God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 728

With a thought, Yue Zhong controlled the RH2 to rip out the cockpit door with force. With a little light, he began to pull out the alloy parts pierced in his chest. The sharp pains caused his face to contort.

After pulling out all the alloy pieces, his entire body was drenched in perspiration. He gasped for air, suppressing the pain as he quickly consume his Type 3 Beast meat.

As a few cans were consumed, the contents quickly transformed into energy that accelerated the healing process.

Yue Zhong’s face turned dark as he thought, “This world truly contains some strong experts! Just the forces of this Red Rock City is enough to devastate my Central Plains army!”

Furthermore, this world actually contained such terrifying battle robots. They had the support of powerful A.I, and the biometric scanning systems were so advanced. Such a robot was practically an unstoppable killing machine back on Earth.

Other than these RH2s, there were the Type 3 Divine Warriors, and the even stronger Type 4 ones that had not yet appear.

Yue Zhong could not imagine what it would take to even threaten such existences.

As he sat there enduring the pain and letting his body heal, the forces of the resistance were already launching their counterattack against the elite forces of Red Rock City.

During the counter-attack, many Red Rock City soldiers quickly handed over their weapons and allowed themselves to be captured.

Underground, Luo Chen’s eyes were fixed on Yue Zhong’s RH2, his gaze filled with awe, “Truly amazing!! He could control a single RH2 to fight 4, and he even took out 2 Type 3 Divine Warriors himself. Incredible!! If only such a person was part of our resistance!”

Aloya looked at the serious wound on Yue Zhong’s chest, her eyes filled with pity, “What a pity! He’s going to die!”

Luo Chen laughed lightly in response, pointing to Yue Zhong’s right hand on the monitor, “No! He won’t die. Look at his right hand!”

Aloya looked at the God and Devil Imprint and her face changed immediately, “Is that the imprint of God? How is that possible?! What if… the legend was for real? Impossible! This doesn’t make sense scientifically!”

Luo Chen’s eyes were fixed on the imprint, his gaze complicated as well, “The imprint of God! Hundreds of years ago, the leader of the resistance had left behind a prophecy, that after a hundred years, or even a thousand years, a human with God’s imprint on his right hand would appear, and he would be the hope of humankind! He would be the last hope that could possibly contend with the other races! The one who has that God imprint on his right hand will be our savior! I’ve always treated it as a joke, or it could have been something that the upper echelons in the past used to convince people to join our resistance. Who would have thought!”

Aloya looked at the man in the seat and asked mildly, “What do we do now? According to the prophecy, we need to become his subordinates! Luo Chen, what are your plans?”

The prophecy from so long ago had a huge influence on the resistance, however, there were also many who did not believe or care about it. Even if the leader then was capable and had foresight, their influence could not compare to those currently alive and wielding the authority.

Aloya, the genius programmer, was one of those that did not really care about the prophecy, she just listened to Luo Chen’s orders. It was because he had saved her life before. Her talent was discovered and nurtured by him. Without him, she might have become of those pitiful women struggling to survive in hell.

“In the past, I didn’t believe in it either, however, the Gates of Hell from the legends have appeared. According to legend, the God Imprint has also shown itself. I cannot ignore these. Furthermore, our strength is truly too minuscule compared to those Flesh-Eaters and Vampires. A single Type 5 Divine Warrior could wipe our forces, while a single Ancestor could force us all to our demise.”

“If it weren’t for those monsters wanting food and toys for entertainment, our human race might have already been wiped out long ago. Our resistance is merely a little nuisance to them.” Luo Chen sighed gently.

In this world, the humans were too vastly inferior to the Flesh-Eaters and Vampires. What was worse, there were humans who were willing to work for the monsters, becoming their teeth and claws.

Although Luo Chen had outstanding intelligence, his strength was truly lacking. He could not see a sliver of hope for the human race. He had continued to resist purely because he had a deep-set hatred for the Other races.

A strange light flashed in his eyes, as he began to get excited, “Since this is the case, why don’t we just bet on it. If we succeed, our future generations will be able to live with their heads high. Even if we lose, it’s just giving up this wretched life anyway. I choose to believe the prophecy and support him!”

Aloya replied indifferently, “Fine! I’ll follow your lead! However, those at the main headquarters won’t relinquish their authority so easily!”

Luo Chen chuckled lightly, “I know! If he really is the one from the prophecy, with our support, he should be able to reorganize our entire resistance. If he doesn’t, then it just means the first leader with foresight in the past was just a huge liar.”

He continued, “And if it truly is him, our Eastern Division is likelier to accept him.”

Aloya nodded silently in agreement. In today’s battle, Yue Zhong had turned the tides with his overwhelming strength. It would be easier for those who had seen him in the battle to accept him as a leader.

The medics of the underground base streamed out to find the injured soldiers and began to treat them.

Yue Zhong was also quickly evacuated towards the underground base.

Inside one of the medical treatment rooms, Aloya pushed Luo Chen in.

He waved his hands, dismissing the doctors inside.

Smiling, he asked Yue Zhong, “Can we speak?”

Yue Zhong was slightly wary as he looked at Luo Chen, however, he did not reject him, “Sure!”

Luo Chen fixed his gaze on Yue Zhong’s tightly bandaged right arm, asking, “Your right arm! Can I take a look?”

When Yue Zhong heard that, his pupils constricted, and a powerful killing intent radiated from him. The God and Devil imprint on his right arm allowed him to absorb the life energy from those he killed and was an important item for him to communicate with those back on Earth. It was a secret that he wouldn’t mind killing over.

Luo Chen could sense the killing intent, and he hurried to explain with a smile, “Yue Zhong, I’ve seen the imprint on your right arm. Other than me, many others have also seen it. It’s called the God’s Imprint. There’s a legend among us resistance fighters from long ago, that after hundreds or even thousands of years, a person with the God’s Imprint will appear, and he will be our leader, leading our human race in a victory against the Other races. Since you have the imprint, you will become our leader in the future.”

Hearing those words, Yue Zhong guessed a few things. First, there must have been someone like him in the past, possessing the God and Devil imprint. However, the person must have lost in combat, thus, the human race had fallen to this state. After the loss of the leader, the experts must have known a few things through the system, that was why it had passed down as a legend or prophecy.

Those who possessed the imprint were recognized as the strongest talents of the planet, just like Yue Zhong, and any of these characters had the right and strength to become a leader of a faction.

Furthermore, since Yue Zhong possesses this imprint as well as his Evolving Temple, he at least could resist the oppression of the Other races much better than the resistance fighters.

He mulled over for a while, before asking, “Just because of a legend, you’re willing to declare me as your leader?”

Luo Chen chuckled bitterly, but kept his gaze fixed on Yue Zhong, “Yes! I’ll come clean with you. Things aren’t looking so well for the resistance. These few years, it has always been a pointless struggle. Just surviving is already hard. The number of humans is decreasing as well. As for the slavery and harm that the Other races have brought against us, we might be able to get something in return, but in order to overthrow all of that, I can only make a gamble on you. As long as you’re willing to lead us against the Other races, the entire Eastern Division is willing to listen to your orders, and become a force for you to command.”

Yue Zhong pondered for a longer time, before replying, “Ok! I promise you! I too, need your strength.”

Since arriving at this planet, he had not yet gained a deep enough understanding. He needed the eyes and ears on the ground, and since the Eastern Division was the underground head here, and that they were willing to submit to him, then he naturally would take them up on that offer.

With a wave of his hands, he took out 8 Evolving Liquids from his storage ring, handing them to Luo Chen, “These are Evolving Liquids, that could help humans become Evolvers. There are 8 of them here, treat it as a gift!”

Luo Chen received them with respect and thanked him, “Many thanks!”

“After consuming this, the user will run a fever for a day, and the next day, gain a powerful strength. If you don’t believe me, you can get someone to try it first.”

Luo Chen chuckled, directly consuming one of them, “No need! I trust you!”

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