God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 740

20 men came out from the 5 Jeeps, the leader a middle-aged man with a powerful built, his hair grey and his eyes blue. He stood straight and upright, as though he was supporting the skies with his entire being.

The man barked out with a loud and strict voice, “It’s me, Jess! Luo Chen, open the door!”

“Jess!! It’s Chief Jess!!”

“Chief Jess is here!!”

Seeing that man, many of the resistance were instantly thrown into panic.

Light Beast Jess was the highest in command of the entire Eastern Division, and one of the members of the Council. Before Luo Chen submitted to Yue Zhong, his direct superior had been Jess.

Jess was widely revered in the Eastern Division, hence every time appeared, the members of the resistance would be riled up.

Luo Chen looked at Jess with a glint in his eye, “Jess, I didn’t expect him to come.”

Aloya had a strange look as well, “Do we kill him? If we deploy all of our strength, it should be possible to kill him.”

To Aloya, no one was more important than Luo Chen, as long as someone was capable of threatening him, she would kill the other party.

“No! Jess is someone I truly admire and respect. He had given his all towards the resistance, and that’s admirable. Furthermore, he’s likely a Type 3 Divine Warrior, we might not be able to do anything even if we give it our all. Instead, it would just anger him. Let me go talk to him. If he’s willing to join us, our might would increase again.” Luo Chen turned Aloya down and went out in big strides.

Aloya gritted her teeth and followed behind.

As the gates of the base opened, Jess and his men entered easily.

In the living hall, Jess saw that only Luo Chen and Aloya stood in the hall.

With his status as a Type 3 Divine Warrior, no one was his match in this base. Hence, Luo Chen did not even bother to station any soldier.

Jess took a look at Luo Chen and barked out with a stern expression, “Luo Chen, why did you betray the resistance? Have you forgotten what you swore when you joined?”

Luo Chen also replied with a grave expression, “Chief Jess! I have not forgotten! The one and the only reason I have chosen to break away from the resistance is that I found the Savior of the prophecy. The true leader our resistance should be following! That person is Yue Zhong, he has the God Imprint on his right arm.

Hearing his words, one young man in Jess’s team, with fair skin, handsome looks and luxurious clothes laughed out with disdain, “Savior?! Your lies are truly absurd. How can the Savior exist? Even if there is one, it would definitely be my father Gong Chang Tian, and not some random person without any background.”

This young man with an insidious look laughed coldly, as he glanced at Aloya with naked lust, “Uncle Jess, since the matter is clear now, Luo Chen is a traitor and he has betrayed our Resistance. Please act and execute this criminal on the spot!!”

Aloya’s face changed as she stepped in front of Luo Chen, “Gong Fei! We already came forth to show our sincerity, what’s the meaning of your words?”

Gong Fei laughed coldly, “Aloya, I’m ordering you under the capacity of the leader of the 3rd Branch of the Eastern Division to come over here. Don’t mix with a traitor, otherwise, you will be treated as such. You know the outcome of betraying the resistance. Don’t make stupid mistakes.”

Aloya flipped him off and cursed, “Go eat dog shit.”

Gong Fei turned to Jess and spoke with an insufferable haughty manner, “Good! Good! Good! Uncle Jess, you’ve seen for yourself! These people cannot be reasoned with! Aren’t you going to act?!”

Gong Fei was Gong Chang Tian’s only child, and his mother passed away when he was young. Gong Chang Tian loved him dearly and spoilt him from a young age. It had caused him to have a despotic nature, to the point that he didn’t even hold Jess in high regards.

Jess frowned deeper, and spoke, “Luo Chen, it’s not too late to regret. As long as you take your men to return to the headquarters, I can help you plead with the higher-ups. Think about it.”

The law of the resistance was truly harsh. Towards a traitor or deserter, there was only death. Jess was willing to plead on his behalf, showed how much Luo Chen meant to him.

Luo Chen replied, “Impossible! I’m already a subordinate of Leader Yue Zhong. I will not betray him. Jess, Yue Zhong has the God Imprint. Only he can save our future and our kind! Chief Jess, please join me in working for him!”

Jess had a complicated gaze as he sighed, “Luo Chen, you’re truly insane!! You should just give up obediently, I don’t want to be forced to kill you myself.”

Gong Fei laughed coldly as he ordered, “Capture them! If Luo Chen resists, kill him on the spot! Aloya must be captured alive!”

The 4 men beside Gong Fei flashed out, intending to pounce towards Luo Chen. They were all Type 2 Divine Warriors. Capturing Luo Chen was extremely easy.

“Don’t move!” Luo Chen sighed softly, pressing a button, and immediately, dozens of cannons popped out within the room, trained on Jess and his men.

Seeing those guns, Gong Fei and the rest turned pale, not daring to make any moves.

Jess’s face fell as he spoke, “Luo Chen, these toys are useless to me.”

Luo Chen replied indifferently, “Jack, these toys might be useless to you, with your Type 3 Divine Warrior’s strength, we are truly helpless. However, there are plenty of explosives buried here. If anything were to happen to me, they will go off. Even if you are a Type 3 Divine Warrior, in such a small place, you will still be blasted to death.”

Jess’s face turned incredibly ugly. Not to mention him, even a Type 4 Divine Warrior would definitely be blasted to pieces if they were trapped in this small space and it exploded.

Jess coldly replied, “Fine! I’ll take my men and leave, the next time we meet, we’ll be enemies!”

At this time, a soldier rushed in with excitement, shouting, “Leader is back!! The leader is back!! He brought many planes with him!!”

Luo Chen’s eyes flashed with joy as he extended an invitation, “Jess, the timing couldn’t have been better. Since our Leader is back, how about meeting him together with me? Our human race is truly too weak against the Flesh-Eaters. I don’t want to be your enemy. This will just waste our human resources.”

Jess thought silently, before replying, “Alright! There’s no harm in seeing what this guy is made of anyway.”

Gong Fei spat out sarcastically, “I just hope he’s not some trash that hides behind a woman!”

Luo Chen glanced at Gong Fei indifferently, without any intention to retort.

Among the resistance, everyone knew that Gong Chang Tian had a stupid, useless, arrogant prick for a son. However, because Gong Chang Tian himself was too outstanding, his strength reaching a Type 4 Divine Warrior, together with his abilities, no one said anything.

Aloya shot Gong Fei a cold look but didn’t say anything.

Everyone came outside, only to be shocked beyond words by what they saw.

In the skies, there were over hundred planes, assault helicopters, and large carriers. Just the planes alone had exceeded all that the entire resistance force had.

When the large carrier descended, many RH2s started to disembark, and the scene of hundreds of RH2s stepping out was truly stunning.

“Did the Leader obtain all these?! Truly amazing!!” Luo Chen could not help but be shocked by what he saw. He rubbed his eyes, before looking towards the 200-over RH2s, and realized it was not an illusion. He could not help but become excited and muttered, “It truly is him! He’s our Savior!! A miracle!! This is great!!”

“How the hell is this possible?! Are these real?!” Even Aloya’s mouth was agape with shock and disbelief.

After all, the 3rd Branch of the Eastern Division only had 3 RH2s in the past. The entire Eastern Division only had 10 RH2s. If one added all the RH2s of the whole resistance, there were only 50 at most. However, right now, Yue Zhong had brought back over 200, easily more than 5 times of what the resistance had.

“Impossible!! How can they have this many RH2s?! Impossible?!!?” Gong Fei’s face was incredibly pale, and he muttered incoherently.

If the 200 Rh2s were to be in the soldiers under Luo Chen, then it could be said that Luo Chen’s faction had already surpassed the entire resistance, this was something Gong Fei was unwilling to accept.

Those soldiers beside Gong Fei were also pale, their expressions of disbelief. It was the first time they had seen 200 RH2s. Each move they made in tandem caused the entire ground to rumble, and the pressure was shocking.

Jess looked at the scene in front of him and he was not any different as well, his expression turning as a few thoughts flashed in his mind.

Yue Zhong leaped down from one of the RH2s, his face bearing a grin as he spoke, “Luo Chen, how is it? These are the new troops that I’ve obtained.”

Luo Chen bowed slightly, “It is an honor to serve you.”

Jess walked up to Yue Zhong and asked, “How do you do, I’m Jess. Yue Zhong, can I see the God Imprint on you?”

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