God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 730

Out at a desolate area without any signs of life, a few humans were lugging loads of more than 20kg, running around while gasping for breath.

Yue Zhong was decked in military wear, watching them quietly. Among them, there was Xiao Lan, Fuhrana, even the little loli Dina.

Yue Zhong had granted them the Evolving Liquid, allowing them to become Evolvers, before making them undergo high-intensity special forces training.

Even if they had the strength, without proper training, they would not be able to exhibit their true prowess.

Having seen the cruelty of this world, even Kong Cui Yun who used to have an air of a spoiled miss began to push herself through the rigorous regime.

Even the half-Mutant loli Dina was no exception. She even pushed herself harder after every day’s training. As a vagabond, she knew how precious the chance to obtain strength was. Since she had gained it, she would treasure it even more.

Yue Zhong eyed them while asking Luo Chen beside him, “I want to know all that the resistance currently knows.”

“The resistance troops are scattered all over this planet. On this planet, we humans are the food, toys, and slaves of the monsters. The areas where the monsters are more vicious and cruel, the more resistance troops stationed there. Places where the violence is lesser, the lesser the number of resistance soldiers as well.”

“However, from the big perspective, we separate ourselves according to directions. North, south, east and west. Our Eastern Division handles 40 cities, with about 40,000 people or so. The Southern Division is in charge of 30 cities, with about 50,000 people. The Western Division, 20 cities, and 20,000 people, while the Northern Division handles the most cities, 60, with about 100,000 people. That is to say the entire resistance numbers at around 200,000 or so. Other than our fighters, we have sympathizers within cities, and we’re not too sure about the number of people from those groups. In fact, my faction is considered only part of the Eastern Division.”

“The highest authority of the resistance is termed as the Human Liberation Business Resistance Council, or the Council for short. Each division would choose 12 representatives from their own sides. The person at the top is the president, and he is the current leader of the resistance army. The current president is called Gong Chang Tian. He’s an amazing leader and was the previous leader of the Northern Division at the frontlines.

Yue Zhong thought deeply before continuing, “What about the Saint Clan?”

Luo Chen laughed bitterly, “The Saint Clan is control over perpetually all the cities on this planet. Other than the areas with high radiation and the barren wilderness, everywhere else is under their control. Based on estimation, there should be a total of 563 cities in their hands. The total human population within these cities is at 300 million, and these are just the human numbers. As for the Saint Clan, their numbers aren’t that many, about 10 million.

Yue Zhong was speechless, comparing the resistance and the Saint Clan, the difference was not just 50 times. The enemy was also in control over cities and other resources. There was practically no chance in an outright face-off.

Just the 300 million people under the Saint Clan could easily crush the resistance already. There was no contest between both sides in terms of numbers.

After knowing the true might of his enemy, Yue Zhong could not help but feel a dark shadow over his head.

Previously, during his struggle against the zombies, Yue Zhong’s people only numbered slightly above 2 million.

If the Gates of Hell were to truly allow the Saint Clan to invade, the 300 million people under them would already cause Yue Zhong a huge headache, not to mention 10 million Saint Clan members.

With their strength, based on his estimation, 1 million Saint Clan members were enough to slaughter 300 million ordinary humans. Furthermore, China still had seas of zombies and Mutant Beasts and other strange races to contend with. If there was a war, the little bit of capital he had struggled to build up was not even worth shit.

He sighed lightly, “Thankfully, I chose to enter this world.”

Had he chose to remain on earth to expand, while he might really expand within a year, no matter what extent he could grow, it was not enough to deal with this 2nd Stage. Now he knew how precious the chance to enter this world was.

If they didn’t do anything, by the time the Saint Clan invaded, then all the powers and factions on Earth would succumb and crumble under the absolute might.

Yue Zhong mulled over for a while before asking, “How many Type 3 Divine Warriors are there within the resistance?”

Type 3 Divine Warriors were existences like Jack and Santana that could destroy an RH2 with their bare hands.

Luo Chen replied, “There are a total of 7 outstanding Type 3 Divine Warriors in the resistance. They’re Snowstorm Sima Bing, Blazing Flames Wang Yan, Human-Tank Ken, Great Earth Bear TuoTuo Mu, Steel King Lance, Light Beast Jess, and finally, Overlord Gong Chang Tian. Our resistance only has Type 3 Divine Warriors, no one of Type 4 and above.”

Yue Zhong asked, “Then how many Type 3 Divine Warriors are there in the Saint Clan?”

“There are around 100,000 Saint Clan members who are at least at Type 3 Divine Warrior level. About 1,000 are rumored to be at Type 4, while Type 5 Divine Warriors are rarer, maybe about 30 at most. Those at the Type 5 level are usually from the Ancestor Clan. As for the legendary Type 6 Divine Warriors, according to legends, there might only be 3 or 2 from the initial Ancestor Clan members that were left behind during Era of Blight. As to the truth of these rumors, no one has tested or verified before.”

“Normally, those who head out to suppress any rebellion or chaos would be the Type 3 Divine Warriors of the Saint Clan. The moment any Type 4 Divine Warriors were to make an appearance, the source of the chaos or commotion would be eliminated. Type 5 Divine Warriors are considered important characters and to them, our resistance fighters are just like ants, hence they would not bother unless they are in a bad mood. However, it’s rare to see any Type 5 Divine Warriors making a move,” Luo Chen spoke with a dark expression.

Yue Zhong was speechless for some time, as he finally understood why Luo Chen was so willing to hand over his authority.

Yue Zhong was considered a peak expert back on Earth, but among the Saint Clan, he was just an ordinary fighter. Any Type 4 Divine Warrior could easily crush him. If a Type 5 Divine Warrior were to act, he would be wiped out in barely an instant. The level of might on this planet was truly unfathomable.

Yue Zhong sunk into deep thought, “What’s the situation on the food and water supplies for our forces?”

Out in the wilderness, the most terrifying killer was not the Saint Clan, but the lack of food and water.

The places fit for living had plenty of pools and water catchment places, whereas the regions outside of the cities were hard for survival, since most of those places were heavily irradiated, and had no water or food sources.

Food and clean water was an important resource, and they were the main reason why the resistance could not expand.

There were sources of clean water within the cities that the Saint Clan resided in, they could even plant vegetation and that was how they controlled humans.

Luo Chen looked at the warriors undergoing training and spoke, “Our current supplies can last us for a month, while our water can last for about 20 days. The current conditions are under the assumption that these soldiers you’re training up cannot use our rations or water.”

Luo Chen was clear that through Yue Zhong’s methods, he could raise a powerful force, but the warriors would require water and food to replenish their energy. Such squandering of resources was a nightmare to the resistance.

Many cities had resorted to the method of sealing the cities, preventing water and food from going to the resistance, easily cutting their lifeline off.

Yue Zhong asked curiously, “How did you guys get water and food from the cities previously?”

Luo Chen laughed in a self-deprecating manner, “Out in the wilderness, you can discover ores, hunt the Savages, trade slaves, gain the blood, flesh, and nuclei of Mutant Beasts, or high-level Mutants. There are also rare and precious Mutant Plants. All these are resources that cities need, as long as the cities do not undergo a lockdown, we can trade these items for Eagle Yuan, exchanging for food and water. Other than that, we can disguise ourselves as mercenaries to accept missions to earn Eagle Yuan. As resistance fighters, we still have to rely upon and work for those monsters, even I find it ironic and ridiculous.”

Yue Zhong thought deep. Due to the lack of resources, these resistances forces actually had to resort to working for the Saint Clan. This was hard to believe. However, he also understood that their circumstances really were dire.

Yue Zhong asked, “Are there any Mutant Beasts hordes nearby?”

Luo Chen replied, “The Ancient Ruins!”

He continued, “It is an extremely famous place nearby, and it marks the line between the light radiation and heavy radiation zones. There, there are plenty of Mutant vegetation, Mutant Beasts, Irradiated Demons, Savages and even Mutants. The entire region is extremely dangerous, and there are a few terrifying Mutant Beasts that could even kill a Type 4 Divine Warrior. In the past, there was a story going around that a Type 4 Divine Warrior went in and didn’t come out. Around the region, there are a few handful of human settlements, forming small mercenary companies. They would head in to hunt and complete Saint Clan missions for money. It is an extremely chaotic place, where robbery and murder happen all the time. All the people there are underground characters and only money talks. We would usually head there to hunt Mutant Beasts.”

As Yue Zhong listened, he made his decision, “Alright! We shall head there first!”

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