God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 749

Having killed the Type 3 Divine Warrior, Yue Zhong swiftly entered the living room.

He pulled out an LCD Monitor, which had Bai Yi’s face on it, smiling as she pointed a calendar and said, “It’s right behind this calendar! Behind it, there’s a hidden room. However, it’s not electronic, so I can’t help you there!”

It was precisely because of Bai Yi’s help that the systems of the manor went awry. Otherwise, if Yue Zhong wanted to charge through the place himself, he would have had to spend more energy.

Yue Zhong tore the calendar away, revealing a strange lock. The keyhole had a special pattern, without the correct key, it was impossible to open it.

He pulled out his Flame Blade and slashed down directly at the lock. The claw of the Type 4 Flame Bird was the sharpest he had ever seen, and there was nothing it could not slash through yet. Even the enhanced Level 5 Black Tooth Blade paled slightly in comparison.

As the blade flashed, sparks flew, revealing a hidden room behind it, which was filled with countless treasures, crystal horns, and even some advanced weapons.

Yue Zhong took in the sight, feeling shocked at the advanced weapons, “These are… 6-barrel Laser Cannon, powered-suits, multi-purpose helmets with various scanning abilities, laser blades… Has the technology of this world advanced so much?”

The equipment inside this secret room was easily 20 years ahead of the rest of the manor. Even the powered suits, they were capable of withstanding cannon shots and could disperse the recoil and knockback of major heavy firearms.

The bullets from heavy machine guns had powerful knockbacks and force. In Yue Zhong’s hands, he had a few Type 3 Mutant Beast hides that could block the bullets, but to normal soldiers, the resulting force would still be enough to injure them heavily, if not kill them.

The powered suit inside this hidden room would be able to make up for that, as long as a person wore it, he or she would be like a tank that could charge through the battlefield unhindered until the suit was destroyed.

Yue Zhong quickly swept up all the items into his storage ring and wore the multi-purpose helmet.

The moment he put it on, the visor flickered to life, and a radar wave rippled outwards in all directions, taking in all information and sending it to Yue Zhong’s mind directly.

The information flow was incredibly detailed and complicated, causing even the movement of a small ant 400m to be transmitted to him. If anyone else wore the helmet, they would have to tweak the settings and limit the flow. However, with Yue Zhong and Bai Yi’s help, it was an incredible aid.

Bai Yi chuckled, the information flow directly intercepted by her, leaving only important information for battle.

All Yue Zhong had to do was to stand there, and he could already see the entire manor and the dozens of soldiers currently making their way towards him. He could see everything clearly.

At the same time, Bai Yi was able to make a judgment based on the information of the movements, breathing and heart rate of the soldiers to determine their combat strength and provide a detailed assessment. She summarized the information and transmitted it to Yue Zhong.

“Let me test the might of this incredible equipment.” Yue Zhong laughed lightly, and brought out the 6-barrel laser gun, firing out at a wall.

A number of laser beams fired out the living room.

The soldiers watched in horror as their comrades had their heads blasted off.

Following the feedback from the helmet, Bai Yi then pulled up multiple crosshairs, leaving Yue Zhong to aim and fire. He didn’t even need any marksmanship, as long as he relied on the crosshairs, he could easily kill the soldiers. It was even simpler than playing an FPS game.

Within a minute, 40 guards of the manor with Type 2 Divine Warrior strength had their heads vaporized, while the rest had fled out of the manor grounds.

Yue Zhong could sense the fleeing manor guards and sighed, “A powerful A.I and advanced equipment are truly compatible!”

Having obtained both, even Liu Yi Chen would be able to deal with a Type 3 Divine Warrior easily.

Bai Yi wore a confident smile, “If you wish to manufacture such helmets and laser cannons, with my help, as long as you have a platoon, I can assist them in killing a Type 3 Divine Warrior. Of course, that is under the condition that they’re not taken out first. With an entire company, we can definitely eradicate one easily.”

Yue Zhong replied with a laugh, “Relax, I will definitely produce enough equipment for you to exhibit your prowess.”

Back on Earth, Yue Zhong already had decent factories and plants set up, together with the support of his research teams. He had even produced the laser gun already. As long as he sent these weapons back, he could quickly research them out. Of course, the imitations might not be comparable to the original, however, if he could obtain the actual blueprint, then it would be a different story.

He continued asking, “Oh yea, Bai Yi, are you able to hack into the mainframe of the Saint Clan City?”

Bai Yi revealed a thoughtful expression, before explaining swiftly, “Not at here. The region where the Saint Clan City is located is pretty far off, and it’s hard for most electronics to infiltrate. It must be after entering the city, that I will be able to take control of their systems. Based on past combat experiences, there are Type 5 Divine Warriors within the area they are keeping their mainframe. These Type 5 Divine Warriors are in charge of sealing the area. To hack the system without being found out, I would need a system that is linked to the mainframe. Using the soundwave method would just alert them.”

The Super A.I. was not omnipotent, while the technology of the world was much more advanced than Earth, after countless battles, much of it had been lost. Many bases and equipment had been destroyed, severely limiting what Bai Yi could do.

If she was given the internet, her power would be incredibly frightening.

Having her answer, Yue Zhong gave up on getting her to hack the mainframe. After all, any Type 5 Divine Warrior was a terrifying existence. With his current strength, going against them would be tantamount to suicide.

His gaze then landed on a metal box about the size of a palm within the room, and his eyes immediately lit up with desire, swiftly opening it.

When he opened the box, it revealed a round hole to place nucleus in, at the same time, there were strange runes and symbols all around the indent.

Yue Zhong showed it to Bai Yi and asked, “Puppet Box, this is the Puppet Box? Bai Yi, how should I use this Puppet Box?”

The moment the Puppet Box was delivered to the manor, Bai Yi had discovered it, and she quickly informed Yue Zhong about it, strengthening his resolve to attack the manor.

With Bai Yi present in those surveillance cameras, treating them as her eyes, together with her capabilities, she could tell the happenings of different things happening everywhere.

She swiftly replied him, “Put in crystal horns, beast nuclei or even crystal stones. Any of those items with energy within them can be transformed by the Puppet Box, then together with the tier or level of inscriptions and runes you can command, it will automatically translate into the channeling. Only when a living thing is unconscious, heavily injured, or when it is willing, then you can utilize the Puppet Box and place it at the target’s head, and you’ll be able to control the other party, just like a puppet. The Box can currently release up to the Type 9 runes. The higher the tier, the more stones needed. In order to condense the Type 4 Rune, you’ll have to utilize Type 4 nuclei, crystal horns, crystal stones, or alternatively, 50 Type 3 nuclei, crystal horns or crystal stones.”

Yue Zhong’s heart shook slightly, as he looked at the huge chest of Type 3 crystal horns in the room and grinned, “That many eh? Fortunately, there is enough here.”

In this world, there were powerful Mutant Beasts similar to Earth, and they had nuclei, while the Mutants had crystal horns. These were all energy sources, thus, the Saint Clan likely traded using such items.

The room held most of Gretto’s possessions that he had accumulated over a hundred years. Just the number of Type 3 horns was over 300, and there were even 2 Type 4 horns.

Yue Zhong swiftly threw 50 Type 3 crystal horns into the box, which quickly turned into pure energy.

After the 50 Type 3 crystal horns were fully transformed into energy, a rune that contained the words ‘Puppet’ flew out from the Puppet Box, landing on Yue Zhong’s arm.

Bai Yi spoke up, “Drip your blood on it, and it would be tied to your soul, next time, you can make use of this rune to control other living things.”

With a swish of the Flame Blade, a drop of blood fell onto the rune, and Yue Zhong instantly felt a connection with it. Using his thoughts, the rune began to float and flew around according to his wishes.

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