God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 729

The moment the Evolving Liquid entered Luo Chen’s body, a warm surge of energy spread throughout his body, causing him temperature to rise and he gasped in ragged breaths.

Aloya’s face turned immediately, pulling out a small handgun and pointing it at Yue Zhong while screaming, “What did you do to him?!”

In Aloya’s eyes, Luo Chen’s importance far exceeded Yue Zhong. Even if Yue Zhong was the prophesied leader from the legends, she did not care one bit.

“Put down your gun! Aloya! I’ll be fine! It’s just a day of fever, right Leader?”

Luo Chen pressed Aloya’s gun down as he gave Yue Zhong a trusting smile. He believed that the man in front of him would not be so stupid as to try and kill him at such a place.

The God’s Imprint was something that Luo Chen, a true book fanatic, would research. To the ordinary soldiers, the Imprint might have been an ordinary tattoo for all they knew.

In truth, although it was a legend from long ago, it had been passed down for so long that many people had already begun to treat it as a beautiful dream. If Yue Zhong really wanted the support of the Eastern Division, he would not kill Luo Chen.

Yue Zhong replied indifferently, “Go back and rest well! You will gain strength!”

Luo Chen did not reject him, and replied, before turning away, “Yes!”

Yue Zhong watched Luo Chen leave, a few thoughts flashing by before he closed his eyes and focused on recovering. The consumption from the battle with Red Rock City was truly astounding.

Early the next morning, Luo Chen opened his eyes and discovered a powerful, latent strength coursing through his body.

With a thought, his originally crippled legs, for God knew how long, shuddered and began to move.

“Is this the strength of those experts with the God’s Imprint in the past?! With such a miraculous Evolving Liquid, seems like my decision was right!!” Luo Chen looked at his legs with joy and excitement. His legs had been heavily injured in an accident many years ago, and with the low medical level of the resistance, they had not been able to heal him. And yet, a single Evolving Liquid from Yue Zhong had given him a new lease on life, causing him to rejoice.

Aloya rubbed her eyes and saw Luo Chen waking up. Her pale face was immediately cover with joy, “Luo Chen! You’re awake! You can move!! This is great!! This is really great!!”

“Yes! I’m awake! I’ve also gained an incredible strength!!” Luo Chen laughed and raised his right hand, immediately causing the handgun by his bedside to soar towards his hands, revolving in the air.

When Aloya saw Luo Chen’s demonstration, her eyes were filled with shock, “This is the power that only Divine Warriors can awaken! Have you become a Divine Warrior too? Incredible!”

“This is the power he promised me! It’s strong! I should be a Type 1 Divine Warrior now.” Luo Chen looked at the revolving gun in his hand, a smile on his face. He wasn’t as happy about his own strength as compared to what Yue Zhong could bring to their race. With such an Evolving Liquid, their human race would gain an additional advantage.

Luo Chen then instructed, “Aloya, go gather everyone in the parade square!”

Aloya turned to leave, “Ok!”

Soon, the resistance fighters all came out from the various tunnels towards the central square, looking up at Luo Chen and Yue Zhong on stage.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with expectation and trust when they looked at Luo Chen. Many of the soldiers from the Eastern Division trusted this exceptional leader with their lives.

“Ah! How is it that Luo Chen is standing?!”

“The leader can stand?! That’s great!”

When they saw Luo Chen standing, everyone was surprised and began engaging in discussion. They knew clearly how near impossible it was to recover from his heavy injuries. Yet now, he was standing in front of them, it was truly a miracle.

Luo Chen swept his gaze across everyone, calling out, “Everyone, quieten down!”

When his words landed, everyone’s discussion came to a halt, their gazes falling upon him again.

Luo Chen then spoke out with fervor, “Let me first introduce, this person beside me is called Yue Zhong. Yesterday, he had piloted an RH2 to take down 4 RH2s and even 2 Type 3 Flesh-Eaters. He alone managed to turn the tides around, saving many of our comrades. He is our hero, let us first give him a round of applause!!”

The countless gazes full upon Yue Zhong, and immediately, a roar of applause rang out. Many had seen for themselves how Yue Zhong had charged through the battlefield with such valor and they were all filled with gratitude.

Luo Chen then raised his hands, bringing the applause to a stop.

His voice rang out, “In fact, Yue Zhong is not an ordinary human being. He’s the prophesied savior of our resistance… No! The savior of our human race! He has the God’s Imprint on him!! The mark of the leader of our humankind! From now on, I announce that our Eastern Division will submit to Yue Zhong, obeying his commands and orders, becoming his subordinates, fighting for the freedom of humanity!”

The moment his words landed, the entire Eastern Division was thrown into chaos.

“What? Is he the one from the prophecy of long ago? How is that possible?”

“I thought that legend was a joke, something ancient? How could it be real?”

“Submit to Yue Zhong? Then what about the headquarters of the resistance?”

When the soldiers of the Eastern Division heard that announcement, chatter immediately broke out. The prophecy from hundreds of years ago was thought to be a fantasy. Many had not thought that there would be someone who would save them, therefore, asking them to believe the words of a few dead men was too much.

However, there were some who immediately stared at Yue Zhong with an excited gaze, immediately becoming his followers.

After all, the resistance had been whittled away slowly but surely, and many had begun to lose hope for the future. They needed some form of hope. The savior was the beacon of that, becoming a pillar of support, trust, and hope.

When Lisa heard Luo Chen’s words, something seemed to explode in her mind, as her gaze turned strange, “Is he the savior from the legends? If it’s him, it’s very likely!”

Luo Chen gazed down and barked in a low voice, “Quiet!!”

The members of the resistance immediately became quiet.

Luo Chen waved his hand and the handgun at his waist immediately flew to his hands, revolving in mid-air, “Everyone should know, I used to be crippled, and have been confined to a wheelchair all this time. Today, I can stand here, is all due to Leader Yue Zhong granting me my health and a new strength. I’ve become a Type 1 Divine Warrior!”

Seeing this, all the soldiers of the resistance sucked in a cold breath, their eyes filled with excitement. Divine Warriors were basically the terms for strong experts. There were over 2,000 warriors at the parade square, but only 8 of them were Divine Warriors. They were only Type 1 Divine Warriors as well. Everyone else hoped to become a Divine Warrior.

Yue Zhong then waved his hands at Luo Chen.

With that, Luo Chen retreated respectfully behind Yue Zhong, exhibiting his respect and submission.

Yue Zhong’s voice then rang out, “I’m Yue Zhong! If my conjecture is right, I’m the savior mentioned in your legends. My enemies are those Flesh-Eaters and Vampires. They are your enemies as well. As long as you’re willing to listen to my commands, I’m willing to lead you all to defeat them, and gain victory. Those who are willing to fight by my side, stay, and as long as you put in an effort to obtain merits, I can grant you strength, becoming powerful Divine Warriors! Those who aren’t willing, you may leave. I won’t stop you! Make your choice now!”

“Leader Yue Zhong!! Grant me strength!!”

“I’m willing to obey you, and fight by your side!!”

“Leader Yue Zhong, let us fight the monsters together!!”

The moment his words came out, the entire parade square erupted in wild cheers. Almost everyone was screaming his name, expressing their loyalty with fervor.

Some of them did so because of Luo Chen’s orders, some did so because they believed in the prophecy. Some did so in order to gain the strength to become a Divine Warrior, and some had been swept up in the commotion. Some others had nowhere else to go, thus they chose to stay.

However, amidst the cheers and excitement, 30 resistance soldiers turned around quietly to leave. They did not believe that Yue Zhong was the savior, and only trusted in the upper echelons of the resistance army.

Luo Chen watched them leave and his eyes flashed with a dark look. He looked towards another corner, and 2 men nodded to express their understanding before they disappeared.

The 30-odd men had not left long when they were dragged into the dark to be silenced forever. Although Yue Zhong did not wish to kill, Luo Chen was not willing to let these people go.

After this meeting, the entire Eastern Division was handed over to Yue Zhong, with Kong Cui Yun and the rest summoned by Yue Zhong into the base. The entire force then quickly left to relocate to another base.

In this world where there were no satellites, the response of Red Rock City was much slower. After Yue Zhong and his people had left, another larger force deployed by Red Rock City came across where the base used to be, sweeping around but not finding anything.

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