God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 744

The moment Qi Qing’er left the stage, everyone felt a deep sense of loss.

Mandy Zhang appeared on the stage with a slight smile, as she spoke, “Qing’er had already sung a song for everybody, if it was to everyone’s liking, we hope that everyone will help us out at the Courtesan Competition later, and help Qing’er to clinch the top position! If she can claim that glory, the one who helped the most would become Qing’er’s first man.”

“Mandy-sis, rest assured! This time, I brought plenty of Eagle Yuan, I’ll definitely push Qing’er to be number 1!!”

“This time, the Courtesan Champion position would definitely go to Qing’er!! I, Ouyang Shen promise to buy 100 flowers for Qing’er!!”

Below, many of the young masters began to express their promises and guarantees, causing Mandy Zhang’s smile to be even more radiant.

Inside one of the changing rooms, Qi Qing’er was quietly removing her makeup, there was none of the joy that came with rousing an entire crowd and having won over the hearts of countless men.

There was a 13 or 14-year-old girl beside her, who was dressed in a leather skirt that could not cover her underwear, her full peaks covered in a thin leather bra. This girl was beautiful as well, and her skin fair as snow, and she was asking Qi Qing’er with a confused expression, “Miss, all those men out there have been mesmerized by you. With their help tonight, you will definitely be crowned the top Courtesan. This is the dream of so many of us here at Qing Zhang City. You’re almost there, why are you so unhappy?”
Qi Qing’er sighed in response, “Courtesan Champion! What good is that? Isn’t that still a toy for men? There’s no way to change our fate. Big Sis Xue Li had been the Champion previously, but her outcome was still so pitiful. If I could choose, I’d rather not be the champion.”

The previous Champion Zhang Xue Li had to serve too many customers, and due to that, her body had been broken, and she disappeared mysteriously from Heavenly Scent Pavilion.

All the women in Heavenly Scent Pavilion did not know where Zhang Xue Li went, however, they were filled with suspicion and fear. However, they had no choice. From the day they entered the Pavilion, if no one bought them, they were doomed to be in this line till death. If anyone dared to run, once caught, they would become food for the Saint Clan.

All the women had seen the consequence of becoming food for the Saint Clan. Each time they were reminded of how their close sister had been eaten alive, they dared not even harbor the thought of running.

The young girl in leather fell silent, before continuing, “Miss, becoming a Floral Champion is really not too bad. Miss Hong Wu and Miss Xin Ran are all eyeing your position.”

Qi Qing’er sighed once more when she heard it, her beautiful brows furrowing. The scene would have caused anyone’s heart to be moved.

Although Qi Qing’er was reluctant to be the Courtesan Champion, she had no choice. One she was crowned that, she could at least lead a decent lifestyle for a while. Her safety and life would at least be guaranteed before she lost her value.

In this Heavenly Scent Pavilion, from time to time, there would be women who would disappear for no reason. Many had guessed that some had caught the eyes of some Saint Clan members and became food for them.

“If only someone would save me from here! If that person could save me, then even if I have to become his woman, I’ll be willing.” Qi Qing’er stared at her own reflection as she thought to herself.

Qi Qing’er just wanted to get out of this hell that seemed beautiful only on the surface.
As night fell, the streets became busier with bustling activity. Many had walked out of the hotels or inns they were staying in, forming a huge sea of humans that made its way towards the main grounds were the Competition was held.

This area was called the Clear Moon Grounds, where the Courtesan Competition was held each time. It could accommodate about 100,000 people.

Soon, the grounds were filled with people. Yue Zhong and the rest of the guests who were deemed VIPs were also seated near to the platform.

Only those with money could affect the outcome of the competition, thus they were seated in front. The rest were usually reduced to just spectating.

After 2 emcees came upstage to give short announcements, the competition started.

A number of beautiful young women came up to dance on stage, performing songs, exhibiting their charms and talents, accentuating their beauty.
These women all knew that there was a chance to become recognized as top-quality women, and wanted to make use of the chance to promote themselves.

The men began to call out audaciously, while some began to offer flowers. Each flower would cost a thousand Eagle Yuan, and the one who gave the most would become the first man of that beautiful girl.

As for the top 4 courtesans, they were not ordinary existences, thus, of these beauties that came up first, many who knew they had no chance with the top courtesans chose to settle for these other beautiful women.

Each time a girl finished her performance, the grounds would break out in applause, before loud voices of bidding would resound. Countless men would start purchasing flowers to gift to the women, and the atmosphere was truly exciting. For the sake of obtaining a beauty’s virginity, some men were willing to offer a few hundred flowers.

Within a box up in the sky above the grounds, Carl was holding a glass of blood from a virgin girl as he looked down and smirked coldly, “What a bunch of stupid fools!!”

In one corner of the box, there was a beautiful, blond girl who was tied up, her face contorted in pain as she struggled. One Saint Clan member was in front of him holding a syringe, drawing out the blood from her without stopping.

Gretto was also holding a glass of the virgin’s blood as he chuckled, “Yea! Once they have bid successfully for the girl, let us swoop down and crush their hopes. The moment where they thought they had won, only to be taken away, is truly amazing.”

Gretto had acted in the best interests of Qing Zhang City for hundreds of years. The moment he thought of the possibility of his contributions being recognized and reaching the strength of a Type 4 Divine Warrior, his blood started to pump with excitement. He almost wanted to rip apart the beautiful girl in front of him, digging out her heart and watch her despair as he ate it in front of her.

“Are the 4 top courtesans finally out?”

Right at this time, there were resounding cheers from below, causing even Carl to gaze down.

“Liu Yi Chen!! Liu Yi Chen!!!”

Amidst the loud cheers, a 1.7m-tall lady with a head full of lush, blue hair like the sea, a pair of eyes that sparkled like gems, a slim waist and round posterior, together with a pair of full peaks that threatened to burst out of their clothes, appeared. She was wearing red leather clothes, wielding a whip in her hand. Her features were extraordinary, as sharp as a knife, while her expression was lofty and proud.

She stepped out with an enticing gait, sashaying towards the central part of the stage before whipping harshly, her strength exploding out, causing the ground to crack slightly. This insanely attractive and hot woman was actually a Type 2 Divine Warrior.

She shot the men an arrogant look as she barked out like a dominating queen, “Come!! You pathetic commoners, come dance with this Queen!”

After that, she began to get into a sexy, gyrating dance.

Her dance was full of allure and elegance, flirtatious yet arrogant, coquettish and provocative at the same time.

Watching her dance, almost all the men lost it. Their hearts were ablaze with a powerful passion, as though they could rush up to the stage to force her under themselves, using the most brutal and violent method to dominate her into submission.

Young Master Zhao stared until his eyes were about to drop out, “What a sexy queen!! Too beautiful!! I want her so badly!! This is great, this time, the competition is truly amazing!! The previous competition cannot even compare!”

The other followers of his also stared with their throats dry, their ‘members’ turning hard.

Carl eyed Liu Yi Chen’s dance with his eyes ablaze as he licked his lips, “Not bad! This woman is not bad!! Gretto, she’s mine!! This is a woman that really piques my interest. When I’m done fucking her, I’ll eat her heart, that would be the epitome of pleasure!”

Gretto chuckled with a hint of regret, “Since you like her, she’s yours.”

Gretto was also somewhat appreciative of Liu Yi Chen, however, compared to power, a woman was not considered anything.

When that dance was over, Liu Yi Chen was drenched in perspiration, as she continued to look down at the audience, barking, “Come on! Pathetic commoners! Do you want my body? Do you want me to kneel down and call you master?! Do you want to whip me with this?!! Only if you have the capability to crown me as the Courtesan Champion, I will be able to fulfill your most shameless and sickest desires!! Come on!!! Buy them fucking flowers for me!!”

“I want to gift 30 flowers to Liu Yi Chen!!”

“3,000!! I want to gift 3,000!!”

The moment the bids started, the numbers instantly jumped to 3,000, that was a whopping 3 million Eagle Yuan.

“4,000 flowers, I’ll bid 4,000!!”

“4,200, I will present those 4,200 to Liu Yi Chen!!”

“5,000!!!! I bid 5,000!!”

“8,000, let me gift 8,000 to Miss Liu Yi Chen!!”

One voice suddenly rang out, instantly suppressing the voices of everyone else. All the men fell silent. Even the champion of the previous competition had only managed to reach 5,000 flowers. Someone actually gave 8,000 here, instantly silencing everyone.

Young Master Zhao had spent 10 million just to bag the previous champion and toyed with her for 3 days, not just 1. Spending 8 million just to spend a night with a woman was practically madness.

All the gazes fell upon the direction of the voice, noticing that it was Yue Zhong.

“Liu Yi Chen, highest bid 8,000!!” The voices of the emcees rang out.

“Tonight, I’m yours!!” Liu Yi Chen threw her whip into Yue Zhong’s hands, before departing the stage in a haughty manner.

Many men stared at Yue Zhong with gazes full of jealousy!

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