God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 732

“Let’s go!”

After dealing with over 200 living corpses, Yue Zhong led the 11 of them further into the Ancient Ruins.

He had just taken a few steps when suddenly, he felt a dangerous premonition and his face turned. With a thought and a wave of his hands, a Shield of Light appeared in mid-air, radiating brightly and blocking in front of him.

At almost the same time, from the grass, a number of shape blades of grass shot out, firing at Yue Zhong and his men.

Luo Chen and the rest turned pale, quickly dodging behind Yue Zhong.

The flurry of grass shot out towards the Shield of Light, and it was unable to hold out under the assault.

“Get down!” Yue Zhong hollered and quickly got on the ground.

Luo Chen and the rest also quickly followed suit.

Barely a second later, the shield broke apart in a burst of sparks, and the grass arrows continued to soar through the skies, disappearing into the distance.

Luo Chen looked at the grass and couldn’t help but mutter, “Arrow Grass, I can’t believe that it exists here, such a huge number at that! They’re truly insidious!”

The Arrow Grass was also a Mutant Plant, the moment their roots were disturbed, they would fire out arrow-like seeds. These arrow-like seeds could pierce the body of humans or Mutant Beasts and absorb their blood and essence before germinating. It was a terrifying existence, as the seeds could even pierce through heavy armored vehicles.

When everyone saw that, their faces were incredibly ugly. Had Yue Zhong not acted to save them, they would have all died.

Even Yue Zhong’s expression was dark, he finally understood how difficult it was to navigate these ruins. They had to face danger after danger barely a distance in, if it were even deeper, he truly did not know how dangerous it was going to be.

Yue Zhong was silent for a moment, before he told Luo Chen, “Luo Chen, bring the men back and wait for further orders.”

Luo Chen’s eyes flashed before he replied solemnly, “Yes! Leader!”

Luo Chen was clear that he and the other 10 warriors were not only unable to assist Yue Zhong, but they would likely be burdens when they head further into the dangerous Ruins. Retreating was the best option for them.

Yue Zhong watched them leave and sighed in his heart. Luo Chen was knowledgeable, with him around, he would feel a whole lot more relaxed while navigating these ruins. However, Luo Chen was still not strong enough and might die anytime. He could not afford to be distracted in order to protect him.

After readjusting his composure, Yue Zhong continued deeper towards the ruins.

The moment Luo Chen and the rest left, Yue Zhong felt a lot more eased. With a flash of his body, he quickly darted through the ruins, easily killing 4 groups of low-level Mutant Beasts, dodging the assault of the living corpses.

“What is that?” Yue Zhong was traveling within the ruins when he suddenly heard a roar of motors and the loud whirring of propellers. He looked up, only to discover 48 assault helicopters and 100 large air carriers flying for the deeper parts of the ruins.

Yue Zhong watched the incredible fleet and he felt shocked, quickly following one particular fleet of 12 helicopters, “These are the Saint Clan people! Why are they here? They actually activated such a huge fleet! Seems like I need to follow them!”

Only the Saint Clan could possible deploy 48 assault helicopters and 100 large aircraft carriers. The resistance could barely even pull out 30 carriers.

He quickly activated his Second Order Stealth, his entire being blending in with the surroundings, not emitting any biosignatures. Even an RH2 would not be able to detect him now.

Among the fleet, there was a heavy-duty helicopter that was even larger than the Thunder Fighters back on Earth, just that it didn’t have any weapons.

Inside, the decoration was extremely beautiful, looking like a 5-star hotel. On 2 sofas, there were 4 men seated, and they each had 4 suns on their collars. These were the insignia representing their status as Type 4 Divine Warriors.

Even among the Saint Clan, Type 4 Divine Warriors were rare existences. Other than the main base, it was rare for them to appear in other places. After all, throughout the entire planet, only 2,000 of them existed.

One of them was incredibly good-looking, with blue eyes and jade eyes, his aura elegant and charismatic. He sighed lightly and used his hands to caress the faces of 2 extremely beautiful girls by his side, “Who would have thought, that thing actually landed in the Type 4 Mutant chief’s hands. Every time I think about those ugly freaks, my appetite suffers.”

The 2 beautiful young girls were looking at the handsome man with a look of adoration and fascination, as though they would die for him without hesitation if he were to ask them to.

Another man, whose skin was black, was holding a knife as he sliced up the human eyeball on his plate, while he laughed lightly, “Antonio, are you afraid? The Type 4 Mutant chief, isn’t someone easy to deal with. Dyni had died in that freak’s hands. Otherwise, the higher-ups wouldn’t have sent the 4 of us to deal with him.”

“Just somewhat slightly! But I’m unwilling to die at this god-forsaken place. I still want to live on and taste the fresh blood of beautiful virgins everywhere. Manshid, before I’ve tasted the blood of at least 10 million different girls, I will not die!”

He then grabbed the neck of one of the beautiful teens in an incredibly elegant fashion, before revealing his sharp canines that punctured into the neck of the girl, as he started to suck with huge gulps.

The girl struggled with pain at first, before her eyes glazed over, and her face flushed red. Her body started to twitch as she moaned out in an alluring manner, twisting and panting as though she was having an orgasm.

After a while, Antonio then released his grip on the girl’s neck, causing her to drop to the floor like a corpse. Her originally flushed face was now devoid of any color, and her breathing quickly stopped. At the time of death, her face was still wearing an expression of ecstasy.

Antonio pulled out a napkin to wipe his mouth as he looked at the corpse and laughed, “Delicious! This is the blood of a high-quality virgin! Truly delicious. I’m delighted to have tasted such fresh blood!! Thank you!!”

Another man who had black hair and yellow skin had a vicious look as he tore into the head of a resistance fighter on his plate, causing the skull to burst open, as red and white matter splattered all over his hands. The man just licked his fingers with an insatiable expression, while grunting out in excitement and joy.

The last person was a 12-year-old loli with a head of blond hair, a petite frame, but an impressive C-cup bust. She was about 1.4m, her features exquisite, her skin fair, and her eyes a strange silver color. She looked at the 3 other Type 4 Divine Warriors with an expression of disgust as she spat, “A bunch of sick perverts!”

Antonio looked at the black-hair, yellow-skin man and said, “George, Asya is scolding you, watch your manners!”

George retorted, “Bullshit! Manshid, those eyeballs are disgusting, quickly consume them, stop cutting them up, so gross!”

Manshid looked at the eyes of the beautiful but dead girl, “Nonsense! Antonio, since you like the blood of beautiful girls, can’t you just draw their blood? You can taste them for a longer period of time like that, why must you suck them dry of their blood? What a pity, her eyes have no spirit anymore.”

Antonio had a drunk expression, “Only fresh blood carry the taste of life, that my soul can feel liberated, and the joy that consumes me! That is the true delicacy of life! Drawing blood and sucking the blood of ordinary virgins, is not enough to satiate my soul!”

Asya frowned and barked coldly, “Perverts! Shut the hell up!”

The moment she barked, the rest quickly kept quiet.

Each of the 3 Type 4 Divine Warriors were powerful existences that could do as they like everywhere they went. They would not even view other Type 4 Divine Warriors as equals, and often, they would come to blows with their fellow Type 4 Divine Warriors. However, being scolded by the loli with huge breasts, they could not help but shiver and retracted their unbridled behavior a little. It was apparent that they were somewhat apprehensive and fearful of her.

Asya looked down and ordered with a cold look, “We have reached our destination, prepare to invade!”

The huge fleet was now over an area where huge buildings over dozens of meters tall were scattered around.

With her order, under the protection of the assault helicopters, the large transport carriers began to descend.

At the same time, eyes filled with hatred and enmity shone in the dark, as the figures walked out from the shadows, revealing the inhabitants of the area. Mutants began to pour out from every nook and cranny of the buildings, charging towards the carriers.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The 48 assault helicopters responsible for escort began to open fire, their powerful firearms tearing the Mutants to shreds.

A number of fireballs, bone spikes, corroding poison, huge stones and all sorts of other abilities were cast and flung towards the sky. Some of the attacks managed to land on the powerful assault helicopters but were deflected by the tough armor, not causing any damage.

At this time, an entire half-building shot out like a shooting star from below, slamming towards one of the heavy assault helicopters.

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