God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Fishing for Snakes

The remaining scattered zombies outside of Stone horse village were killed until nightfall

Yue Zhong found over two hundred survivors in the process of clearing out Stone Horse Village, replenishing their population. Yue Zhong’s sphere of influence increased to five hundred survivors. The majority of survivors found were so starved they didn’t look human.

Recovering Stone Horse Village, each of Yue Zhong’s small squadrons experienced a trial by fire, and they began to change into elite troops.

At night, Yue Zhong took inventory of his goods attained today after taking a bath.

Several equipment dropped by the God and Devil World system was recovered by Yue Zhong, then he started to distribute it.

In the battle of recovering Stone Horse Village, Yue Zhong received six skill books, thirty white treasure boxes, and a green treasure box.

The six skill books were: Rank 1 Fireball skill book, three Rank 1 Acceleration skill books, Rank 2 Language Mastery skill book, and Rank 3 Gravity Control Skillbook.

“Rank 1 skill Acceleration: This skill consumes five points of stamina. After using this skill, one will attain 10 agility for 30 seconds.”

“Rank 2 skill Language Mastery: This is a passive skill. After studying, one will automatically be proficient in three national languages, and proficiently master their written languages.”

“Rank 3 skill Gravity Control: This is an active skill. After using the skill, one can manipulate a single target within two hundred meters, or targets within the surrounding ten meters. The amount of gravity pressure received by the target depends on the user’s level of Spirit, Power, Stamina, and *level. Releasing the skill consumes 10 points of Stamina and 10 points of Spirit. The skill also consumes 1 Stamina and 1 Spirit each second.”

[TL: It actually says “body’s degree of strength” for *level. That isn’t an actual stat, so I think it implies the level of the user.]

Yue Zhong looked at the Rank 3 Gravity Control skill book that came from the L2. He contemplated a moment, then placed the book into his storage ring.

Yue Zhong held the Language Mastery skill book and thought a moment. The Skill book turned into a flowing light sinking into his sea of knowledge.

“What three languages would you like to know?”

[TL: I would pay SOOO MUCH FOR THIS!]

As soon as the skill book entered Yue Zhong, a voice immediately appeared in Yue Zhong’s mind.

“English, Russian, and Japanese!”

Yue Zhong thought a moment, and strands of light interwove in his sea of knowledge, condensing into a mysterious rune.

Yue Zhong felt a huge amount of knowledge rush forth into his brain as soon as the rune formed, then in a moment it rested.

Massaging his head, Yue Zhong opened the treasure boxes, starting with the white boxes. The thirty white treasure boxes were quickly opened. Inside there were four Imitation Tang Swords, a pair of strength shoes, and a pair of power gloves. The rest were all empty.

Yue Zhong looked at the thirty white treasure boxes dropping so few equipment and thought a moment: “Luck is very important when opening white treasure boxes! Fortunately I found four Imitation Tang Swords, so it’s not too bad.”

Yue Zhong finally opened the green treasure box. A green light flashed, and a pair of leather boots flashing with a bronze colored light appeared before his eyes.

“Rank 3 item, Green Acceleration Boots: Increases Agility by 10 after equipping.”

“Such a treasure!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with joy as he looked at the Green Acceleration Boots. Putting on the leather boots was like starting up the Rank 1 Acceleration skill.

A good piece of equipment can enormously increase a person’s strength. Yue Zhong is extremely clear about this.

After putting those items into a bag, Yue Zhong finally hugged the savory Guo Yu and went to sleep.

The second day, Yue Zhong dispatched personnel to continue clearing out Stone Horse Village, and he made Chi Yang start to transport survivors from Always Bright Village.

Vehicle after vehicle started transporting Always Bright Village survivors into Stone Horse Village.

Yue Zhong took several subordinates and brought them near the river by Stone Horse Village. He used chicken after chicken to try and entice a mutated river snake.

“Is there nothing?”

After spending a whole day, Yue Zhong ran along the edge of both rivers without catching a single mutated river snake. He was a little disappointed.

Just when he was pulling the cord, and preparing to take people to leave, an enormous mutated river snake surged out from the tranquil waters. Its mouth was opened up towards Yue Zhong’s chicken.

Yue Zhong was overjoyed. He pulled on the cord, and brought the chicken back up onto the shore.

The mutated river snake also rushed out from the water to chase its prey. It chased after the chicken writhing its enormous body back and forth.

Yue Zhong looked at Guo Yu and Lu Wen when the snake swam on shore within one hundred meters, and he said: “Get to work!”

Guo Yu and Lu Wen immediately started casting their two skills. They entered into a spell chanting state, one using ice magic, and the other using fire magic.

Yue Zhong grabbed a type 81 rifle and started firing at the huge mutated river snake.

Bullet after bullet was immediately sent flying off of the snake’s skin, but the bullet’s enormous force still pained the mutated river snake.

The attack enraged the mutated river snake. It is the master of these waters, and was now receiving provocation. Naturally it rushed on towards Yue Zhong in a towering rage.

Yue Zhong fired his type 81 rifle at the mutated river snake, and continually enticed it away from Guo Yu’s and Lu Wen’s position.

The mutated river snake’s speed was enormously fast, and it quickly caught up to Yue Zhong.

At this time, Guo Yu and Lu Wen’s magic spells formed. A ball of fire and an ice cone shot out, heavily exploding onto the mutated river snake’s body.

Magic’s power is extremely enormous. Even though they were two level one skills, they skill created a fist-sized black scorched bloody hole, and a fist-sized bloody hole full of ice crumbles on the snake’s body.

The mutated river snake emitted an enormous wail. It turned its head towards Guo Yu and Lu Wen. Its eyes filled with anger, and it twisted towards the two.

At that time, Yue Zhong activated the skill Shadow Step. His speed suddenly soared. He rushed before the mutated river snake, and used the stinger to fire three shots at it.

Three bullets boomed into the snake’s body, blowing open another three fist sized holes.

After eating the pain, it actually turned towards the water to swim away.

Yue Zhong’s speed soared, and he appeared before the mutated river snake in a couple of flashes.

It immediately opened its huge mouth to bite at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong slightly shifted and started the skill Devil Flame. A scarlet red magic fire condensed in his hand. He cut into the the huge snake’s flank with his right hand. He created an enormous scar on that side of the snake, totally burning everything he touched away.

Yue Zhong rushed along the side of the mutated river snake, completely splitting open that side of the body. A huge amount of blood flowed out from the wound.

Receiving such heavy damage, the mutated river snake painfully struggled, collapsing paralyzed on the ground. A large experience orb sunk into Yue Zhong’s body.

“Congratulations, you have leveled up to 26. You have obtained 2 stat points.” A pleasing to the ear level up noise immediately appeared in Yue Zhong’s sea of knowledge.

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