God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 733


As the half-building slammed into the assault helicopter, it immediately got destroyed, exploding in a huge ball of fire that descended towards the ground.

A Mutant appeared below, his gaze fixed on the aircraft above, emitting a powerful and oppressive feeling. He was 3m-tall, a 0.5m horn growing on his head. His entire body seemed to be wrapped in gold armor, his expression savage. He had a tail, that was long and sharp, also covered with a layer of golden metal. His limbs were powerful and thick, with sharp claws for hands and sharp nails on his toes that gripped the earth tightly.

Many other Type 3 Mutants began to crawl out and surround the Type 4 Mutant, roaring towards the skies with a bestial and killing instinct.

The difference between Mutants and humans were that they were extremely ugly, violent, and had a clear hierarchy, submitting only to the strongest. Without the control of a powerful Mutant, they would go on an unstoppable rampage everywhere, only ceasing once they were wiped out by other existences.

Yue Zhong eyed the numerous Type 3 Mutants around the single Type 4 Mutant, his heart filled shock, “Powerful! Is that the Type 4 Mutant? Truly on another level!”

It was the first time Yue Zhong saw somebody actually grabbing an entire building with such ease and launching it like a cannonball.

The strongest person in his team was Yin Shuang that loli with a perverse strength, but comparing the two, there was simply too vast a difference.

The moment that helicopter crashed, the rest quickly adjusted their target, as countless missiles and cannons shot towards the Type 4 Mutant and the area it was at.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The powerful explosions rocked the entire region, as many Mutants were instantly pulverized or crushed by the sheer firepower.

Before the dust even settled, various figures shot towards where the heavy carrier was.

A number of large rocks and boulders flew towards the heavy carriers, most missing their targets. However, 2 managed to slam into the body of one carrier, causing it to tilt before it lost control and began to descend from the sky, exploding in a ball of flames.

However, under the cover of the assault helicopters, many others managed to land properly.

The region was crawling with Mutants, so they quickly swarmed over like ants towards those carriers that landed.

Many had just landed, when the Mutants arrived and quickly began to employ all sorts of means to damage the carriers.

The moment the heavy carriers opened their doors, many RH2s charged out with loud whirs, their electronic eyes flashing, as cannons appeared out of their frames, and with the help of the targeting system of the A.I, they unleashed carnage all around them.

In a blink of an eye, there was a burst of blood and flesh all around the heavy carriers, as over hundreds and thousands of the Mutants were blasted into bits and pieces of flesh and blood. The mass slaughter ability of the RH2s was even higher than that of Type 3 Divine Warriors.

However, among the Mutants, there were numerous Type 3 Mutants as well, and they charged towards the RH2 with savage expressions.

However, as the Type 3 Mutants fought against the RH2s, it was incredibly tough. They did not know where the weak points were, and could only rely on brute strength to try and damage the RH2s.

One particular Type 3 which had blades sticking out of its limbs managed to charge through the area of the fire, appearing in front of an RH2. It was like a ghost that darted beneath its frame and used its sharp blades to tear through the armor, cutting through countless of alloy fibers.

In half a minute, that particular Type 3 Mutant had managed to wreck the right leg of the RH2 completely, causing it to fall on its side.

However, even as it landed, the cannons continued to fire out rapidly, killing many other Mutants.

The Type 3 Mutant had no choice but to continue darting about, destroying every single one of the cannons.

Following that, a huge swarm of Mutants began to crawl all over the RH2, covering it entirely.

The next instant, with a loud roar, the RH2 self-destructed, causing the area around it to be enveloped in the resulting explosion, directly reaping the lives of the Mutants around it, including the Type 3 Mutant.

These RH2s might not be particularly effective against the Saint Clan’s Type 3 Divine Warriors, but against these brutish Mutants, they were able to exhibit their powerful combat might, cleaving lives every second.

However, within the ruins, the Mutants were seemingly endless in numbers, no matter how many were killed, it seemed that more would crawl out from other corners to replenish the numbers lost in battle.

Even so, with the constant fire from the RH2s as well as more RH2s descending from the carriers, the powerful weapons of war suppressed the Mutants totally.

Under that fearsome fire, many Type 3 Mutants that could deal with the RH2s were forced back or killed.

A single Rh2 might not be able to contend against a Type 3 Mutant, but 10 of them with a net of fire could cause the Type 3 Mutants a problem. Furthermore, the Saint Clan had deployed more than 300 RH2s over here, and there were already 50 on the ground.

Once all these weapons of war were fully deployed, then the Mutants would lose their advantage of numbers, regardless of how many could crawl out, they would be wiped out under the terrifying growing net of fire.

“What a powerful might!!” Yue Zhong observed the numerous RH2s and he was shocked.

If such a formation was to appear on earth, nobody could defend against such an attack from the Saint Clan. This was 300 RH2s, no mechanized infantry battalion on Earth could possibly withstand the assault from 300 RH2s unless they used nuclear weapons! Furthermore, this was just one small part of the Saint Clan’s strength.

At this time, another building flew from afar once again, slamming into one of the heavy carriers, causing 3 of the RH2s inside to be destroyed.

Within the ruins, together with countless rumblings, many buildings began to be plucked from their foundations and launched towards the heavy carrier.

As the buildings slammed into the heavy carrier, it was slammed repeatedly, turning into a pile of metal rubble that exploded.

Within the luxurious carrier up above, Asya watched the events below with a cold look, eyeing the ferocious Type 4 Mutant and ordered, “Wipe that beast out!”

Antonio carried the beautiful girl kneeling by his side and placed her to one side, laughing lightly, “Got it! Let’s go, guys!”


George, Manshid, Antonio and Asya directly charged out the luxurious carrier and leaped down.

The 4 figures shot down from over hundreds of meters in the sky like meteors, landing on the ground with a huge shockwave, as the ground split apart in all directions underneath their feet.

Antonio saw the buildings being launched rapidly by the ferocious Type 4 Mutant chief, and chuckled, “Whoever kills it first, gets its horn, how’s that?”

Manshid stuck its tongue out and licked with a cruel smile, “Ok! That guy’s horn is mine!”

George laughed and with a tap of his foot, he had already charged towards the location with the speed of sound.

A number of Type 3 Mutants began to snarl and roar as they leaped towards George.

With a flash of a shadow, holes appeared in all of their heads, and the horns had all disappeared as their corpses slumped to the grounds.

“What terrifying fellows!! Is this the strength of a Type 4 or Type 5 Divine Warrior?”

Yue Zhong hid in the dark and watched the Type 3 Mutants being slaughtered and their horns ripped out and could not help but shiver from the fear.

Every single one of the Type 3 Mutants was slightly stronger than Yue Zhong, however, facing George, they could not even withstand a single blow, and their horns had been ripped out and killed. If it were Yue Zhong, he would at most last for 1 second or 2.

With such a character like George, just him alone could easily vanquish the entire 3rd Eastern Division under Luo Chen and now Yue Zhong. Yue Zhong finally understood the difference between the human race and Saint Clan.

Among the entire resistance, there was not a single Type 4 Divine Warrior. Such an organization was truly like ants to the Saint Clan. As long as they got serious, they could easily wipe them out.

Because of this cruel reality, many of the humans lowered their heads and chose to be the dogs, toys, and food of the Saint Clan, because there was simply no hope of resisting.

“Such strength should be from a Type 4 or Type 5 Divine Warrior. Fucking bastard, just a Type 4 or 5 Divine Warrior is already so strong. A Type 6 Divine Warrior could just wipe out all the humans.” Yue Zhong fixed his gaze on the Type 3 Mutants being slaughtered by George and cursed in his heart. This was the first time he felt such despair.

Antonio, Manshid and Asya charged towards the Type 4 Mutant chief in flashes of light. Along the way, any Type 3 Mutants that got in their way were easily killed without a fight.

In just a few breaths of time, the 4 of them appeared in front of the Type 4 Mutant chief, and both sides began engaging in a terrifying clash.

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