God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 734

The Type 4 Mutant chief was incredibly strong, grabbing a building as though it was a pick and waving it at the 3 Type 4 Divine Warriors from the Saint Clan.

Asya observed coldly from the side, keeping an eye on the entire battlefield to prevent any unexpected accidents.

Feeling the cold gaze, Yue Zhong did not dare pull out his Electromagnetic Gun to try and snipe the enemy. The moment he revealed the slightest killing intent, he would not live past a minute.

“There’s no chance!” Yue Zhong continued to observe the situation from deep in the jungle. H could see how the Saint Clan was relying on the RH2s to suppress the army of Mutant.

The 4 Type 4 Divine Warriors were also controlling the Type 4 Mutant chief, and it seemed that the rest of the Mutants were at a disadvantage, even when they had the numbers.

Right at this time, Yue Zhong’s God and Devil Imprint became hot, as a message came through the imprint. His right hand was suddenly immobilized, as though something was grabbing on to it.

“Is there something here?”

Yue Zhong’s eyes brightened, and he moved towards the direction that his hand seemed to be tugged towards.

As he followed the path, he discovered the direction he was heading to seemed to be the place where the Mutants were living. He could see many Mutants swarming out of the buildings, heading towards the battlefield.

Yue Zhong looked at the huge buildings and frowned, “Is the thing summoning me located within here?”

The strange suction seemed to be pulling Yue Zhong towards one of the buildings, and countless Mutants were constantly pouring out, preventing him from advancing smoothly.

He was confident of killing over a hundred Mutants with a single blow of his, but if 3 Type 3 Mutants were to launch an attack on him, he would not be able to dodge.

Furthermore, the number of Type 3 Mutants that came out from the building was not little. If he was not careful, he could easily be torn apart.

At the same time, the moment he came to the building, he could sense an indescribable danger, as though there was a terrifying beast hidden within this building.

Yue Zhong trusted his Danger Perception strongly, he quickly suppressed the urge to enter the building recklessly, and laid quietly on the ground, not moving at all.

Soon, the Type 4 Mutant chief retreated towards this building, covered in blood.

“Haha! Lowly beast, go die!!” George’s eyes flashed with a glint as he charged right in front of the Type 4 Mutant chief, and slashed out at his head.

The Type 4 Mutant chief twisted his body, dodging the blow. Although it looked as though he had dodged it, however, his right shoulder suddenly split open, with a large amount of flesh and blood splattering. Even Yue Zhong could not catch what had happened.

The Type 4 Mutant chief grabbed a huge metal bat with a glint in his eyes and smashed it towards George with a ferocious look.

Antonio pointed at the steel bat, and it was forced to one side, brushing past George’s body.

Manshid had a sharp bone blade in his hand, taking the chance to strike at the Type 4 Mutant chief with lightning speed. The strike managed to carve out a deep scar on the body of the chief, causing more blood to flow.

In just a few breaths, the Type 4 Mutant chief had more injuries on his body, it was just that they could heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The 3 Saint Clan experts launched coordinated attacks on the Type 4 Mutant chief, causing more injuries, yet there was not a single injury on them.
Although the Type 4 Mutant Chief was strong, if things continued on, he would definitely die.
Right at this time, a hundred Type 3 Mutants appeared from the building suddenly, with sharp bone spikes, sharp ice picks, flaming arrows and all sorts of other attacks that launched at the battlefield.

The blond, big-boobed loli Asya snorted coldly and reached out with her hand, as a powerful psychic barrier appeared in front of them.
All the attacks that were cast and thrown by the 100 Type 3 Mutants were blocked by a single move from Asya.

“Strong!” Yue Zhong saw the strength of the Psychic Barrier cast by Asya and was filled with shock.

That assault by those 100 Type 3 Mutants could vanquish Yue Zhong’s Shield of Light in a second.

Just as Asya’s attention was focused on those 100 Type 3 Mutants, 2 shadows suddenly burst out from the ground, leaping towards the four.

One of them was an incredibly sexy and beautiful female Mutant, with a long horn on her forehead, her head full of red hair. Her eyes were blood-red, and her hands were sharp like blades, her own tail as large as a greatsword as well. She appeared right in front of George and slashed at his heart.

The red-haired Type 4 Mutant was incredibly fast, hitting 1.5 Mach the moment she appeared. Even George was unable to dodge, and could only bring up his hands to block.

The claws of the Type 4 Mutant beauty slashed across George’s arms, tearing them off, causing blood to splatter.

The other Type 4 Mutant was a 2m-tall figure that did not seem that different from a normal person. However, on his back, were many boils and growths that were disturbing and gross. His speed was fast as well, reaching 1.2 Mach. At the same time that the red-haired Type 4 Mutant slashed George’s arms, this other Type 4 Mutant had appeared in front of George and sent a fist at his chest.

A terrifying force blasted out, shattering George’s rib cage, as his entire chest caved in. His entire body was also sent flying into the distance.

‘Damn beast!!” Just as the red-haired Type 4 Mutant prepared to give chase, Asya roared out in fury and shame, reaching out with her right hand to conjure an oppressive pressure on the 3 Type 4 Mutants, their bodies sinking.

The second that the 3 Type 4 Mutants were forced down slightly, George spat out a breath of air, sending himself flying further away.

Asya’s psychic ability was incredibly powerful, instantly suppressing the Type 3 Mutants with just a single thought. However, it was not as effective against the Type 4 Mutants.

The bodies of the 3 Type 4 Mutants just sank slightly, and they began to coordinate and joined hands against Manshid, the weakest out of the 4.

Other than them, the 100 Type 3 Mutants had also launched their attacks.

Asya waved her hands, causing her powerful Psychic Barrier to appear once again, blocking the attacks as she barked, “Retreat!!”

3 Type 4 Mutants against 3 Type 4 Divine Warriors were not very different in combat strength, in fact, the 3 Type 4 Divine Warriors possessed a little advantage because the Type 4 Mutant chief was heavily injured.

However, with the addition of a 100 Type 3 Mutants, the situation was different. The Type 3 Mutants possessed the ability to threaten the Type 4 Divine Warriors. Although a Type 4 Divine Warrior could crush a Type 3 Mutant in a second, it was not that the Type 3 Mutants were entirely useless against the Type 4 Divine Warriors.

If they continued to fight on in their territory, Asya and the rest would only suffer a defeat and even die.

The moment Asya gave the order, Antonio and Manshid quickly retreated from engaging the 3 Type 4 Mutants, fleeing from the battlefield.

The Type 4 Mutant chief, the other 2 Type 4 Mutants and the hundreds of Type 3 Mutants immediately gave chase.

Even more Type 3 Mutants poured out from the base, surging forth like a wave, chasing after the 4 Type 4 Divine Warriors.

The total number that surged out of the base was over 2,000, against such a horde, even the Type 4 Divine Warriors would be torn apart.

With just these 2,000 Type 3 Mutants, if they were to appear on Earth, they could easily wipe the Central Plains Army of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong watched this horrific scene, his emotions and thoughts in turmoil as he kept himself laying low, not daring to release the slightest sign or aura of his.

With the help of the Second Order Stealth, nothing about Yue Zhong was leaked, and he managed to evade the senses of the Type 3 Mutants.

Once they were all out of the base, Yue Zhong quickly darted forward using the dark corners, entering the base noiselessly.
He did not dare to enter from the main entrance, instead, routing around the building. He then stretched out his hand and fired a spider silk to the 5th level.

As the silk retracted, Yue Zhong was pulled up towards the 4th level, where the windows were all smashed. Sweeping the room with a gaze, discovering nothing, he entered the room carefully.

The entire room was damaged and dilapidated, with a thick layer of dust. It was obvious that even the Mutants seldom came here.

After entering the room, Yue Zhong’s God and Devil Imprint flared in temperature, as the mysterious force tugged on him again, dragging him towards a direction.

He allowed himself to be tugged, moving forwards.

Under the guidance of the strange force, Yue Zhong found himself going downwards towards the 2nd level of the building. He looked down, and saw a deep, dark tunnel with no end in sight, with 8 ordinary Mutants protecting the entrance.

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