God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 742

Qing Zhang City was a middle-tier city, with an abundance of beautiful girls. Every year, there would be many beauties traded here. At the same time, there were plenty of prostitution dens and many of the ladies would compete to get customers. It was truly an interesting sight.

A small vehicle fleet with plenty of goods was making its way from the barren wilderness, after paying the entrance tax, they managed to enter the city.

This was precisely Yue Zhong’s group.

This time, Yue Zhong had only brought Lisa, Shaxi, Jess and a dozen Type 2 Divine Warriors to join him for the meeting. They formed a small group, and managed to infiltrate the city.

The reason why the Saint Clan had not wiped out all humans yet was that the humans could provide food and exceptional service. They even encouraged trade and merchant services.

In order to survive in this cruel world, humans had formed merchant groups of different sizes, traveling from town to town, cities to cities, all in the bid to exchange and trade goods so that they might get the favor of the Saint Clan.

“Master, come here for a good time, just a 100 Eagle Yuan, and you can do me however you like!!”

“Master, come over here. For just 300 Eagle Yuan, I can promise you an amazing time.”

“Sir, we have a new batch just in! She’s just 10, and is truly an unpopped ‘cherry’!!”

The moment Yue Zhong’s group entered the city, there were countless brazen women who swarmed over, trying their best to attract them and soliciting. Furthermore, this was in broad daylight.

Yue Zhong and his men were all equipped with powerful firearms, and their training caused them to have a certain bearing. Such people were usually assumed to be rich, thus many of the women on the streets immediately swarmed over based on their experience.

Jess frowned and shot one of the soldiers a look.

The burly soldier, built like a bear, immediately barked out gruffly, “Make way!”

With such a voice, the women immediately scattered like birds. After all, Qing Zhang City was lawless as well. These women had no background whatsoever, should they be beaten up, no one would entertain their complaints.

One of the soldiers chuckled towards Yue Zhong, “These are just riff-raff, not many of them are decent. Leader, if you are really in need, there’s a more decent district inside. There are plenty of women there. Qing Zhang City is famed for its beauties, especially the 4 well-known brothels, Heavenly Scent Pavilion, Red Jade Pavilion, Clear Wave Pavilion and Mild Night Pavilion. These 4 would promote their top beauties every 3 years, and each generation of beauties are truly exceptional. If I’m not wrong, tonight should be the release of the new generation of beauties. It would be an amazing sight to behold. Every time the festival happens, many people would swarm over to spectate.”

“Oh? For real?” Yue Zhong could not help but become interested. He looked around, and noticed that there were many burly and ferocious looking men walking about the streets. Each of them had intimidating auras and had guns on their backs. They were either mercenaries or experts.

Such men were present in every city, but Qing Zhang City had more than usual numbers. At the same time, behind Yue Zhong’s group, there were more merchant groups entering the city.

“Do pardon us, our inn is full!”

Yue Zhong and his people were trying to find an inn to stay, however, it seemed like even after they had almost swept through the entire city, all the inns seemed to be occupied. There was no place to stay.”

Yue Zhong pulled out a 100 Eagle Yuan and handed it to a waitress, “Miss, is there anywhere else that can accommodate people?”

The waitress received the Eagle Yuan with a bright smile, “Sir, our place might be full, but the 4 Pavilions would definitely have space. If you really do need a place to stay, you can consider those 4. However, the price may be steep. One night at the very least would require 5,000 Eagle Yuan.”

After that waitress left, Yue Zhong sighed, “Seems like there’s no choice, let’s spend the night at Heavenly Scent Pavilion then.”

The soldiers immediately erupted in cheers, “Leader is wise!!”

The beauties of Heavenly Scent Pavilion were renowned, however, since most of the resistance soldiers were poor folks, many lacked the qualifications to even see those beauties. Now that they were about to stay at such a place, they could not help but be excited.

Lisa eyed them with disdain and snorted, “Hmph! Men are not any good creatures.”

Jess’s face suddenly fell as he roared, “Watch out! Dodge!””

Everyone immediately ducked to the sides of the street.

At this time, 20 men in black clothes atop Mutant Black Horned-Horses charged through the city.

Those people who were not able to evade in time were sent flying through the air when slammed by the horses. Those riders also pulled out their weapons and fired casually, while laughing with disdain.

The moment those black-clothed riders appeared, everyone’s faces fell as they hurried out of the way, not daring to meet the eyes of the riders.

Yue Zhong watched this scene with an ugly expression.

Jess came up to Yue Zhong and said, “They’re from the Saint Clan! In their eyes, we humans are no different from pigs or dogs. They would kill as they like. In front of them, we have no dignity whatsoever. Because of this, we have countless people who are willing to resist them. However, our strength is truly laughable when compared to them.”

Yue Zhong nodded slightly as he looked at the group of men, his eyes flashing with a frosty chill.

As the group was about to ride further into the city, the leader who had 3 suns on his collar swept his gaze over Yue Zhong’s group, and when he saw Shaxi, his eyes brightened as he ordered, “Go check out these people, I want to know where they are staying tonight.”

The rider who was given the order had 2 stars on his collar. He looked towards Yue Zhong’s side and responded loudly, “Yes, Lord Carl!!”

Carl smiled in satisfaction and continued to ride in,

The City Lord of Qing Zhang City, a Type 3 Divine Warrior named Gretto, came up to welcome Carl, “Carl, my dear friend, what brings you here?”

Carl chuckled, “Gretto, tonight, I’m intending to hunt here!”

The look on Gretto’s face turned slightly cold, “What? Hunting game? Carl, are you intending to hunt in the special mansion?”

Carl continued without skipping a beat, “No! I want to hunt in the whole of Qing Zhang City.”

Gretto immediately shot him down with an ugly look, “no! This will spoil the reputation of my Qing Zhang City. I can’t allow you to do that.”

The hunting game they were referring to represented a city lockdown, where the Saint Clan would then begin to hunt the humans brazenly and wildly, killing and consuming them.

Many Saint Clan members loved to take part in such cruel games. Some of them would organize such hunting parties in their own cities, preying on the humans, reveling in the despair and struggles of the humans. Gretto had commissioned a special mansion specifically for such hunting parties.

Although Gretto was just like any other Saint Clan and did not view humans with respect, he still wanted Qing Zhang City to prosper, not a lawless ghost town. He was willing to let Carl hunt hundreds, or at most a few thousand. However, if Carl wanted to do so within the entire city, it would definitely bring the city down.

Carl laughed with self-confidence, “Gretto, my dear friend, you will definitely promise me. Because I have already completed my mission, as long as you allow me to have a hunting party in this city, I will definitely give you credit for the mission completion,”

Gretto’s eyes flashed with disbelief, “Completed your mission? You mean… you have already found the thing?!! Is it for real?!”
Carl chuckled, “Definitely! As long as we hand it over to the capital, we will all be promoted, who knows, we might even become Type 4 Divine Warriors with their support! What’s a mere Qing Zhang City compared to that?”

Gretto sucked in a deep breath, and his eyes flashed with a burning gaze, “Ok! I promise you, tonight when the flower competition of the 4 brothels is underway, we will begin the hunting party!”

Carl laughed out manically, his claws directly piercing into the heart of a beautiful female servant beside him, digging it out and chomping on it with a savage, blood expression, “Floral competition!! Awesome!! The very thought of tearing apart those beauties the moment they get displayed really sets my blood on fire!! Hahaha!!”

Gretto also laughed out loud, “Hahaha!! Hunting party in Qing Zhang City eh? I’m looking forward to it!!”

Heavenly Scent Pavilion was one of the top 4 brothels in Qing Zhang City, its design and construction were extremely luxurious and alluring, surpassing even the best 5-star hotels on Earth.
The entire area in front of the front doors was already made out of countless pieces of white jade, and the numerous glamourous buildings around it.

Many beautiful girls with voluptuous figures stood in front of the entrance, and the moment they saw Yue Zhong’s group approaching, they began to kneel and exclaim out, “Welcome home, Master!”

Yue Zhong’s heart was slightly stirred when he saw this. These beauties were comparable, if not better than the top beauties back on Earth, but under the teachings of Heavenly Scent Pavilion, they had no self-dignity and were willing to prostrate themselves.

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