God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 737

Yue Zhong looked around the lab and came to an understanding of its usage. All these equipment was basically built for the sake of utilizing the Super A.I.

He came in front of the sphere, and observed it carefully, before placing the Imprint on it.

With a bright flash, the sphere was absorbed right into his Imprint.

“Super Artificial Intelligence – Unnamed.”

There was a notification in Yue Zhong’s brain, and he could feel that as long as he willed it, the Super A.I. would be released.

Yue Zhong then asked curiously, “Mr. Radis, in the past, did you guys only have this Treasure of Hope?”

Yue Zhong knew that other than himself, there were sure to be other heroes that were able to enter this world. If they could survive, they would gain a Treasure of Hope as well. Since that was the case, there should be other Treasures of Hope on this planet.

“There are! We had over 50 billion people on this planet in the past, and there were countless heroes. Initially, when I had entered the 2nd Stage, there were a total of 12 that returned. Together with the Treasures of Hope that we brought back from the Second Stage, we had a total of 15 Treasures. It was because of these 15 that we could barely hold our own against the zombies. However, as the battles dragged out, 9 of them were destroyed, and we’re left with only 6.”

“Other than the Super A.I. with me, there’s one that has already ended up in the hands of those evolved Zombies. The locations of the other 4 are unknown. The one with the evolved Zombies is called Wall of Sanctuary. It is able to project a powerful defensive wall that envelopes an area of 100,000 sqm. This Sanctuary can actually defend against all sorts of attacks, even nuclear ones, the only downside is its energy consumption.” Radis explained.

“It can even defend against nuclear attacks! That’s too amazing!” Yue Zhong felt shocked. Nuclear weapons were the terrifying weapons of war, if one were used, the area of impact would be wiped out entirely. If it weren’t for the resulting radiation, Yue Zhong would have long since used it to blast the zombies in China till kingdom come.

The Saint Clan was already terrifying, together with a defense that could protect them against nuclear attacks, it was practically a cheat code that was almost impossible to beat.

Radis chuckled when he saw Yue Zhong’s expression, “Yue Zhong, don’t be too worried. The might of the Wall of Sanctuary is indeed powerful, however, the energy required is also astronomical. It cannot be used as and whenever they like. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been defeated then. At that time, it was because our energy had run low, that was how they managed to breach our Wall of Sanctuary. As long as you maintain a constant assault, you can break that wall.”

Yue Zhong pondered a while before asking, “Mr. Radis, I can’t help but feel that the RH2 seems to be lacking something. Its firepower cannot really deal damage to any Type 4 existences.”

While the firepower of the RH2 was devastating to ordinary humans, against Divine Warriors of Type 3 and above, it was barely enough. Even when someone as outstanding as Yue Zhong pilot one, he could not threaten a Type 4 Divine Warrior at all. There was something limiting.

Radis chuckled, “The RH2 was a robot designed to battle humans. Against humans, its firepower is already more than enough. In fact, the robots we used in the past had much more powerful firepower. 20 of them could threaten a Type 4 Divine Warrior. However, such machines were too dangerous to the Saint Clan. Hence, they had either sealed or destroyed them. As for the RH2s that was fitted with numerous sensors, they are best suited for the mass slaughter of humans. However, within the Super A.I., there’s a blueprint for the robots we used in the past, as long as you can construct them again, then you won’t have much to fear when meeting the Type 4 Divine Warriors on the battlefield.”

Yue Zhong continued to ask, “Mr. Radis, is it possible to get the 3 Type 4 Mutants to listen to my commands?”

If they were to join his team, then the Mutants in this underground city would become his subordinates. His might would soar instantly, even stronger than the resistance force he had gained.

Radis shook his head and rejected, “No! The most I can do is to prevent them from attacking you. The Mutants only recognize the strongest as their leader. Unless I’m able to get out of my seal, otherwise, if you want them to listen to you, you’ll have to defeat them in combat.”

Yue Zhong’s gaze was like a knife as he pushed on, “Alright! In that case, Mr. Radis, I would like to know if there’re any water sources that are at radiation Level 3 or lesser within these Ancient Ruins? If there are, where are they located?”

Radis looked at Yue Zhong with appreciation, “To the west of this ruins, about 15 kilometers away, there’s a river, the radiation is at Level 1 or so. Other than that, there are abundant water sources below the surface, and many of these underground sources are not contaminated with radiation. Are there any other questions?”

Yue Zhong asked, “Mr. Radis, if I were to bring people to live here, can you control the Mutants not to attack my people?”

Radis replied quickly, “There must be a border. Your people must not cross the border without notifying. That way, we can exist in harmony. Otherwise, if your humans were to get too close to those low-level Mutants with no intelligence, it would be dangerous. After all, the Type 4 Mutants could not maintain control over the rest of the low-level Mutants all the time.”

Although Radis was a failed warrior, in the past, he was also a peak level expert that led the human resistance in the past. Towards Yue Zhong’s questions, he had already guessed a few things and was prepared to answer them.

“Many thanks! I’ll be heading off first, see you again!” Having gained satisfactory answers, Yue Zhong smiled and bowed in respect, before bidding his farewell.

“You don’t have to worry about those Mutants when you head out, I’ll get them to leave you in peace.” Radis laughed lightly, as a rune in his eyes flashed, and a powerful spirit wave spread out in all directions.

The spirit wave passed through the lab, enveloping the entire underground city, channeling within the bodies of the Mutants.

“Strong!!” Yue Zhong was swept by the wave as well, his body trembling slightly. Had Radis attacked him with a spirit force, he would have been destroyed in a single second. A Type 5 Divine Warrior was truly a heaven-defying existence.

Yue Zhong breathed in deeply and quickly went outside.

As he approached the entrance, his entire body went tense, preparing for combat, even with Radis’s promise, he didn’t dare let his guard down.

Currently, there were countless Mutants right outside the lab, the Type 3 Mutants numbered at least 300. When Yue Zhong saw them, his scalp turned numb, and he couldn’t help but retreat a few steps in preparation to flee.

The scene was truly terrifying, however, the moment those Mutants with freakish appearances saw him, they got down on the floor, as though paying respects to him.

Yue Zhong took a look and heaved a sigh of relief. He shot out 2 bone spikes from his legs, propelling him into the air, before quickly retracting them, and channeling his Dark Wind Wings. With a flash and a gust of wind, he transformed into a shooting star and shot for the exit.

The moment he flew out the building, he saw the 2 sides engaged in brutal combat.

The thousands of Mutants were attacking the Saint Clan forces under the lead of the 3 Type 4 Mutants, however, the number of RH2s that had landed was already over 150.

These 150 RH2s had formed a perfect fire net, that encompassed a huge area. As they fired wildly, even the Type 4 Mutants had to be careful.

As a large amount of Type 3 Mutants got closer, they would be torn to shreds by the countless cannons and lasers. They could not even exhibit their speed because they were faced with firepower from all sides. It did not matter where they ran, they would be shot at.

Some of the Mutants had tougher hides, which even the cannons could not pierce. However, these types of Mutants were much slower, and when the lasers hit, they would still be vaporized.

The 3 Type 4 Mutants that had managed to launch a successful sneak attack earlier and reclaimed the advantage of battle could only watch helplessly from afar, dodging the shots from the RH2s. Only the huge chief was continuing to grab buildings and throwing them at the RH2s, turning many of them into scrap metal.

Both sides were in a temporary stalemate, however, once the Type 4 Divine Warrior George recovers, the Mutants would lose their edge.

“Time for me to act! I’m relying on you, sphere!” Yue Zhong watched the situation, and his right hand glowed, as the sphere appeared in front of him.

There were a few indents in the sphere. Yue Zhong took out a number of Type 3 Mutant horns and inserted them. With a bright flash, the sphere glowed and beams of light shot out. As they converged, they revealed a little girl in a white dress in holographic form.

The little girl smiled at Yue Zhong sweetly, speaking with a clear voice, “Hello! I am Super A.I. It’s our first time meeting, my new Master.”

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