God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 746

The moment Young Master Zhao shouted that number, the whole arena quietened down. 10,000 flowers were worth 10 million Eagle Yuan. It wasn’t something anyone could just pull out. Even if they did, few would do so just for a night for a woman.

After all, the previous courtesan champion had only gained at most 4,000 flowers in the previous competition.

Right as Young Master Zhao’s bloodshot eyes were staring fixedly at Qi Qing’er, Yue Zhong’s bored voice sounded beside him, “20,000 flowers!”

As his voice resounded, everyone’s gaze riveted towards him.

By now, all the gazes were either filled with envy, jealousy, wariness and even anger. If he really won, then all the 4 top courtesans would belong to him alone for one night.

Young Master Zhao fixed his gaze on Yue Zhong, his breathing becoming rapid. He seemed to have an internal battle before roaring out like an injured beast, “21,000 flowers!!!”

Spending 20 million on the virginity of a girl, this was a first for Young Master Zhao. However, no matter what, he was determined to obtained Qi Qing’er.

Yue Zhong muttered indifferently, “30,000 flowers!”

When Young Master Zhao heard Yue Zhong’s voice, he felt his chest tighten and he almost threw up blood. He stood up and barked loudly, “Are you intending to fight me till the end?!”

Yue Zhong shot him a disdainful glance, his words dripping with sarcasm, “Pauper! If you can’t afford it, just scram!”

Young Master Zhao was angered to the point that he spat out blood, his eyes bloodshot as he lashed out savagely, “It’s still not certain who the pauper is!! I’ll give Miss Qi Qing’er 50,000 flowers!! If you have the capability, you can gift her 60,000!!”

Hearing his words, everyone was truly silent, staring at Young Master Zhao with shock and disbelief. 50,000 flowers, that was 50 million, even to a rich family, that was no small sum! Many of the businessmen only had liquid cash about 200 million at most. This young punk was actually willing to hand over 50 million for one night with a virgin. That was truly shocking.

Yue Zhong replied indifferently, “100,000 flowers! I can gift Miss Qi Qing’er with 100,000 flowers!”

Yue Zhong’s words were like a sledgehammer that slammed into Young Master Zhao’s heart, causing him to go pale, as he slumped into his seat and muttered, “Crazy!! This guy is crazy!! He actually got 100 million to buy a girl’s virginity, he’s mad!!”

“100,000 flowers!!”

“He actually offered 100,000 flowers!!”

“What the fuck! Is he that rich?!”

The people in the entire stadium began to break out in their own discussions, many sighing with disbelief.

Even Qi Qing’er herself could not help but glance at this young ‘playboy’ in her eyes.

100,000 flowers were equivalent to a 100 million, there had never been a courtesan champion that commanded such a figure in the history of Qing Zhang City before.

RIght at this moment, the excited voice of the emcee resounded, “Qi Qing’er, highest bid 100,000 flowers!! The champion of this competition is Miss Qi Qing’er!!”

Liu Yi Chen, Ibis, Annie all came up on stage, their gazes filled with envy as they looked at Qi Qing’er. Wherever there were people, there would be conflict. This Courtesan Competition was no different, as it held a strong meaning to these girls. With the identity of a champion, they would be able to lead better lives and had a sense of freedom, as well as privacy. All that they fought for, was purely for the sake of this little bit of power.

Behind the 4 of them, 4 other beautiful and mature ladies stepped out, they were the individual managers of the 4 brothels, Mandy Zhang was among them.

Within the 4 mature ladies, Mandy Zhang’s expression was the most radiant and smug. Since Qi Qing’er had been crowned the champion, Heavenly Scent would be at the forefront of the 4 brothels for a period of time until the next competition. They would gain an advantage, and since she was the overseer, she was in for a period of good fortune as well.

The emcee then put on a crown full of jewels on Qi Qing’er’s head and smiled, “Congratulations on becoming the top Courtesan!”
Qi Qing’er’s face was lack of any joy as she replied, “Thank you!”

The emcee then extended his hand towards Yue Zhong and invited, “Then can we please have our lucky star, Mr. Yue, who has gained all 4 courtesans to come up on stage!”

All 4 ladies looked at Yue Zhong with complicated gazes, various thoughts flashing through their minds.

As Yue Zhong took his time to walk up on stage, countless jealous gazes fell upon him. In the entire history of Qing Zhang City, there had never been a single man who had won all 4 ladies before. Furthermore, the total worth of the beauties this time was incomparable to the past competitions. Other than envy, there were no other feelings that the men had.

Young Master Zhao watched Yue Zhong walk up, his own face pale and his hand gripping the beauty in his arms that even her skin turned slightly bruised.

The emcee came over to Yue Zhong and smiled, “Mr. Yue, congratulations on becoming the first man to win all 4 courtesans! Do you have anything to say?”

“Who the fuck does he think he is? I’m the one that will get these 4 women!”

Right at this time, from behind the stage, Carl and Gretto came forward with big strides, flanked by dozens of Type 2 Divine Warriors.

The emcee frowned and asked, “Sir, this is not a place you can come, please leave!”

“Go to hell! Ant!” Carl laughed savagely, and grabbed the emcee’s head with his claws, before pulling viciously, separating the unfortunate emcee’s head together with his spine from his body.

The eyes of the emcee were frozen in shock and fear, as warm blood splattered all over the stage.

Seeing this gruesome scene, everyone was stunned senseless.

Mandy Zhang and the other 3 mature ladies caught sight of Gretto and their faces turned pale as they got on the ground and trembled, “Greetings, esteemed Master Gretto. Your slave did not know Master was coming, and seek your pardon!!”

All 4 renown brothels were businesses owned by Gretto. Without his support, they could not have expanded to such an extent. The 4 ladies were the front for these businesses, and even the rich playboys dare not take them lightly. However, in front of Gretto, they were just lowly female slaves.

When Qi Qing’er and the rest heard the name of Gretto, their faces fell and quickly dropped to the ground. They might be top courtesans, but their positions had been elevated by these existences, and in truth, they were even lower than Mandy Zhang and the other 3.

Carl laughed savagely at Yue Zhong, his gaze sweeping across Lisa and Shaxi, “Hahaha! See that? Lowly human, I’m the first man for them. You’re just a clown! Hahahaha!! Oh yes, hand over those 2 women by your side, and I can spare your life. Otherwise, I will skin you and barbeque you alive!!”

Yue Zhong looked at Carl and spoke coldly, “No, I won’t hand them over. In any case, even if I were to hand them over, you will still want to kill me, beast.”

Carl had a murderous look in his eyes, and he was a beast in human form. As long as they unleashed a rampage, they were unstoppable and could not be reasoned with.

Carl laughed out in a cackle, “Hahaha!! Kid! You’re right!! Even if you hand them over, I will still kill you, just because I don’t like the sight of you!! I want to squash that face like a bug!! However, before I kill you, I will fuck your women in front of you, and show you what despair and helplessness means! Now, let me announce, the Hunting Party commences!! Let us engage in a bloodbath within the entire Qing Zhang City!!”

The moment his words fell, the Flesh-Eaters mixed in within the human crowd showed expressions of glee, and they began to pounce on the humans beside them.

One mercenary had just stood up when a claw exploded through him, piercing into his heart and digging it out. A Flesh-Eater stood behind him cackling with mad laughter, devouring the heart.

Another businessman tried to flee towards the exit, but just as he reached it, he discovered that the gates were sealed shut.

One Flesh-Eater appeared suddenly before him, grabbing him and biting down viciously on his throat. A large amount of blood splattered all over the Flesh-Eater, giving him a demonic appearance.

“Save me!! Save me!!!”

Young Master Zhao screamed out with a pale expression.

8 Flesh-Eaters charged right at him. The bodyguards by Young Master Zhao’s side stood up, and in the ensuing battle, some of them were torn apart into many pieces, blood, and organs flying everywhere.

Very soon, the bodyguards were all killed, leaving the ground full of blood and limbs.

Young Master Zhao kneeled as he pleaded, “Please let me go! I’m the son of the businessman Zhao Tian Ba. I’m willing to pay 10 million Eagle Yuan, as long as you let me go, I can pay 10 million… no! 20 million!!”

“Go to hell! Trash!!” One of the Flesh-Eaters laughed savagely and unleashed a fist towards Young Master Zhao, causing his head to burst open in a shower of red and white matter.

The entire arena was filled with the screams and cries of humans, with blood and death everywhere, as though Hell had descended on them!

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