God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 731

Black Blood Town was a small town that was situated right in front of the Ancient Ruins.

The Ancient Ruins actually covered a wide, vast area, with plenty of Mutant Plants, Mutant Beasts and other life forms that lived within. Terrifying biological creatures could be encountered when inside, and even a Type 4 Divine Warrior could fall if not careful.

However, there were plenty of resources that could be found within, even clean water, other legacies left behind prior to the apocalypse, hence, many were willing to risk their lives to explore the ruins.

Black Blood Town was a sort of a stop that humans had established right outside of the ruins. The town came about because there were 5 wells in the town, each of them containing water of radiation level 2. Because of the water sources, this Black Blood Town quickly flourished.

Yue Zhong looked at the town that was covered with lush greenery and his eyes flashed with a strange glint, “This is Black Blood Town?”

The town was entirely different from what he expected, full of vibrant life and wild vegetation. Yue Zhong could see many women and kids digging for wild vegetables. Along the way, all he had seen besides desolate barren, was desolate barren.

Yue Zhong looked at the town and asked Luo Chen, “Since there is water here, why didn’t the Saint Clan lay claim to this location?”

Luo Chen explained, “Although Black Blood Town has water, it is too close to the Ancient Ruins. In the past, there were many Mutant armies that raided here, causing over 100 members of the Saint Clan to perish here. Furthermore, the water in this small town cannot sustain tens of thousands of lives, that’s why a city can’t be built here. Hence, the Saint Clan had just ignored this location. However, 40% of the profits here must be handed over to Red Rock City.”

Yue Zhong asked, “How many people can the water sources support?”

Luo Chen had obviously done his research before, and replied, “At most 2,000!”

Had the Eastern Division been forced into a dire situation, Luo Chen had considered forcefully claiming Black Blood Town and its water source. However, he knew that if he did that, sooner or later, Red Rock City’s forces would come, and he would be helpless again.

Furthermore, the terrain was too open around Black Blood Town, should the armored forces of Red Rock City arrive, then their resistance would be out in the open for slaughter.

Yue Zhong nodded lightly and continued towards Black Blood Town.

The moment their group entered the town, a number of gazes fell upon them, including those from murderers, rapists, perverts, mercenaries, thieves. None of them were filled with good intentions.

However, the moment they saw the rifles and firearms on the members of Yue Zhong’s group, and the strong killing intent emitting from every single one of them, every single gaze quickly retracted, not daring to linger on.

In this town where laws and codes of conduct were absent, fights and killings could happen in the blink of an eye. Those outlaws were not willing to antagonize a troop that was well-equipped and had such an obvious scent of blood and killing on them.

Yue Zhong kicked the door of a bar wide open, as a strong smell of perspiration and stench wafted out, together with the sounds of loud rock music.

Inside the bar, there were dozens of mercenaries and prostitutes, whose gazes immediately swiveled over.

A big, burly white man roared out and stood up, “Damn it! Which bastard wants to cause trouble!!”

In an instant, 10 assault rifles were pointed at the man, as 10 resistance soldiers fixed their cold glares on him. As long as Yue Zhong gave the order, they would open fire, turning the guy into a sieve.

The white man looked at the guns and his back broke out in cold sweat, raising his hands, not daring to move.

Black Blood Town was a chaotic place, even if this white mercenary was killed, no one would step out for him, not even his comrades in arms could fight against a faction that has these many firearms.

Yue Zhong and Luo Chen walked in like lords under the protection of the resistance soldiers, coming to the counter.

Luo Chen came to the bartender and smiled as he asked, “Mike! I want information on the Mutant Beasts that are at B-Grade on the danger level.”

The bartender replied with an impassive face, “10,000 Eagle Yuan!”

Luo Chen took out a chest and handed it over.

The bartender opened to take a look, before closing and bending below the counter to pull out a stack of documents to give Luo Chen.

Luo Chen then handed another envelope over to Mike, “Thanks! Other than that, I need a large amount of food and water.”

Mike coldly replied, “Payment!”

Luo Chen chuckled, “That was the deposit when the goods arrive, I will pay the rest.”

Mike nodded coldly, “En!”

After achieving their objectives, Yue Zhong and Luo Chen turned around and left.

Mike watched them leave, his eyes flashing with a cold look. He waved his hands, and another bartender appeared to take over, while he left the back end of the bar.

Inside the deeper recesses of the bar, there was a lavish room. 2 men decked in exquisite and lavish clothes, their collars with 3 golden suns, sat on a sofa, enjoying wine.

Mike kneeled in front of the two, speaking respectfully, “Knight-sir, as you expected, those despicable resistance soldiers had come here! Your subject has handed them the information.”

Knight looked at him with a condescending gaze, “Got it. You may go back. Do your job well, since you’ve contributed some merit, I’ll bring you to the inner city soon!”

Mike immediately kowtowed in glee, before retreating out the room, “Thank you, sir!!”

Knight laughed coldly, “These humans are really stupid. Black Blood Town is so important, how could our Saint Clan not be in control of it? They actually ran here to buy information from us, what a joke.”

Luther chomped down on an arm of a young girl while sipping red wine, his eyes flashing with a violent light, “Shall we wipe them out now?”

Knight responded coldly, “It’s not time yet. They’re not that many, even if we wipe them out now, the rest will continue to hide like rats. Furthermore, they’re not so easy to deal with, otherwise, Jack and Santana wouldn’t have died at their hands. Wait till they organize a troop to go hunt Mutant Beasts, then we will make our move.”

Luther nodded silently, continuing to enjoy his bloody meal.

Not long after leaving Black Blood Town, Luo Chen suddenly spoke up, “Leader, I think that the bar is dodgy, that Mike should be someone from Red Rock City.”

Yue Zhong asked without any major reaction, “Then how much of this intelligence do you think is true?”

Luo Chen replied, “Should be all of it! They need the bar, thus, they wouldn’t lie.”

Yue Zhong chuckled, “Since that’s the case, let’s just take a look!”

Luo Chen’s mind jolted as he replied, “Yes!”

After that, Yue Zhong and his group continued towards the Ancient Ruins.

Beyond Black Blood Town, there were many rocks that were black and red in color, and there did not seem to be any signs of life.

However, the Ancient Ruins were different, the moment they stepped into the area, they could see all sorts of grass and vegetation growing everywhere, with some strange Mutant plants within.
The Ancient Ruins might be called that, but in fact, it was the largest modern city on this planet, and one could see countless modern structures and architectures.

However, the state of disrepair and dilapidation allowed strange Mutant plants and life to flourish, giving it a strange yet mystical feel.

Amidst the ruins and structures, there were many items that surpassed the current level of technology on this desolate planet. According to rumors, the powerful computers and systems of the RH2s were dug out from the ruins.

Not long after Yue Zhong brought his troops into the ruins, a few green lights flashed past in some of the buildings, and a number of gazes filled with ill-intent fell upon them.

Everyone felt a chill in their hearts, as they gripped their weapons tightly.

“Watch out!” Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed.

The moment his voice rang out, the grass started to shake, as numerous decayed bodies that looked dried up like mummies with only skins dangling off their bones charged out towards the resistance group.

Luo Chen’s face fell as he shouted out, “Living corpses! These are living corpses! Everyone be careful, don’t let them scratch you, otherwise you’ll be infected!!”

Living corpses were the remnants of the apocalypse that evolved from zombies. They used to be ordinary zombies, and after the radiation, they underwent mutation, not rotting away even after countless years. There was not much difference between them and zombies, the only thing was that, after radiation, their eyes mutated, and they could finally see, becoming stronger than ordinary zombies.

Seeing the zombies appear, the expressions of the soldiers changed as they raised their guns and fired at the living corpses.

The bullets riddled the bodies of the living corpses, some of their heads blasted apart, and their bodies slumped to the ground.

Yue Zhong had only brought along 11 elite soldiers, the firepower of the 11 could not withstand the onslaught of over hundreds of living corpses.

Just as the living corpses had surrounded the 11 warriors, Yue Zhong waved his hands, and his 2m-long Black Tooth Blade appeared. He charged forth, swinging his massive blade, and sliced the zombies up, preventing them from approaching the soldiers.

Within a single minute, the 200-over living dead had been slaughtered cleanly, leaving only a bunch of broken bones and mangled flesh.

“Strong!!” The 11 soldiers watched the scene with awe and shock in their hearts.

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