God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 747

Screams and wails filled the entire place, while the 8 ladies on stage trembled in fear.

Mandy Zhang had received the love and care of Gretto, and she braced herself to ask, “My liege if things go on like this, the entire Qing Zhang City will be gone.”

Many of the men were businessmen and mercenaries from all corners of the world. They were the source of Qing Zhang City’s wealth as well. If the news of this were to spread out, then the prestige of Qing Zhang City would go down the drain. Few would come, and there would not be any opportunities to flourish anymore.

Gretto had always maintained the peace of this city and did not allow hunting parties in broad daylight, purely to keep the reputation of Qing Zhang City intact.
Carl looked at the sensual Mandy Zhang and laughed cruelly, “Gretto, I want to eat this woman. Do you object?”

When Mandy Zhang heard this, she became extremely pale, her eyes falling upon her master Gretto, pleading for his help. Of all the people present, only Gretto had the means to save her.

Gretto laughed out loud in disdain, crushing her hopes, “Whatever! She’s just a lowly human after all.”

Mandy Zhang’s face immediately turned pale, as despair overcame her. No matter how much effort she had put in to maintain and run Heavenly Scent Pavilion, or how much she sought to please him, in his eyes, she was just a lowly human slave. His words crushed her hope, and her eyes were filled with despair and fear.

Carl reached out to pinch her cheeks, his face wearing a twisted smile, “Hahaha! Hear that? Even your master Gretto had abandoned you!! Little bitch!!”

Even humans had a dark side to them, a lust for violence. Since the Flesh-Eaters were evolved from zombies, the blood in them was filled with even more violence and savagery. Carl was one of the more sick and twisted individuals even among the Saint Clan, he loved to see the despair on women’s faces, giving him a kick when he devoured them.

Mandy Zhang flinched slightly, her eyes filled with despair. She knew there was no point in resisting, since it would only cause her to be tortured more.

Carl laughed savagely, as he struck out with his right claw towards her heart, “That’s it!! Let me taste that despair in your heart!!”

Right at this moment, a cold blade swung towards Carl at the speed of sound.

Carl’s face turned ugly as he leaped backward. His terrifying speed helped to evade that killing blow from Yue Zhong, however, his right claw fell to the ground in a spray of blood.

Gretto looked at Yue Zhong with his eyes narrowed, “Type 3 Divine Warrior?”

Carl also shot Yue Zhong a wary look, his face beyond shock, “Who are you?!”

“Since you guys don’t want them, then these women are all mine. You can all go to hell!!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a chilly light, as he burst forth with his Shadow Steps, with his palm outstretched, a powerful Flame Dragon shot towards Gretto and his subordinates.
After enhancing the Second Order Devil Flame thrice, its might more than double its previous strength. In a breath, the flames immediately consumed Carl, Gretto and the dozens of subordinates behind them.

With a loud roar, a dozen Flesh-Eaters of Type 2 Divine Warrior strength were instantly incinerated.

Carl and Gretto had Type 3 Divine Warrior strength, thus they had leaped up at the sight of the flames, evading it.

Carl had just dodged the flame when Yue Zhong appeared before him, his entire body shrouded in Dark Dou Qi, and a fist covered with scarlet-red flames punched towards him.

Carl’s eyes lit up as he laughed savagely, not dodging the blow, sending a claw towards Yue Zhong’s heart. As a Type 3 Flesh-Eater, his muscles and flesh could even block bullets from heavy machine guns, as long as his head was safe, and his heart was not destroyed, he could recover from any form of injuries. He was already used to a form of fighting where both he and his opponents would trade blows without caring for themselves.

A nether void in the air suddenly appeared, as 2 sharp bone spikes shot out from within, aiming for Carl’s head.

At that moment, Carl’s head defied the laws of physics and twisted to one side, as the 2 sharp bone spikes brushed past his face, tearing apart his skin.

With such a maneuver, his claws missed Yue Zhong’s heart, slamming into his left shoulder instead. The sharp claws tore through the Type 4 Mutant Beast hide but was blocked by that Level 5 Defense Vest.

Yue Zhong’s fist slammed into his body, and instantly, the Devil Flame erupted, consuming Carl in a burst of flames.

“AHHH!!!!!” Carl screamed out in anguish when he was enveloped by the flames, as a huge white light burst forth to protect him, forcefully extinguishing the flames that were burning him.

After that white light radiated out, Carl’s breathing turned weak, his speed decreasing by a lot.

Yue Zhong flashed forward and his right fist channeled the Devil Flame once more towards Carl’s face.

“Gretto!! Save me!!!!” Carl’s eyes finally shone with fear, as he screamed out loud in a piercing shriek.

Gretto, who had been forced away by the Flame Dragon, roared in anger as he charged over, “Stop!!”

On the stage, the ground shook, and countless steel beams came alive and wrecked the stage, forming a huge steel spear that pierced towards Gretto.

“Lowly human!! Break for me!” Gretto’s eyes flashed as his hand shone with a white light, twisting around the huge steel spear, causing it to disintegrate.

When that spear disintegrated, Gretto saw a scene that caused him to be mortified. Yue Zhong’s fist had slammed into Carl’s face, as the terrifying Devil Flames burst forth again, turning Carl into a human torch.

“Ah!!!” The life force of the Saint Clan was extremely strong, even though Carl was being burned alive, he did not immediately die. Instead, he tried to flee. However, he had barely gotten to a few meters when he was turned into ash by the Devil Flames on him.

“Damn it!!!” Gretto watched Yue Zhong burn Carl into cinders and his heart turned cold, immediately turning around to flee.

From the ground, countless metal beams tore through like dragons and pierced towards Gretto.

Waving his hands, Gretto channeled some white light to turn the steel beams into broken pieces that fell to the ground.

All of a sudden, the pieces trembled as though they were alive and shot towards Gretto.

As he was unable to defend himself in time, the steel beams slammed into his body.

His body was though, and the steel pieces could not penetrate. As the pieces stacked up, they caused sounds of clanking, as the entire steel structure locked Gretto in.

The moment Gretto was sealed, countless steel beams shot towards him from all directions, reinforcing the cage around him.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with appreciation, “Strong, he’s really a top expert in the resistance.”

Jess had been the chief of the Eastern Division, engaging the Flesh-Eaters in combat countless of times. His combat strength was truly one of the top few experts, reaching the peak of Type 3 Divine Warrior strength. Adding on to Gretto’s unpreparedness for a fight, he was quickly sealed down.

Seeing Gretto sealed, Yue Zhong quickly retrieved his Electromagnetic Gun and fired a few shots at him.

As the beams of lights shone, the entire steel structure was shot full of holes, the beams of light penetrating even the seal. Fresh blood began to flow from the holes.

After firing 15 times, Yue Zhong felt a sizeable life force entering his body, nourishing and enhancing his constitution.

“Sir Gretto is dead!!”

“Sir Carl is also dead!! Damn it, we need to kill these fellows to avenge them!!”

The Flesh-Eaters who had been on a killing spree saw that Gretto and Carl were killed. Their eyes flashed with murderous intent, as they abandoned their prey and charged towards Jess and Yue Zhong.

“Bunch of trash, you can all go to hell!” Yue Zhong eyed the incoming Flesh-Eaters, and with a wave of his hand, a Devil Flame Dragon roared out towards them.

The Devil Flame Dragon seemed like it had a life of its own, and wherever it touched, everything would be incinerated. The moment those Flesh-Eaters came in contact with it, they instantly turned to ash.

Liu Yi Chen and the rest saw how easily Yue Zhong killed the dozens of Flesh-Eaters and their eyes were filled with awe. Especially Liu Yi Chen, her face flushed red as her breathing became rushed. She stared fixedly at Yue Zhong, while a strong, resolute gaze passed her eyes.

On the other side, Jess continued to manipulate the countless steel beams into sharp blades or enormous hammers to blast the Flesh-Eaters, turning many of them into meat paste or were pierced to the ground.

“Retreat!!” After 200 Flesh-Eaters were killed, the rest of them started to feel fear and chose to flee.

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