God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 743

The soldiers following behind Yue Zhong were elite soldiers, but they were also mesmerized by the sight before them, their eyes unable to tear away from the girls.

A charming lady of about 30 with a hotel uniform and an amazing figure stepped out, smiling at Yue Zhong, “How do you do, I’m the manager Mandy Zhang, can I help you?”

“Accommodation!” Yue Zhong replied courteously as well, asking, “May I ask who is the top courtesan of your esteemed Heavenly Scent Pavilion?”

The rest of the soldiers also quickly looked towards Mandy with curiosity.

“Hmph!” Lisa could not help but snort when she heard the question, her heart feeling sour. She had always enjoyed the adoration of the resistance soldiers, but now, just the name of an unknown courtesan had totally outshone her.

Shaxi was impassive as she stood beside Yue Zhong, looking around at everything with interest. She had chosen to follow Yue Zhong precisely to learn about the luxury of human civilization. It was a first for her to see such beautiful and elegant buildings.

Mandy continued to wear her charming smile, “May I ask your name, young master?”

Yue Zhong replied, “My surname is Yue!”

Mandy laughed coyly, “So it’s Young Master Yue, today our top courtesan Qi Qing’er would be presenting a song inside Heavenly Scent Pavilion. However, as it’s a special program, in order to watch it, everyone would have to pay 10,000 Eagle Yuan first.”

The moment her words fell, the soldiers all had huge changes in their expressions. Finding a woman to sleep with would cost at most 400 to 500 Eagle Yuan elsewhere, but just listening to this Qi Qing’er play would require 10,000 Eagle Yuan. This was worse than robbery.

Yue Zhong waved his hands without caring, “No problem! Jess, you handle the payment!”

Yue Zhong had obtained a huge amount of Eagle Yuan since gaining the Eastern Division, and on this trip for the meeting, he had brought along 100 million Eagle Yuan.
Jess quietly retrieved a suitcase, and took out 14 stacks of Eagle Yuan to hand to Mandy Zhang.

She looked at them, her eyes gleaming with delight, and immediately gestured for them to follow her, “Please come with me.”

Lisa looked at how Yue Zhong casually handed 140,000 over to Mandy Zhang and her heart felt a stab of pain over his spending, as she muttered, “What a spendthrift!”

In the past, Lisa was one of the top fighters of the Resistance, yet her monthly pay was merely about 3,000 Eagle Yuan or so. Now, Yue Zhong’s casual expenditure was more than a few years’ worth of her income, causing her to be incredibly envious.

Under her lead, Yue Zhong and the rest went into a small stadium within the Heavenly Scent Pavilion that was set up for a small-scale concert.

At this time, the entire place was packed with men, most of them guarded by security. Many of them even had their arms around beautiful women, it was evident that these were rich men who could afford to spend.

Yue Zhong estimated that there were over 300 men here, just based on this number, the earnings of Heavenly Scent Pavilion for today had exceeded 3 million.

The moment their group entered the stadium, a lot of gazes fell upon them. There were many who had security details, that contained at most 2 or 4 bodyguards. Yue Zhong had a dozen soldiers.

Mandy Zhan continued to lead their group towards one of the front seats, saying, “Young master Yue, please have a seat!”

Yue Zhong did not stand on ceremony as he sat down.

With a wave of Mandy’s hands, a dozen of women in cool clothing appeared, providing various services.

“Young Master Zhao, previously the top courtesan Zhang Xue Li, it was you who managed to win her over, how was it?

Not far from Yue Zhong, a dozen young men in casual wear were crowded around a young and fat man whose looks were ordinary.

That person called Young Master Zhao chuckled out with pride, “Of course it was amazing. She truly lived up to her status as the top courtesan! Everything from top to bottom was quality! I had so much fun with her for an entire 3 days. It cost me a bomb though, almost 10 million Eagle Yuan. Even so, it was truly fucking worth it.

“10 million! Holy shit! Young Master Zhao, you’re so generous?”

“I guess only Young Master Zhao could truly afford to toy with such a beauty!”

Sounds of gasps and adoration traveled from around him, causing Young Master Zhao to feel even more proud of himself.

Young Master Zhao laughed smugly, “This time, this young master I must definitely get Qi Qing’er! Hopefully, she doesn’t let me down. When I help her pop her cherry, I will package her up for you guys to have some fun!”

“Thank you Young Master Zhao!”

“Wishing Young Master Zhao success later on!”

The waves of flattery and fawning began, causing Young Master Zhao to feel elated.

Lisa could not help but curse in a low voice, “Despicable!”

As a woman, Lisa saw how this Young Master Zhao was viewing the women of Heavenly Scent Pavilion, and could not help but be furious.

Lisa’s words were soft, but that Young Master Zhao’s ears were extremely sensitive. He turned around and almost instantly caught sight of Shaxi who was digging into her dessert.

His eyes brightened up as he quickly came up to Yue Zhong, “Hey brother, how much for the 2 women? I will use 10 of my beauties and 4 million Yuan in exchange for the 2 by your side, how about that?”

Yue Zhong glanced at him coldly, and his killing intent billowed out, “Scram!”

Enveloped by that killing intent, Young Master Zhao’s face instantly turned pale, as he retreated a few steps, his eyes filled with shock.

His 4 guards of Type 2 Divine Warriors’ strength came rushing over, staring at Yue Zhong.

Jess immediately stood up, staring coldly at the 4 guards.

The 10 soldiers also stood up immediately, stepping forwards to flank Jess, each of them eyeing the 4 Type 2 Divine Warriors coldly.

The group of young men who were with Young Master Zhao also came over, their own bodyguards covering them, fixing their cold gazes upon Jess and his subordinates.

The atmosphere had turned tense in a second, and it seemed that it would erupt any instant.

Mandy Zhang immediately came over with her alluring scent, smiling sweetly, “Young Master Yue, Young Master Zhao, everyone came here for entertainment, not a fight, please give me some face and let’s forget about this, shall we? This Heavenly Scent Pavilion is the business of the Saint Clan, it’s not too good to cause trouble here.”

When Young Master Zhao heard this, his face fell, as he coldly stared at Yue Zhong, “Mandy-sis, on account of you, I’ll let this slide! Let’s go!”

This Young Master Zhao might be rich, but even so, he was still a lowly human in the eyes of the Saint Clan. If they caused too much trouble here, he would be captured and fed to the dogs.

Because of the backing of the Saint Clan, Heavenly Scent Pavilion could become one of the 4 top brothels in Qing Zhang City, with no one daring to cause a commotion.

The moment he left, the rest of his followers also quickly headed back to their seats.

After everything calmed down, the lights suddenly dimmed, as bright lights shone on the stage.

Fog began to rise, as a huge jade plate began to swivel up from the stage. 8 beautiful women wrapped in white silk were surrounding an incredibly stunning beauty whose figure could only be surpassed by her looks. Her features were the epitome of flawless beauty, yet they had a hint of innocence to them.

The moment she appeared, almost every man in the audience held their breath, their eyes riveted by her beauty.

The 8 other girls besides the main lady were all beautiful, however, when compared to the stunning young woman, they were reduced to being decorations. She just sat quietly on the white jade platform, exuding an extremely alluring yet pitiful demeanor.

Even Lisa, who was good-looking in her own right, could not help but exclaim, “What a beautiful girl!”

Young Master Zhao sucked in a breath of cold air, becoming extremely excited, “Good! Good! Good! She’s ten times more enticing than Zhang Xue Li!! I must have her!! Her virginity is definitely mine!!”

Yue Zhong had seen his fair share of beauties, but even his eyes brightened as he praised, “Beautiful!”

This Qi Qing’er was not only flawless in her beauty but the very aura she was exuding caused one to want to protect her.

On the stage, Qi Qing’er’s lips opened slightly, and an incredible voice sounded from her lips, floating throughout the stadium.

Her voice had a mesmerizing quality to it, the moment it sounded, all noise seemed to stop, leaving only her lonely voice. Everyone was enraptured by her singing, listening to it quietly.

Even the lustful Young Master Zhao whose eyes were filled with a perverse light had an intoxicated expression as he listened to the singing wholeheartedly, forgetting himself for a moment.

Yue Zhong was not learned towards music, but he also closed his eyes while immersed in the song, the pressure on his shoulders since coming here slowly easing and disappearing with the ethereal quality of her voice.

When she closed her mouth, the wondrous music came to a stop.

“Qi Qing’er!!! One more!!!! Encore!!!”

“Qi Qing’er, I love you!!!”

“One more song!! Qi Qing’er!!”

The deafening applause and roars erupted almost instantly. Every single young master seemed to be overcome with a wild, passionate adoration and seemed to have forgotten their bearings.

Young Master Zhao seemed to stare and mutter non-stop, “Mine!! She’s mine!! I must definitely get her!!!”

Facing the cheers and noise for her, Qi Qing’er smiled sweetly and bowed, before heading down the stage demurely, disappearing from everyone’s view.

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