God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 727

The RH2 had a powerful defensive ability, top-notch firing system, an incredible A.I, against ordinary soldiers, these were all powerful weapons. On the battlefield, a single RH2 was basically a machine of slaughter. However, to deal with Jack, it was still lacking.

In terms of Agility, the RH2’s main frame could not compare to Jack, and while Yue Zhong could pull out 80-90% of the RH2’s combat ability, it was not enough to deal with Jack.

“I have seen many human experts and those who dare talk to me the way you did have died. You won’t be an exception. Such a lowly piece of trash, you dare rebuke me. When I consume your delicious innards, I’ll keep you alive. That’ll be pretty interesting!”

Jack licked his lips with an excited look. His body turned tense, and with a flash, he immediately leaped forward with a speed surpassing the sound barrier. In less than a breath of time, his sharp blade had pierced towards Yue Zhong.

Fast!! Pure speed, that was Jack’s style, surpassing even the strongest loli Yin Shuang under Yue Zhong. His speed was way faster than even the RH2.

Yue Zhong’s gaze turned solemn, as wisps of dark energy poured out of his body, pushing his constitution to a terrifying extent. Under the enhancement of Dark Dou Qi, he managed to follow Jack’s movement. Without any intention to dodge, he sent a blade towards Jack as well.

Jack flicked the blade in his hand slightly, penetrating through the Type 4 Giant Sea Snake hide on Yue Zhong, as well as the Type 5 Defense Vest, even through his Body of Steel.

When the blade pierced through all the defenses, a surge of vibration traveled through, causing a huge hole to burst open in Yue Zhong’s chest, fresh blood splattering everywhere.

At the same instant, the Flame Blade in Yue Zhong’s hands slashed down with a speed far surpassing sound, slicing through Jack’s shoulder, slicing his heart in two.

Shock was written all over Jack’s face, while he hung sliced in two. He had not expected this human in front of him to be so vicious to himself.

The Flesh-Eaters had Vitality surpassing ordinary humans, even though Jack had his body and heart sliced in half, he did not die. He laughed out in an unbridled fashion, “What a ruthless fellow!! However, even if I die, I want you to accompany me in death! Hahaha!!”

Even though Jack had been sliced in two by Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong had also suffered a sword through his chest, his intestines injured by the vibrations Jack sent out. Such a wound was enough to claim a human’s life.

Jack was truly powerful, if Yue Zhong had not decided to take on that blow to deal an equally lethal blow to him, it would be hard to determine the victor between them. After all, they were of similar levels.

“The one who will die is you!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with cold, as he waved his hands, and Devil Flame burst into life, engulfing Jack, incinerating him in a second. He died howling.

At that same instant, strands of Life Energy was absorbed by the God and Devil imprint, nourishing his soul and body, enhancing them further.

“Congratulations on gaining +10 in Agility!”

Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that. Killing such a high-level expert had actually enhanced him.

The moment Jack died, Yue Zhong’s tense nerves relaxed. He began to feel the pain in his chest, and his brows furrowed. He turned around to enter the RH2 again.

Taking a can of Type 3 Beast meat, he gobbled it up, pushing the Regeneration ability, as his wounds began to heal at an insane speed.

The Level 4 Regeneration ability began to work its wonders, healing Yue Zhong’s heavily body. If it wasn’t for this skill, Yue Zhong might have perished a dozen times over.

He took a deep breath and wore the helmet, instantly receiving a flurry of notifications. With a thought, he restarted the RH2 and turned into a flash as he headed for the rocky area once again.

After 5 minutes, there were the sounds of the RH2’s cannons firing wildly, as the elite soldiers of Red Rock City were slaughtered one after another.

There were 10 cannons, a laser gun and an alloy blade on each RH2. The rest were sensors and heat scanners. They were mainly for scouting and searching. Within that rocky area, it was practically the best terrain for the RH2 to unleash a carnage no one could defend against!

“I surrender!!”

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me!”

“I surrender!!”

When the elite troops of Red Rock City saw how Yue Zhong was slaughtering them like a demon, many of them had fear in their eyes, while their morale dipped. Some abandoned their weapons as they kneeled and surrendered.

Many of them had no faith in the first place, nor any ethics or morals to bind them. They had agreed to serve Red Rock City purely because of a better life. They were not loyal to the Saint Clan in the first place. The moment they saw their comrades being slaughtered and their support vanquished by Yue Zhong, they lost all will to fight.

The resistance soldiers that had been forced back began to counterattack, capturing those who surrendered.

“Seems like lowly humans are unreliable after all! Forget it, treat it as our loss this time. However, you guys need to pay a price too! Let me deal with your trump card!”

Santana looked at the incoming RH2 and laughed savagely, grabbing a random soldier’s head and crushing it. He sucked up the juices, revealing a drunk expression, before leaping up on top of the RH2.

The moment Santana moved, Yue Zhong felt a sense of danger. He controlled the RH2 to retreat explosively, as all 10 cannons opened up and began firing at Santana’s direction.

Santana faced the weapons that had locked onto him and displayed the terror of a Type 3 Divine Warrior. His speed instantly broke past the sound barrier, as the cannons moved slightly, he had already gone out of its range. The bullets brushed past his body, not causing any harm.

Even the powerful A.I. of the RH2 could not harm Santana, thus showcasing the true might of a Type 3 Divine Warrior.

Yue Zhong was extremely calm as he controlled the RH2 to retreat while pulling up the laser cannon to fire at Santana.

As the laser beams shot out, some directly pierced through boulders, but did not manage to hit Santana. The distance between the 2 was also closing rapidly.

“Are you the trump card of the resistance? You can die for me!” Santana wore a savage grin as he appeared on top of Yue Zhong’s RH2, sending a powerful fist towards the cockpit.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a cold look as he continued to push the RH2 backward. As the massive frame landed, rocks were destroyed, at the same time, he controlled the RH2 to swing out with its foot to kick at Santana viciously.

Santana did not expect Yue Zhong to execute such a difficult maneuver, and he could not dodge in mid-air.

The kick carried a dangerous force behind it, if the kick were to connect with Santana, even the Saint Clan member would be heavily injured.

Santana’s gaze turned cold, and he immediately spat out a breath with strength. The strong push actually pushed him backward a few meters. The RH2’s leg brushed past his body.

He then landed, and charged right back at the RH2 like a meteor, sending a powerful punch on the weak part of the armor.


With a single punch, a new hole appeared in the RH2, the strong alloy was pretty much paper against his fist.

He then sent out a few punches as fast as the wind, and in a few breaths, the entire leg had been devastated by him.

Yue Zhong controlled the RH2 to send a fist down towards Santana.

A cold look of ridicule flashed in Santana’s eyes, and with a flash, he easily evaded that slap.

Santana then appeared right in front of the cockpit and laughed cruelly. He punched out once at the cockpit, his powerful fist instantly destroying the armor, landing on Yue Zhong’s body. The blow instantly went through his chest, causing bits of metal to enter the body as well.

At the next instant, a bright flash blasted Santana’s head apart, turning it into bloody matter.

Within the cockpit, Yue Zhong’s chest was still pierced by the deformed alloy metal pieces from the cockpit. He had blood flowing down his lips, and in his hands was the Electromagnetic Gun. He looked positively terrible.

“Congratulations on gaining +10 in Strength!”

Strands of Life Energy snaked up into the imprint on Yue Zhong’s hand and he gained yet another enhancement.

“These Type 3 Divine Warriors are truly freakish existences.”

He gasped for breath, as his chest was racked with pain, causing him to perspire all over, his features contorted.

This time, he had forced himself while killing 2 Type 3 Divine Warriors, suffering grievous injuries. If one more were to appear, he might be killed.

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