God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 748

The sealing of the arena represented a cage of death for the majority of the humans. However, to the Type 2 Divine Warriors of the Saint Clan, it was not an issue to scale the walls and flee. Soon, they managed to escape from the place.

There had been over 100,000 people originally, but due to the massacre of the 1,000 Flesh-Eaters, 10,000 of them had been killed. Currently, the entire field was filled with dismembered limbs, blood, and organs. It was practically a slaughterhouse.

Many humans vomited as they looked around, while some others went crazy.
Yue Zhong walked over to Mandy Zhang and the rest, barking coldly, “I’m Yue Zhong, from now on, all 8 of you belong to me. Any issues?”

Mandy Zhang quickly crawled over to Yue Zhong and kissed his shoes, “It’s an honor to serve as your slave, my lord!”

Yue Zhong had saved Mandy Zhang from the depths of despair, exhibiting his terrifying strength. She obviously had no objections towards the change of hands in power. In fact, the loyalty to Gretto had long since been thrown out the window.

“It’s an honor to serve as your slave, my lord!”

The rest of the women, be in Liu Yi Chen and her haughtiness, the gentle Ibis, the young and cute Annie, the fairy-like Qi Qing’er, they all got up and went over to kiss Yue Zhong’s shoes in subservience.

Although many men were willing to spend tons of money on them, ultimately, they were just toys groomed for men’s pleasure. Because of that, Qi Qing’er was not extremely excited that she won the Courtesan Competition.

Yue Zhong ordered, “Very good! Mandy Zhang, go and get organized, gather all the women and resources of the 4 brothels. Prepare to leave here immediately. Jess, bring the brothers to protect them. 2 hours later, we’ll gather at Heavenly Scent Pavilion! Mandy, go grab more money, even if you have to rob, understood?”

Mandy Zhang’s eyes regained her spirit as she replied respectfully, “Yes! Your slave hears and obeys!”

Although Mandy Zhang’s strength wasn’t anything, she was truly a good aide and overseer. Furthermore, she knew Qing Zhang City like the back of her hand, with her help, Yue Zhong would be able to obtain the resources of Qing Zhang City.

While the Eagle Yuan might be the currency of the Flesh Eaters, any city could use them. Yue Zhong was intending to do some trades. After seeing Qi Qing’er, Yue Zhong had the intention to cleanse this city.

She had an ethereal quality to her, together with her voice, the stress and exhaustion that piled up could quickly disperse. After hearing her voice, Yue Zhong was determined to have her.

After calling out a flurry of orders, Yue Zhong turned around, intending to head out.

Right at this time, Liu Yi Chen raised her head, looking at Yue Zhong with a complicated gaze, “Master, if you intending to head to the headquarters of Qing Zhang City, please bring me along. I’ve stayed there for 3 years, and am quite familiar with the place. I’ll definitely be of help. I also have a strength of Type 2 Divine Warrior, I’ll not be a burden to you!!”
Hearing Liu Yi Chen volunteer to follow Yue Zhong towards the most dangerous area, the 6 other ladies had complicated gazes. They did not know what Yue Zhong was like, thus they did not dare speak too much.

After all, there were many sick experts like Carl. There might even be worse cases, with some humans even viler than Carl.

Yue Zhong looked at the beautiful Liu Yi Chen and asked, “Did you naturally awaken your Type 2 Divine Warrior strength or did you obtain through enhancement drugs?”

On this world, it was possible to awaken abilities naturally, as well as through drug-induced means

If it were a naturally awakened power, these people were usually geniuses or talented. Such people would usually have superior abilities and huge, latent potential.

Liu Yi Chen gazed back towards Yue Zhong and replied without fear, “Those Flesh-Eaters don’t view as humans, they would not pass us such drugs. I awakened my abilities.”

There was a slight pride in her tone, after all, she had been trained to be a queen-type. Even while kneeling, there was a slight arrogance exuding out of her, making it irresistible for some men to want to conquer her.

Yue Zhong’s mouth curled up slightly, as he leaped away, “Come with me!”

She immediately became enjoyed, as she followed right behind him.

Qi Qing’er, Ibis and Annie all looked at Liu Yi Chen with envy. In such a cruel world, only those who had value would live well. The moment Liu Yi Chen followed Yue Zhong, her status had elevated from a toy to a warrior, and in this world, the position of a warrior was much higher than slaves.

Yue Zhong’s Agility was reaching 331 points, almost 33 times that of a normal person. Even without activating his Shadow Steps, he was near the speed of sound. With a single movement, no matter how much Liu Yi Chen tried, she could not keep up.

“Forget it! Hold tight!”

Yue Zhong saw how Liu Yi Chen was struggling and sighed. He appeared beside her in a flash and carried her, taking in the scent that she was emitting
Liu Yi Chen nestled her head in his embrace like a lost puppy, her jade-like hands grabbing him tightly, her gaze towards him bordering on intoxication.

As he carried her and activated his Shadow Steps, his speed immediately broke the sound barrier, and within 2 minutes, he had reached the manor.

Right now, in front of the manor, there were a few Flesh-Eaters who were guarding. After the hunting party, many of the Flesh-Eaters had charged out of the manor, undergoing a massacre throughout the city, releasing their inner savage and cruel tendencies.

The Flesh-Eaters were a cruel race, and there would be humans disappearing without reason every day, ending up as food for these Flesh-Eaters. It was just that these people had disappeared without a trace, and they were usually from the lowest rungs of society.

However, the moment the Hunting Party was announced, it did not matter if it was the lowest beggar or the rich and mighty, in front of the Flesh-Eaters, they were all prey. They would go all out to satiate their desires and bloodlust, engaging in depravity without consequences, naturally, no one would stay behind.

The few Flesh-Eaters caught sight of Yue Zhong and Liu Yi Chen, and with a hint of greed in their eyes, they quickly pounced over.

Yue Zhong whisked out his Black Tooth Blade in a flash, and the 6 Flesh-Eaters turned into a pile of corpses, dropping onto the ground.

Yue Zhong glanced at the manor, placing Liu Yi Chen down, “Let’s go! From here on out, you have to watch out for yourself.”

Yue Zhong had something he needed to obtain in the manor, but the defenses were tight, and he had to give it his 120%.

Liu Yi Chen pulled out a whip as her beautiful eyes glinted, “Yes! Where do you want to go, Lord?”

“The living room of the manor.”

Liu Yi Chen leaped forward, “Come with me!”

Yue Zhong followed swiftly behind as they rushed into the deeper parts of the manor.

There were plenty of automatic defenses within the manor, however, the moment they appeared, they would swivel around, breaking free of the manor’s controls, and fired at the Saint Clan.

In a split second, dozens of Flesh-Eaters were turned into sieves by the automatic weapons, some of their heads even exploding in a gory fashion.

“Bunch of trash!!”

The scene caused the Flesh-Eater in the control room to be furious, as he immediately dug out the hearts of the technicians beside him.

There were Flesh-Eaters and humans that flowed out of the manor in order to defend, but none of them could even withstand a single strike from Yue Zhong. Adding on to the defenses and systems of the manor coming under Yue Zhong’s control, he managed to reach the living room easily.


Just as he took a step in, there was a loud splintering of wood as a figure rushed towards Yue Zhong at the speed of sound.

With no intention to dodge or evade, he summoned his Dark Dou Qi, his right fist burning with the thrice-enhanced Second Order Devil Flame and he met the attack head-on with a vicious punch of his own.

The next instant, the Devil Flame roared and enveloped the figure entirely.

Yue Zhong’s body was also pierced by a sharp blade that pierced his lung, making it hard to breathe.

The Type 3 Divine Warriors of the Saint Clan were really strong. If Yue Zhong wanted to win in a fight against them, he could only rely on such a style of battle. Otherwise, if both were to clash, it would be a battle of attrition. He might win in the first 100 blows, but as it went on, he might be able to defeat the opponent, not kill him.

With a white light, the owner of the shadow forcefully extinguished the Devil Flames. At the next moment, with a flash of a blade, his head was cleaved cleanly in two.

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