God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 745

Yue Zhong remained unfazed as he took in the envious gazes.

Young Master Zhao’s countenance turned ugly as he shot Yue Zhong an ugly look, “Damn it!!!”

Liu Yi Chen was an absolute beauty that did not lose out to Qi Qing’er at all. To some men, her allure was even stronger than Qi Qing’er. Young Master Zhao was also set to obtain this woman, he had been the one to bid 5,000 flowers. Who knew Yue Zhong would throw a wrench into his plans, causing him to be furious.

Although Young Master Zhao was wealthy, he was reluctant to spend over 20 million on a woman. His family dabbled in business, but there was a limit to how much cash flow they had.

Lisa gritted her teeth and asked Yue Zhong, “This time, we only brought 10 million, you already spend 8 million on a single woman. Aren’t you too much?”

Yue Zhong did not mind as he replied, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered.”

Jess, who was sitting beside Yue Zhong, arched his brows, before settling back down. He believed in the prophecy and was naturally a devout follower of Yue Zhong. In terms of wealth, a single RH2 was already worth more than a hundred million, with over 200 RH2s, Yue Zhong could sell any and still afford to spend like a king.

Suddenly, the stage started to be covered with smog, and when the smoke dispersed, a lady with a head of blond hair, her figure explosively sexy, appeared with a piano while dressed in a white nightgown.


“Ibis, I love you!!”

The entire stage erupted in excited cheers once again.

The blond lady on stage had an incredibly gentle demeanor to her, and she was the epitome of tenderness.

She broke out in a sweet smile, before sitting herself in front of the piano, and her slim fingers began to dance all over the piano.

The melodious sounds of the keys floated throughout the entire stadium.

The moment Ibis played, even an uncouth person like Yue Zhong felt enthralled.

However, the playing was just slightly lacking in terms of that mesmerizing quality about Qi Qing’er’s voice. While the tender and gentle quality of Ibis might make her a goddess among ordinary women, compared to even the proud queen Liu Yi Chen, she was also somewhat lacking.

After the song was over, the grounds began to roar out with calls of offers.

“I want to gift 500 flowers to Miss Ibis!!”

“A thousand!!”

“A thousand and hundred!!”

“A thousand and two hundred!!”

Although the numbers of the flowers were over a thousand, more than what most of the rest of the courtesans could command, it was starting to stagnate at 1,800.

“3,000!!!” At this time, the voice of Young Master Zhao rang out.

All the voices stopped, as gazes fell upon him, giving him a sense of smugness. Ibis was also a beauty, as long as he could obtain her, he would have gained face. The envious gazes of the rest also gave him a sense of accomplishment.

At this time, a handsome young man seated at the Clear Wave Pavilion side chuckled, “I will gift 4,000 flowers to Miss Ibis!”

Ibis was from the Clear Wave Pavilion, and there were plenty of men there that preferred her type.

The moment this figure came out, no one wanted to call out any more. After all, it was 4 million, for a woman, it simply was not worth that expenditure,

The eyes of Ibis flashed with a down look before she revealed a smile towards that handsome man.

The handsome man also nodded towards her with a proud look.

Young Master Zhao’s countenance alternated between green and white. Just like this, the 3,000 flowers he had given was wasted, and it was like a resounding slap in his face.

“5,000 flowers!”

At this moment, when everyone thought that things were settled, Yue Zhong’s indifferent voice rang out.

The face of the handsome man from Clear Wave Pavilion immediately turned rigid, as his expression turned incredibly dark, eyeing Yue Zhong coldly.

Ibis also looked at Yue Zhong curiously, before she smiled sweetly, after all, this man might very well be her first man.
Ibis, Qi Qing’er, and Liu Yi Chen were all top beauties. Be it in terms of their looks, their talents or their figures, they were truly incredible. However, in this Qing Zhang City, they were just toys, and would be toyed with till their bodies broke.

Young Master Zhao’s gaze was positively livid as he looked at Yue Zhong, as well as a hint of wariness. A person who was willing to spend so much like this was truly not ordinary.

Lisa was slightly pale as she stammered, “Where are we going to get that cash?!”

Yue Zhong pulled out a gold card.

Lisa’s face immediately turned as she went closer to his ear, “That’s the reserves of our 3rd Branch of the Eastern Division!! Are you crazy?!”

Yue Zhong replied, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered.”

Yue Zhong had been a poor bloke prior to the apocalypse. Since he came here and obtained a large sum of money, he did not mind using the cash to slap the faces of those he disliked.

“Ibis, highest bid at 5,000!!” The voice of the emcee rang out.

Ibis smiled warmly at Yue Zhong, before retreating back from the stage.

Smoke rose once more, and this time, a young girl of about 1.36m came out. She had an impressive C-cup bust, her waist slim, and her clothing seemed barely able to cover the important areas. Her looks were rebellious, looking like a teenager that had bad influences.

“Annie!! Annie!!

“That’s great!! Annie, you’re the best!!”

Seeing the little girl, there were cheers erupting everywhere again.

Annie was the top beauty of Mild Night Pavilion, she was born with a petite frame and an smoking hot bod. Coupled with her incredible skin and exquisite features, it gave her an innocent and frail, yet sexy and naive at the same time. She looked like the perfect mix of an angel and devil.

Annie smiled wide as she waved her hands, “Hello everybody!! I’m Annie!! Annie will cheer on everyone here, so I hope that all you big brothers and uncles out there will gift Annie with more flowers!”

“Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! Annie!!”

“I love you!!!”

The calls got louder and wilder, the atmosphere incredibly lively.

Annie chuckled and pulled out a microphone as she began to sing. Her voice was like that of the yellow warbler, and while her melodious voice rang out, she began twisting and dancing, shaking that voluptuous body of hers, giving off a sensual yet electrifying performance.

Her performance was extremely outstanding, where even the idols of Earth would find hard to match. The moment it ended, deafening applause broke out everywhere.

“A thousand flowers!!”

“A thousand and five hundred!!”

“Two thousand!!”

From the area of the Mild Night Pavilion, the crazy sounds of competition rang out.

Young Master Zhao looked at Annie with lust, but he did not dare call out any price again. He had already given out a large number of flowers to no avail, and he did not want to waste any on her.


Just as many of the men were calling out their prices, Yue Zhong’s voice rang out yet again, causing every other bid to cease, while their gazes fell upon Yue Zhong. If looks could kill, Yue Zhong would have been dead many times over.
The moment Yue Zhong called out, the rest shut up. No one wanted to compete with him.

“Annie, highest bid, 4,000 Flowers!” The emcee’s voice rang out once more.

Annie blew a kiss towards Yue Zhong and chuckled, “Big brother, thank you!!”

After that, she quickly bounced off the stage.

Not long after that, the familiar smoke shrouded the stage once more, and this time, Qi Qing’er appeared in front of everybody slowly, dressed in a white dress.

“Qi Qing’er!!”


The moment she appeared, those from the Heavenly Scent Pavilion that had heard her sing immediately roared with adoration and excitement.

That Young Master Zhao was also agitated to the point his body trembled.

Qi Qing’er immediately opened her lips when she appeared, and that mesmerizing and enchanting voice resounded. Within 5 seconds, the entire place was deathly silent, leaving only her magical voice.

Under her charm, everyone felt their stress and anger subside, replaced by a sense of peace.
“This woman, I definitely must have her!!” Up in the box, Carl’s eyes were fixed on Qi Qing’er, his eyes filled with greed as he spoke harshly. Her voice was wondrous, even to a member of the Saint Clan, on par with the excitement during the slaughter of a human.
Gretto looked at Qi Qing’er with heartache, as he gritted his teeth in response, “Fine!”

When her voice subsided, the grounds were still peaceful for a lingering 3 seconds, before it erupted in an explosion of applause and cheers.

Many men, regardless of where they were from, stared at Qi Qing’er with greed and obsession.

Qi Qing’er’s features were out of the world, and her demeanor was incredibly elegant. Her voice was amazing and she was truly a rare gem even amongst the wide throngs of beauties in Qing Zhang City.

One man who was seated at Mild Night Pavilion’s area had a passionate look in his eyes, “I will gift 4,000 flowers to Miss Qi Qing’er!”

The handsome young man who had fought with Young Master Zhao for Ibis also called out, his eyes full of fanaticism and adoration, “I’m gifting Miss Qi Qing’er 7,000!!”

Young Master’s eyes were bloodshot as he screamed out somewhat, “10,000!!! I will gift 10,000!!”

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