God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 739

After Yue Zhong killed Asya, he chose to put the 2 skill points into his Second Order Devil Flame, pushing to +3, enhancing its might.

Since Asya had been killed, the 3 Type 4 Mutants turned and joined hands against Antonio.

Antonio was defending madly, in a few moments, he was battered within inches of his life, before he was finally pummeled to death by a single swing of the huge bat held by the Type 4 Mutant chief.

Those helicopters, carriers and RH2s all formed a fleet that came to Yue Zhong.

“Surrender immediately, or I’ll be forced to execute all of you.”

One by one, all the machines started to relay messages within to warn the pilots.

“Come out from your aircraft! Hands over your head!”

The assault helicopters began to descend one by one, their doors opening. The RH2s had their weapons trained on them in case any of the occupants tried anything funny.

The soldiers began to get out from their aircraft, their hands above their heads.

After that, the helicopters rose into the air again, hovering.

The pilots came out and became Yue Zhong’s captives.

All of a sudden, 3 men who had just gotten off their aircraft quickly leaped towards Yue Zhong. It was just that, the moment they moved, there was a loud roar of bullets, the dense fire net provided by the RH2s immediately riddled them full of holes.

Seeing this, the rest of the Type 3 Flesh-Eaters on the rest of the helicopters turned pale and quickly jumped off.

Each and every Type 3 Flesh-Eater of the Saint Clan had a powerful physique, landing without problems even from a height of dozens of meters. However, at that moment of impact, the recoil would prevent them from moving immediately after that.

It was during that moment where the countless cannons turned them all into meat paste.

If Yue Zhong was controlling a single RH2, he could at most deal with 2 Type 3 Flesh-Eaters. However, with the RH2s under Bai Yi’s control, they had no chance to flee and were instantly dealt with.

“Strong!” Yue Zhong watched the massacre of the Type 3 Flesh-Eaters and rejoiced silently. Bai Yi’s control of the RH2s provided even a suppression that was tough for a Type 4 expert to deal with. With her aid, Yue Zhong finally had some way of contending against the Saint Clan.

With the death of the Type 3 Flesh-Eaters, the rest of the humans did not dare retaliate. They came out obediently, hugging their heads, eyeing Yue Zhong with fear.

Bai Yi controlled the RH2s to bark at the captives, “Get over here, all of you. Enter these 2 transport carriers!!”
The captives went into the carriers obediently.

The carriers of this world were different from the ones on Earth. Due to the need for the RH2s to suppress potential chaos and rebellion, each of these aircraft had 3 large propellers, when necessary, they could land vertically in a heartbeat.

After the captives filled up the 2 aircrafts, they quickly flew back into the skies.

Having dealt with this, Yue Zhong’s heart relaxed as he turned to the other side.

He saw Antonio’s battered body under the joint efforts of the 3 Type 4 Mutants.

Since they already killed Antonio, the 3 Type 4 Mutants continued to look at Yue Zhong coldly, with countless Mutants behind them.

Yue Zhong eyed them with wariness, but maintained a smile, “How do you do? I’m Yue Zhong! How should I address you guys?”

According to what Radis said, these Type 4 Mutants already possessed human intelligence and were able to converse.

The chief replied, “I’m Shaba! The leader of the No. 5 Lab.”

The red-haired beauty had her dangerous gaze fixed upon Yue Zhong, causing him to feel a chill, “Shaxi!”

The Mutant with boils laughed savagely, “Keke, I’m Shamie! Human kid, your flesh looks pretty delicious! Keke!”

“Pleased to meet you guys.” Yue Zhong’s face did not change as he continued to laugh, “Mr. Shaba, has Mr. Radis already told you guys?”

Shaba replied coldly, “He has already informed me on your matters. However, if you want me to submit, unless you’re stronger than me, it’s never going to happen.”

Yue Zhong then asked, “I want to establish a human base over in the area of the river, what are your thoughts?”

In this region, the Mutants were the overlords. Yue Zhong wanted to establish himself here, and would need to work together with the Mutants on this. Otherwise, he would be torn to shreds the moment he entered.

There was water within the Ancient Ruins, and many had similar ideas as Yue Zhong before, just that they had long since become food for the Mutants.

Shaba was silent for a while, “Can! As long as your people do not stray from their areas. Let me first make this clear, if your people don’t listen, don’t blame me for their deaths.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes lit up in joy as he thanked them, “Thank you!”

With his promise, Yue Zhong could establish his base here, and would not have to worry about food or water. Furthermore, he could even sell the clean water at a price.
Since he obtained his objective, Yue Zhong did not intend to stay, “Then, I’ll make a move first.”

On this journey, not only did Yue Zhong obtain the Bai Yi, the Treasure of Hope, he had gained over 200 RH2s, dozens of aircrafts and assault helicopters. His own strength had undergone a huge upheaval as well. With just these equipment, Yue Zhong was confident of leveling the entire resistance.

“Wait a minute!”

Just as he turned around, the red-haired beauty Shaxi suddenly spoke up.

Yue Zhong’s heart tensed as his muscles became taut. He turned around and smiled, “Miss Shaxi, is there anything else?”

“I’ll come with you!” Shaxi had a quick flicker of hope in her eyes, “I would like to experience the human world.”

Shamie, with his body full of boils and growths, also chuckled menacingly, “I’m coming too. I want to see the human world. Staying in this damn ruins. It’s just Mutants every day. I’m sick of interacting with those brainless idiots.”

Yue Zhong was slightly taken aback and could not hide his reluctance, “Miss Shaxi and Mr. Shamie, human civilization isn’t as fun as you think. Some of them might really have issues with your appearances.”

Shaxi was not too bad, although she had sharp blades for claws, she was still a great beauty, with an incredible body. However, Shamie had a truly revolting appearance, which was terrifying to look at. If they were to walk around in the human world, they were sure to be ostracized and targeted.

“Don’t worry! I have my means.” Shaxi spoke coldly, and with a swish of her tail, it curled up into her waist, while her claws retracted into her hands. She leaped into a nearby room, and soon reappeared with a tight, silver leather suit, complete with leather gloves.

After the wardrobe change, Shaxi looked like an incredible human beauty, as long as she did not take off her clothes, no one would be able to tell.

As for Shamie, he chuckled, and his muscles contorted and twisted. Within seconds, all the boils and growths were absorbed back into his body, his claws retracted, and he looked like an ordinary male.

After Shamie transformed, he came over to Yue Zhong, “In this state, I can only utilize 60% of my combat strength. However, I can still deal with Type 3 Divine Warriors. It should be more than enough to travel. Kid, let’s go!”

“Fine!” Yue Zhong’s expression changed many times before finally accepting that these 2 Type 4 experts were coming with him.

Shaba watched them leave quietly, before drilling into the deeper parts of the ruins, with the rest of the Mutants following him.

Out in the barren wilderness, Dina was hoisting a 20-over kg bag and running madly. Perspiration flowed down without stopping, drenching her clothes entirely. She had been running for 20 kilometers, her body exhausted to the extreme. However, she did not give up, panting as she ran.

About 200m away, a few men and women sat on the ground gasping for air, looking at Dina with complicated expressions. There was only her left that was still running.

Xiao Lan watched Dina, muttering, “She’s so tenacious!”

Kong Cui Yun was slightly envious, “Hmph! What’s there to be surprised about? It’s all because of the Evolving Liquid granted by Yue Zhong, that’s why she’s slightly better than us.”

Xiao Lan glanced at her but did not say anything. Although it was true that Dina did awaken some powerful skills, her efforts were not less than triple of theirs. However, Kong Cui Yun was still her friend, thus she did not want to fight.

“There’s someone!! Someone’s coming!! Enemy!! Enemy!!” Dina was running halfway, when she saw something and began to shout out loud.

Hearing her shouts, everyone’s expression fell, as they quickly darted back to the base.

Alarms rang out throughout the base, and everyone quickly got into their defensive places.

From afar, 5 armored vehicles came storming in a cloud of dust, stopping right outside the base.

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