God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 725

As part of the Flesh-Eaters that descended from zombies, Santana possessed a powerful sense of smell. He could easily discover the location of humans based on their scent in a 300m.

Within that area, Santana’s ability to suss out humans was even stronger than the RH2 with all its receptors.

The moment Santana rushed into the boulder formation, any soldier he came across would be slaughtered and their brains sucked dry by him. A Type 3 Divine Warrior’s strength was invincible to an ordinary person. Without an expert with a similar strength to defend, Santana could easily slaughter all 1,000-over soldiers of the resistance.

In this world, the human resistance was at a disadvantage purely because of existences like Santana.

Following a loud explosion, one of the RH2 that belonged to the resistance was pierced through by blades made out of alloy held by the 3 RH2s from Red Rock City. In the close distance, they fired a laser beam directly at the resistance pilot, directly killing him.

“Jing Yang! Beast!! Go to hell!!” At the same time, Qigong Hui controlled the other RH2 and sent a blade slashing down towards one of the RH2 belonging to Red Rock City.

The sharp alloy blade sliced through the thick armor, cutting off the right arm of the RH2.

That RH2 released a jet of fire behind and pushed its speed to the maximum, jumping to one side.

Qigong Hui was about to use the blade to slice that enemy into half, but she suddenly felt a sense of danger. With a thought, she turned and could see the 3 RH2 already training their laser cannons on her. As an ace pilot, she immediately knew that if she were to forcefully slice the RH2 in two, she would be shot down by those laser beams.

“Beast!!!” Qigong Hui gritted her teeth and spat, controlling the RH2 to twist its large body, before using her own jets to propel her out of the range of the enemy.

A laser beam shot past, brushing the side of her RH2.

At the same time, the 3 RH2s began to operate their 30 cannons to fire wildly, turning into a barrage of metal that rained down towards Qigong Hui’s RH2.

Under the sensors of the RH2s, all the cannons were trained and locked onto Qigong Hui and her route of escape. Even if she pushed her thrusters to the limit, a large number of bullets and firepower still slammed into her.

The outer hull of the RH2s was made using the most advanced alloy of this world, and its defense was even stronger than most heavily armored tanks. Under the barrage of bullets and cannons, dents could be seen in the armor, but it did not affect the combat ability of the RH2.

However, due to the rain of bullets, some receptors and sensors were affected and ceased working.

Even the thickest of armors would be damaged if fired on constantly.

Qigong Hui dodged and controlled her own RH2 to fire with its cannons.

However, under the suppression of the 4 RH2s, Qigong Hui was pushed to a dangerous situation, and she could only retreat constantly. Her own ability surpassed any one of the individual pilots of Red Rock City, but against 4, it was incredibly tough.


Following a loud explosion, the RH2 controlled by Qigong Hui had its right arm blasted off, at the same time, she managed to take off the left arm of one of the enemy’s RH2.

The powerful force caused Qigong Hui’s RH2 to be knocked back, the intense shockwave shaking her. Nausea overcame her, as she felt like puking, and a number of notifications were sent almost instantly to her brain, threatening to overload her senses.

The RH2s possessed a powerful central computer that could transmit messages and alerts directly to the pilot through the helmet. As long as it was not turned off, the pilot could receive information about the RH2’s surroundings in real-time.

However, such information bore a huge load on the human brain. Many soldiers would usually turn them off to focus on fights. In a life-and-death situation, on the other hand, most pilots would then operate the sensors at full capacity, while overburdening their brains, it would also limit their ability.

Currently, Qigong Hui was combating 4 RH2s, as she struggled under their joint attacks, she even managed to take off one arm of the enemy. This was already incredible. However, such intense combat was also placing her under immense stress.

“Is this the end?” Inside the pilot cockpit, Qigong Hui was panting for breath, her body slick with perspiration, her eyes flashing with despair.

The RH2 had a strong biometric scanning system, and Qigong Hui could see her comrades on the battlefield being slaughtered.

The 4 RH2s continued to fire coolly at her, without the intention to engage in close combat.

Close combat was the highest form of control a pilot could exhibit, but at the same time, the requirements were the harshest. If the skills were lacking, the victor could be determined quickly. As for long-range firing, the pilots could make use of the sensors and target systems to do the work. Even an expert like Qigong Hui would be helpless against the combined fire of 4 RH2s.

As the cannons and guns continued to fire, her RH2 was starting to break apart, at the same time, many parts were failing, before small fires broke out everywhere.

Right as Qigong Hui’s RH2 was about to be destroyed, a powerful laser beam shot from a distance, directly piercing the pilot cockpit of one of the enemy RH2s, vaporizing the pilot.

The sudden attack immediately alarmed the remaining 3 RH2s. They quickly swiveled and noticed the sudden appearance of another RH2 behind them.

“You’re Yue Zhong?” Having escaped the clutches of death, Qigong Hui controlled her broken RH2 to soar into the air, asking in a shocked manner.

The Flesh-Eaters and Vampires had the resources of the most advanced technology and nurturing in this world. Many humans of the resistance were not well learned, and those who could pilot a robot were automatically deemed precious fighters. Anyone who could pilot an RH2 would be treated as a genius and within the underground East Division, there were not many pilots, in fact, there were only 2 of them.

Because of that, the moment Qigong Hui saw a friendly RH2, she was overjoyed.

Through the communications, Yue Zhong replied indifferently, “Go help the people at the rock formations, leave these 3 fellows to me.”

Qigong Hui could not help but blurt out, “Yue Zhong, these are all expert pilots of Red Rock City, it’s impossible to deal with them alone! We should work together!”

Yue Zhong frowned, it had been a long while since anyone disobeyed his order. However, he reminded himself that he was no longer on Earth, and it was not a faction that he controlled, thus he replied, “Whatever!”

After which, he took a deep breath, releasing all limiters on the sensors of the RH2 and instantly, a large amount of information flowed into his brain, connecting him and the RH2 as one.

At the next instant, the thrusters opened up and roared to life. With a strong gust of wind, the RH2 reached the speed of Mach-1, shooting for one of the Red Rock City’s RH2 like a shooting star.

The 3 RH2s immediately fired wildly when Yue Zhong appeared, and a dense rain of bullets enveloped Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong controlled the RH2 to rush right through the rain of metal, charging for the 3 RH2s like a sharp, unsheathed blade. In just a breath of time, he had slammed right into one of the RH2s, the alloy blade in his RH2’s arms slicing into the cockpit of the enemy, causing blood to splatter out.

On the other side, Qigong Hui stared in horror, she had never imagined Yue Zhong’s retaliation to be so vicious, overbearing and decisive. In merely a second, an enemy had died. She had never seen the RH2 being piloted this way.

After Yue Zhong controlled his RH2 to take down the enemy in a second, his robot had plenty of injuries. During that charge, the impact from the bullets could cause an ordinary pilot to be heavily injured. However, Yue Zhong had actually charged through the line of death in a second.

At the next moment, without stopping, Yue Zhong controlled the thrusters to propel himself forward, reaching the next RH2 as he sent out a fist towards the cockpit.

The powerful alloy armor of the RH2 from Red Rock City was strong enough to block the fist, only causing the armor around the cockpit to dent a little. However, the terrifying impact and resulting shockwave vibrated through, causing the pilot to spit out a blood, dying immediately.

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