeared in a flash.
One resistance fighter was hiding behind cover, carefully sticking out a mirror to observe the situation through the reflection.

“Looking for me?”

The next moment, Santana appeared in front of the soldier and smiled savagely.

The soldier’s face fell in horror as he raised his gun towards Santana.

With a powerful gust, the head of the soldier disappeared, his headless corpse crumpling to the ground. Behind him, Santana was grabbing his head and bit down viciously, breaking the skull like it was nothing, enjoying the white and red brain matter.

“Delicious!! These resisting prey are truly tasty!! Only when those who try to fight, can get my blood boiling with excitement! Kekeke!!”

After devouring the head of the resistance fighter, Santana laughed out loud before weaving through the rocks in a gust of wind, killing every soldier he came across, tearing their heads and sucking their brains dry!

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