God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 741

Yue Zhong shot Jess a look before asking Luo Chen, “Who is this?”

Luo Chen replied, “He is Jess, the Chief of the Eastern Division, and my direct superior in the past.”

Jess looked at Yue Zhong with a burning look, “Yue Zhong, please let me see the God Imprint. If it’s real, I’m willing to serve you. Our entire Eastern Division would be yours to command.”

The prophecy had been circulating for hundreds of years, many of the upper echelons of the Resistance had never really placed any importance on it. There would be faithful and devout believers among the lower-rank subordinates. In the past, Jess did not believe as well. However, seeing the sheer amount of firepower that Yue Zhong casually brought back, he could not help but be filled with renewed hope.

“Alright!” Yue Zhong thought for a while before removing his glove, revealing his God and Devil Imprint.

Jess took a single look and his entire body trembled, his eyes flashing with wild joy, “It’s true!! It’s true!!”

Had Yue Zhong’s display of strength been weak, even if he had the Imprint, Jess would not believe him. However, Yue Zhong had single-handedly brought back over 200 RH2s, and with the Imprint on him, Jess became more certain about it.

He immediately got down on his knees, solemnly pledging, “Leader Yue Zhong, from now on, all of the Eastern Division is yours to command. I personally swear loyalty to you, and I will fight by your side until the end of my life.”

On this planet, the difference between the humans and Saints was too great. The Resistance simply had no way of facing the Saint Clan in combat. Each time the Saint Clan sent out their forces, many Resistance soldiers would perish. If it weren’t for the Saint Clan being too cruel to humans, the Resistance would have lost their numbers a long time ago.

Since Jess had ascertained Yue Zhong’s identity, he also decided to bet on Yue Zhong. There was no other way, because according to the prophecy, once the Gates of Hell open, the entire planet would really be faced with Armageddon. If the human resistance failed, 70% of all humans would perish, and the future of humans would be even worse than currently.

“We’re willing to serve Leader!”

The Type 2 Divine Warriors beside Jess immediately got on their knees and swore loyalty as well, their eyes filled with respect and hope.

Many of these low-level soldiers believed in the prophecy as it was a sign of hope. Seeing Jess confirmed Yue Zhong’s status, they immediately became devoted believers.

Gong Fei immediately shouted with an ugly expression, “Jess, are you betraying my father?!”

Yue Zhong looked at the arrogant and despotic Gong Fei, and frowned, “Who is this?”

Luo Chen replied, “He is Gong Chang Tian’s son Gong Fei. He had already been conferred as the new Head of 3rd Branch of the Eastern Division. He had come this time to claim authority.”

Yue Zhong waved his hands, “Lock him up.”

4 soldiers swiftly went up and apprehended him.

Gong Fei screamed loudly, “You guys dare treat me like this?! Do you know who I am?! I’m the only son of the person with the highest authority of the resistance!! Gong Chang Tian!! You guys dare to apprehend me? Do you not want your lives?”

Shamie, who was standing beside Yue Zhong looked at Gong Fei with disdain and asked loudly, “What a stupid fool. Yue Zhong, do you want me to take care of it?”

Yue Zhong rejected, “It’s ok. He still has some use.”

Shamie was slightly impatient as he asked, “Since that’s the case, let’s not waste time here! I want to eat braised pig’s trotters! Hurry and arrange for it.”

Shaxi also suddenly spoke up, “I want chocolate cake!”

Both of these Type 4 Mutants had been living within the ruins ever since they gained intelligence. Since then, they were interested towards the delicacies of the human race. However, it was impossible to obtain them within the ruins. Now that they were with human civilization, they quickly requested for it.

Yue Zhong chuckled, “Alright! Luo Chen, help me with this.”

Such matters were usually left to Luo Chen.

Luo Chen looked at both Shaxi and Shamie with a little surprise, before quickly leaving to arrange, “Yes!”

Luo Chen could tell that Shaxi and Shamie were both extraordinary from Yue Zhong’s attitude towards them and quickly brought the 2 dishes to them.

“Delicious! Oh my goodness, this is every better than white prawns! Coming here was the right decision! This braised pig’s trotters can live up to its name!! Delicious!! Shamie continued to grab pieces and gobbled them up like a wolf.

On the other side, Shaxi continued to scoop small spoonfuls of chocolate cake into her mouth like an elegant, upper-class lady, revealing expressions of bliss. It was her first time tasting dessert.

Yue Zhong saw that they were both contented and quickly turned to look around.

Currently, there were a dozen people seated around him, and they were the highest in command in the base.

Yue Zhong began to update them on the water source and the matters of the past.

When he was done, a wave of discussion began to break out.

A water source with low radiation was practically a treasure source. Just selling the water would net them a fortune. Furthermore, they could grow agriculture and solve some food issues.

On this planet, almost all cities were built around a water source, which showed the preciousness of water. Due to the extreme danger of the Ancient Ruins, few dared to even venture deep inside it.

However, under Yue Zhong’s strong influence, he managed to get them to go ahead with the move.

There would only be a few subordinates left at this current base in order to maintain contact and act as a link between the intended base within the Ancient Ruins and the outside world. The base could even act as a storage facility and hangar for the RH2s.

As they began to busy themselves with the preparation, after a week, almost everyone had left the base, entering the Ancient Ruins, starting the construction of their new base.

Jess came up to Yue Zhong, “Leader, Gong Chang Tian had just issued an order, summoning all the chiefs of the 4 Divisions to head back to the headquarters in 2 weeks’ time for an important meeting with the Council. I hope that you can join me on this trip, to announce your status, and gain control over the entire Resistance.”

Yue Zhong groaned and asked, “Jess, in your opinion, how many would support me once I announce it publicly?”

The taste of power was incredibly enticing, and most who had tasted were reluctant to give up their authority. Even someone like Jess who worked single-mindedly for the resistance was not willing to believe Yue Zhong at the start.

Jess replied seriously, “30%, with my support, there should be at least 30% of them who would support you. As for the rest, I reckon that we would have to put in some effort to win them over. The combat strength of the resistance is truly not strong enough, incomparable with the might you already have on hand. However, the resistance covers the entire globe, there are our people everywhere. We are able to obtain all sorts of information, and intelligence is a form of strength. Leader, right now, we possess military might but are lacking in the intelligence department. If we can gain control of the resistance, we will have the network at our fingertips.”

He then continued to explain the importance of the meeting, “This time, all of the high-ranking command and officials will be there. As long as you reveal your status, and allow the matter to spread, even if not all of them support, there will be people who will come and submit to you. After all, while few in command believe in the prophecy, many of the subordinates do. And they are the ones we truly need. With them, we will have eyes and ears everywhere.”

Yue Zhong pondered, before a resolute look flashed in his eyes, “Ok! I’ll go with you!”

The Resistance army could survive in this cruel world, was because they had plenty of eyes and ears everywhere. Due to the Saint Clan toying with the humans, treating them as food, humiliating them, there was naturally a lot of hate. While many humans could not join the resistance personally, they could provide all sorts of intelligence and information. Due to this, the Resistance had managed to hang on for so long. Otherwise, just a few dozen Type 4 Divine Warriors of the Saint Clan could flatten the entire Resistance.

Yue Zhong gained control of a large number of RH2 with the help of Bai Yi. His troops had increased in strength, and it was now possible to even contend with a Type 4 Divine Warriors. However, he was truly lacking in information. With Jess’s support, the Eastern Division had joined him, helping to alleviate this aspect slightly. However, compared to the whole Resistance, it was still far from equal.

After making the decision, Yue Zhong decided to make his preparations.

Bai Yi also created a clone of herself within the new base, which had her computing powers, automatically controlling the RH2s to fight and defend if they had to.

At the same time, her clone could control some of the RH2s to patrol around the camp, hunt Mutant Beasts, turning those unfortunate beasts into food for the humans.

Between the 2 Type 4 Mutants, Shamie loved his food, thus he stayed in camp. Shaxi chose to travel by Yue Zhong’s side, due to her interest and curiosity towards the human world.

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