God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 738

Yue Zhong asked curiously, “Hi! I’m Yue Zhong! Do you have a name?”

The holographic little girl continued to smile, “My past memories, feelings, and emotions had all been wiped clean. In this sphere, only my programming remains. You are my new Master, so please give me a name.”

Yue Zhong sighed before smiling, “Alright! From today on, you’re called Bai Yi (White Shirt).”

The girl smiled, “Thank you, Master, for giving me a name.”

Yue Zhong pointed to the group of RH2s and asked, “Bai Yi, I want to gain control over those machines there. Are you able to do that?”

Bai Yi giggled, “Rest assured Master unless it is a standalone mechanical control, any equipment that relies on computing cannot escape my control. Please wait a moment.”

A number of small radar-like dots appeared from the sphere, before shooting out in all directions in a wave.

Asya, who was protected by the net of RH2s, looked at George resting at one side and asked, “George, how long more do you need to recover?”

George, whose chest had suffered a huge wound, was already recovering. The wound was also healing at a speed visible to the naked eye, with strands of muscle and flesh intertwining.

George replied with a pale face, “An hour more. I need an hour more to recover fully. But then, my combat ability will still be at only 80%.”

The Flesh-Eaters had superhuman regenerative abilities. Injuries that could claim lives would only take a while to heal for these creatures. Of course, healing required a huge amount of Stamina, thus, whenever they had recovered, for the short term, their combat strength would suffer.

Asya turned to look at the sky when she heard that, stretching out her hand to change the trajectory of the incoming building, causing it to land on another side.

If she wanted to forcefully block the building, even Asya would have to expend quite some energy. However, using her barriers to change the trajectories was not difficult.

It was due to her efforts that the speed of the RH2s’ destruction was slowing.

The huge RH2s were slowly advancing, spreading their fire net. Even if those Mutants were to duck for cover, the lasers would turn their covers into nothing, before obliterating them.

Once the RH2s got into formation, their fire net was seemingly unstoppable, even the Type 4 Mutants dare not face them directly.

At a distance, the 3 Type 4 Mutants watched the rain of bullets and their eyes flashed with fury and helplessness. Anyone of them could easily destroy an RH2, however, the formation consisted of 200 RH2s, preventing them from rushing in recklessly. If they were not careful, they would be ripped to shreds as well.

All of a sudden, all the RH2s shuddered once, and the next moment, the cannons were adjusted to aim at the 4 Saint Clan Type 4 Divine Warriors, before spitting out a flurry of bullets.

At the same time, the RH2 that George was in self destructed. The terrifying explosion consumed George, blasting his body into pieces.

Manshid had no time to defend and was instantly punctured full of hopes. However, at the most critical moment, a white light radiated from his body, forcefully stopping all the bullets from hitting him.

At that moment that he managed to stop the countless cannons from killing him, an electromagnetic beam fired from a distance, piercing the shield, blasting his head apart.

“Congratulations on gaining +40 Strength, and +1 Skill Point.”

Manshid’s enormous life energy went into Yue Zhong’s body, giving him a sudden huge boost in enhancement.

Type 4 Divine Warriors were way above Yue Zhong in strength, thus hunting them granted him huge benefits.

On the other side, Antonio had also released his own white light to defend against the countless bullets. At the same time, his body flashed, disappearing towards the distance.

Asya, the strongest Type 4 Divine Warrior among the 4, quickly channeled her Psychic Barrier to defend against the fire net, before charging up into the sky.

A glint appeared in the eyes of the red-haired Type 4 Mutant, as she transformed into a beam of light as she charged after Antonio.

Her speed was insane, and within 10 seconds, she had caught up to Antonio, slashing out for his heart.

Antonio could only grit his teeth and turned around to engage her in battle.

Asya made use of her psychic abilities to float temporarily, when suddenly, the heavy assault helicopters in the air adjusted their formation, and began firing at her.

On the ground, Asya had a speed that surpassed the sound barrier, however, she was only in the air by making use of her abilities, thus her speed in the air could not compare. Eyeing the multiple projectiles coming for her, she could only raise up her shields again to meet the assault.

Just as she had braced herself for the projectiles in the air, the 200 RH2s below adjusted their fire net, before firing at her.

Asya gritted her teeth, pushing her abilities to propel herself down, before she fled towards the distance.

At this time, the Type 4 Mutant chief grabbed his huge bat and charged towards Asya with a ferocious expression, swinging violently.

Asya’s face fell as she waved her jade-like hands, causing a huge barrier to appear in front of her.

The swing of the Type 4 Mutant chief slammed into the Psychic Barrier, the terrifying force instantly pulverizing the shield, and the recoil caused Asya to turn pale.

As a peak-level Type 4, the chief had a slight advantage over Asya, as long as she was struck by his blow, all her defenses would fail.

On the other side, the Type 4 Mutant with the boils and growths appeared silently from one corner, throwing a fist at Asya’s heart.

Asya screamed out in a piercing voice, as a powerful soundwave erupted with her as the center, spreading outwards in all directions.

Both the Type 4 Mutant chief and the one with boils felt their bodies shudder, their speeds dropping suddenly.

At this time, another burst of an electromagnetic beam shot from the distance, blasting her stomach, causing a huge, bloody hole, destroying her inner organs.

Asya’s face contorted in pain, as she looked towards the direction of the shot. With her exceptional sensory powers, she immediately caught sight of Yue Zhong.

Fury flashed across her eyes, and ignoring her current injured state, she tapped her foot lightly, and her entire frame shot towards Yue Zhong at the speed of sound.

The Type 4 Mutant chief and the one with boils turned to look at Yue Zhong, a strange gaze in their eyes.

Asya had just moved when the 200 RH2s adjusted their cannons swiftly, once again enveloping Asya in a fire net. No matter how she moved, she would be blasted on all sides by those bullets and cannons.

Asya’s pupils constricted, as she gritted her teeth to channel another Psychic Barrier once again, deflecting a large number of bullets. However, each time the shield blocked a cannon, her body would shudder as blood flowed out from her mouth. She dragged her heavily injured body to appear in front of Yue Zhong.

Right at this moment, a powerful missile came down from the sky, blasting Asya, destroying her lower body, knocking her right in front of Yue Zhong.


Bai Yi’s happy cheers resounded from the sphere. It was precisely her that controlled the weapons of war to deal such damage to Asya.

Asya gasped as she looked at Yue Zhong and said, “You actually have the Treasure of Hope! You must the current generation’s Seed of Hope?”

“Seed of Hope? So there’s such a term. Forget it. Have you eaten humans before?” Yue Zhong chuckled lightly, aiming at her head with his Electromagnetic Gun.

Asya glared at him, barking coldly, “Don’t lump me with those lowly things. I’m an honorable member of the Ancient Clan. Eating humans is only something the lowly creatures do.”

Yue Zhong asked Bai Yi, “Interesting! Bai Yi, any way of containing her? An alive Type 4 Divine Warrior might be of use to me.”

Bai Yi was the Super A.I. and since she had helped Yue Zhong attack Asya, he hoped to capture her as a hostage

Bai Yi shook her head, “I can’t do it! Her strength is too powerful. Unless you’re able to gain the Treasure of Hope Puppet Box, otherwise, there’s no way to control a Type 4 Divine Warrior.”

“What a pity! Too bad, you must die!” Yue Zhong looked at Asya with regret as he pressed the trigger coldly.

With a bright flash, Asya’s beautiful head burst apart, and a thick stream of life energy went into Yue Zhong’s body through the Imprint.

“Congratulations on gaining +40 Agility, +1 Skill Point.”

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