God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 116 Green Feather Eagle

Chapter 116 Green Feather Eagle

“Strengthen 1 point of agility, 1 point of stamina!” Yue Zhong quickly made a choice, and picked up the skill book and life coins dropped by that mutated snake.

“Rank 3 Skill, Tamer Technique: “This is a Knight active skill. Knights don’t receive skill quantity restrictions for this skill, and they may learn this skill. When attacking and defeating an intelligent creature by only using strength and no weapons, activating this skill will have a certain probability of subduing the target. Launching the skill uses 10 points of stamina and 10 points of spirit force.

Yue Zhong concentrated, and directly learned the Rank 3 skill.

Finished with everything, Yue Zhong opened up the mutated river snake’s body, and he began searching around inside.

“Careful! Big brother (master)!!” Yue Zhong heard Guo Yu’s and Lu Wen’s and anxious cries as soon as he found the red bead.

Yue Zhong’s heart shivered cold with fear. An extremely dangerous feeling bubbled up in his heart. He activated the combined body skill. White Bones turned into rays of light sinking into his body, and it formed into a solid bone armor.

In the sky, an enormous thirty meter wingspan bird with green metal luster feathers dove through the sky at a terrifying speed appearing above Yue Zhong. It’s claws sunk into the mutated river snake’s body. One claw pierced all the way through Yue Zhong’s bone armor, the snake armor, and the rank three defensive cloth into his right chest. It pierced all the way through the mutated river snake’s body.

Yue Zhong felt a burst of severe pain and spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Level 46 mutated green feather eagle. A terrifying beast known for its speed.”

Yue Zhong saw the piece of information and was instantly lifted up into the air by the green feather eagle.

“Big Brother (Master)!!” Guo Yu and Lu Wen both shouted when they saw Yue Zhong grabbed by the green feather eagle, only they were powerless to rescue him.

The green feather eagle grabbed Yue Zhong, and flapping its wings it quickly took flight.

Yue Zhong felt the ear-piercing wind, he was resisting with great difficulty, the pain, which was running through his body. He tightly held onto the mutated river snake’s body, not daring to make the slightest strange movement. Even though he had leveled up several times, in case that green feather eagle dropped him, he would still die from a couple hundred of meters fall.

The green feather eagle flew Yue Zhong and the mutated river snake corpse to a nest located in the mountains four hundred meters up behind Stone Horse Village. It tossed Yue Zhong and the river snake into the bird’s nest.

There were all kinds of mutated beast bones and corpses in the nest. Inside, there were five mutated river snake corpses that hadn’t yet rotted and a small green feather eagle that still hadn’t become an adult.

“Leven 26 young green feather eagle.”

Yue Zhong took a look at that little eagle, and a piece of information immediately entered into his mind.

After the green feather eagle released Yue Zhong and the mutated river snake into the nest, it once again flapped its wings and flew far away.

The amount of food this high level mutated beast needs to eat every day was astonishing. Because of this, the adult eagle went to go stockpile food whenever it had time to prepare for any possibility.

Yue Zhong and the snake corpse heavily landed on the ground as they were dropped from up in the sky. A burst of severe pain passed from the wound of the claw. Blood continually flowed out, and the severe pain almost made him faint.

Yue Zhong quickly withdrew a large life saving flower from his storage ring. He put it in his mouth and chewed a moment, and then he spat and rubbed the liquid all over the huge wound.

Finished with everything, Yue Zhong was finally able to take care of the small red bead that was covered in snake blood, and he swallowed down the blood red bead.

As soon as he swallowed the small blood red bead, immediately a heat spread through his body strengthening it.

“You received 7 vitality and 1 strength.”

A notice sounded in his sea of knowledge after the effects wore off.

“The effect weakens?” Yue Zhong’s brows slightly wrinkled as he thought.

At this time, the green feather eagle who didn’t quite have all of its feathers yet waddled over. It took a look at Yue Zhong inside the mutated river snake corpse. Its eyes flashed a fierce light, and it used its beak that could pierce through steel to peck at Yue Zhong.

“Bastard!” A cold light flashed in Yue Zhong’s eyes. His figure flickered, avoiding the certain death poke of the young green feather eagle.

The young green feather eagle easily pierced through the bulletproof skin of the mutated river snake.

Yue Zhong looked at the green feather, and his heart gasped. He directly charged towards the young eagle.

The young green feather eagle had a wingspan approaching five meters. In a couple quick movements, Yue Zhong jumped onto the back of the young eagle. The right side of the White Bones armor quickly held the eagle in place. Then he took his left fist and pounded on the young green feather eagle’s skull.

The strength that far exceeded a normal person exploded downward, and the eagle was knocked dizzy. It started to frantically struggle with one of its immature wings.

Yue Zhong immediately started to feel a violent shaking as soon as the eagle started to struggle. The wound, which hadn’t completely healed yet, ripped back open and flowed out blood.

“Damn! It’s best not to kill it.” Yue Zhong strode on the back of the eagle, and used all his strength to attack the bird’s skull. At the same time his heart filled up with traces of murderous intent because the pain from his right chest was severe. Each blow boomed onto the eagle. If he couldn’t capture this young eagle, then it would be best to use the stinger and blow a hole in its brains.

Just as Yue Zhong prepared to draw out the stinger, his fist boomed one more time onto the eagle skull. Finally it was knocked senseless, powerlessly collapsing to the ground

Yue Zhong finally relaxed a breath, looking at the young eagle collapsed on the ground. He jumped down from its body and launched the tame skill towards the senseless eagle.

A green colored light shot out from between Yue Zhong’s brows and landed on the head of the young eagle, condensing into a green colored rune.

As soon as the green rune appeared, the originally knocked out eagle immediately struggled up, and at the same time it opened its eyes and closely stared at Yue Zhong.

“Defeated?” Yue Zhong looked at the young bird that struggled up. His heart clenched. His hand flitted, and a stinger appeared in his right hand.

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