God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 726

Yue Zhong controlled his RH2 to send the enemy flying with a punch. Without pausing, he darted towards the last RH2 in a blur.

The last RH2 had completely handed the firing systems over to the computer, allowing it to unleash a massacre without the limitations of humans. The downside was that the moment the pilot handed the firing systems over, the response of the RH2 would be affected by 30%.

Yue Zhong braced himself through the flurry of bullets, appearing in front of the last RH2 in a breath’s time. His right arm swung the alloy blade directly into the cockpit, turning the pilot into a meat paste.

Qigong Hui watched as Yue Zhong’s RH2 became increasingly injured, shock filling her heart, “Strong!!”

In barely 30 seconds, Yue Zhong had controlled his single RH2 to take out 3 equivalent RH2s. That tyrannical and vicious way of combat had left a deep impression on Qigong Hui. She asked herself if she could replicate what Yue Zhong did, and realized that she was filled with respect. The most was sniping that 1st RH2.

“Go! Go provide support!”

After destroying the 4 RH2, Yue Zhong did not even glance at Qigong Hui, quickly charging towards the stony area with Mach-1 speed.

Qigong Hui followed closely behind him.

In a few breaths, Yue Zhong arrived at the place.

He discovered the 2 battalions from Red Rock City, which had also noticed this single RH2 suddenly storming over, and their eyes were filled with shock.

“Kill them all!!” Yue Zhong eyed the 2 battalions coldly and handed the firing systems over to the central computer.

The moment the thought flashed across his mind, 10 cannons appeared from the RH2’s frame, and unleashed a rain of death on the soldiers of Red Rock City.

The cannons and guns continued to whir noisily, under the targeting system of the central computer, each soldier exploded like an ant that was stepped on. The bullets even tore apart the armored vehicles, together with their drivers and riders within.

The elite soldiers of Red Rock City had been the hunters, now the situation flipped around. Without any preparation for it, they were forced to scramble for life.

Originally, the weapons of the elite soldiers of Red Rock City could engage the RH2s. As long as they had sufficient cover, they could even injure RH2s. However, in the wilderness, where there were no structures, these soldiers were just like sheep awaiting slaughter.

At this time, Qigong Hui also charged over, handing over the control of the firing systems as well. The remaining 5 cannons on her also fired out wildly.

“Aiyaya! This bunch of trash seems like they still need me to act!”

At this time, among the scattered and devastated troops of Red Rock City, a wild and frenzied laugh sounded out. Jack lifted his head to eye the 2 RH2s, his eyes flashing with a mad desire. With a flash, he charged towards Qigong Hui’s RH2, appearing in front of the cockpit.

Qigong Hui was taken aback when she saw Jack suddenly appear in front of her, “How is this possible? How could he evade the firepower?”

“You can go take a rest with your toy!!”

Jack laughed out savagely as he pulled out a 2m sword. Thrusting out viciously, the material of the sword was unknown, but it managed to pierce the cockpit and directly into her chest.

Jack then swiftly pulled out the sword and disappeared from his location.

As the sharp blade left her body, Qigong Hui’s eyes dimmed, and she slumped in her seat, her eyes shut.

Yue Zhong saw what happened through the sensors of the RH2 and his heart was rocked, “What a terrifying fellow! This guy must be one of the experts of the Flesh-Eaters!”

After killing Qigong Hui, Jack’s face wore a slight smile, as he introduced himself, “Hi! I’m Jack, one of the Saint Clan members in Red Rock City. I’m interested in you, what’s your name?”

Yue Zhong stared at Jack, before sending a vicious punch towards him.

With each punch packing over 10 tonnes, one punch was enough to flatten even Jack.

“I’m appreciative of your control over this metal lump. As long as you submit to me, I can accept you as my subordinate and bring you into the inner city. There’s clean water, delicious food, enticing human women that aren’t tainted by radiation. I can give you all these. Follow me, and you’ll no longer have to live like rats, not seeing the light of day, nor a hopeless future.” Jack was still smiling as he appeared at a distance of 10m away in a flash.

Yue Zhong’s pupils constricted, the speed of this Jack was truly quick, surpassing even the strongest loli Yin Shuang. In fact, it seemed to be even faster by at least 20%.

Jack continued to smile arrogantly, “This metal lump might seem a precious treasure to us, but to me, it actually is nothing. As long as I wish it, I can easily kill all you pilots easily. There’s no way for these stupid metal lumps to catch my movements. This is the difference between us Saint Clan and you humans. Or the distance between gods and humans. We are the gods, you are just pathetic humans!”

With a flesh body that could surpass the sound barrier, easily killing an RH2 pilot, it was truly a monstrous strength. The Flesh-Eaters were able to hold Red Rock City tightly in their grasp, to the point that they could care less that one RH2 had been stolen.

A single RH2 could flip the tides of a battle in a human war, but a single Flesh-Eater with a Type 3 Divine Warrior strength could easily eliminate an RH2 pilot.

“God? What a joke! Just based on you freaks and you want to be gods? Let me take you out, a so-called ‘god’! Jack, bear this in mind, today, this human that’s about to kill you! I’m Yue Zhong!” The cockpit opened up, and Yue Zhong stepped out slowly, staring at Jack with contempt while laughing coldly.

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