God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 750

Yue Zhong continued to dump more nuclei into the Puppet Box, constructing over 50 Type 3 Puppet Runes, as well as 2 Type 4 Puppet Runes.

As he was happily engrossed in creating the runes, Bai Yi’s warning sounded, “Be careful, Master, there’s a strong enemy seated in a Force Combat Ship moving at fast speeds towards us. They will reach Qing Zhang City in 5 minutes. Within their forces, there are 2 Type 4 Saint Clan members, 20 Type 3 and 100 Type 2. Please prepare to fight or to retreat.”

When Yue Zhong heard that, his face fell, “2 Type 4 Saint Clan members!!”

After gaining 200 RH2s, his military might had already exceeded Red Rock City. If he wanted to, he could definitely conquer Red Rock City. However, the Saint Clan’s strength was not to be underestimated, if he took over Red Rock City, the moment a Type 4 Saint Clan was sent to assassinate him, he would be done for.

If it were just 1, he had the confidence to at least work with Shaxi to deal with the enemy.

However, with the appearance of 2, the strength was way above his current threshold.

In a frontal clash, any Type 4 Saint Clan member could easily kill Yue Zhong.

His countenance ugly, Yue Zhong quickly asked, “Are you able to control the defenses of Qing Zhang City?”

Bai Yi replied, “Yes! Currently, all the defenses of Qing Zhang City are already within my control.”

“Awesome, show me what they’re capable of!”


Instantly, a flurry of information was transmitted to his brain, allowing him to understand and control the defenses of the city.

In the distance, there was a ship made out of steel, its length 150m, height 15m, and it looked incredibly sci-fi as it flew towards Qing Zhang City.

Within the spacecraft, there was a handsome man sipping a glass of virgin blood. Beside him, there were 4 blond women with barely any clothing on them.

The 4 women were trembling slightly, obviously afraid.

The handsome man looked towards a blue-haired woman with beautiful features and a hot figure sitting opposite him, grumbling, “Anya. How many times have I told you, I’m going to work, not to play with women? Your presence is really annoying, you know?”

“Duanmu Sheng! Enough with your bullshit! You belong to this Lady, this Lady will never allow you to be close to other women! If you dare to mix with other female members of our race, I’ll kill you!”

Anya looked at the blond women beside the handsome man, and her right hand shot out, swiftly making its way towards his heart.

“Are you fucking insane?!” Duanmu Sheng’s face fell as he dodged, disappearing from his location.

Anya’s claws then swept to the side, and in a flash, the 4 beautiful blonds were sliced into 6 different parts, fresh blood splattering everywhere.

Duanmu Sheng looked at the ladies and his countenance turned ugly, “Anya! What the fuck! You killed my food! What do you expect me to eat these few days?”

Anya replied with a cool tone, her nails retracting, tearing the hearts from the 4 women and devouring them, “Once we’re at Qing Zhang City, there will be plenty of food, why worry?”

He snorted coldly in response, before sitting down, “Hmph! I heard that the Seed of Hope of the humans has appeared. Is this for real?”

Anya chuckled, “It’s true. The Saint Clan City had caught a few humans from the other world, called Earth. It seems to be a backward world, with few experts. Once the Gates of Hell are fully opened, there will be our hunting grounds. There’s no radiation there, and with the clean water, Earth will become our paradise in the future!”

Duanmu Sheng also nodded, he was extremely confident in the Saint Clan.

As the 2 of them engaged in idle banter, the huge spacecraft quickly arrived above Qing Zhang City.

The moment it arrived, a number of anti-air missiles suddenly fired up, at the same time, 48 37mm heavy machine guns started to spew their bullets at the air, forming a terrifying net of firepower.

8 RH2s appeared and fired their laser cannons at the spacecraft as well.

As the spacecraft was not prepared for such a sudden attack, with no time to mount a defense, the entire spacecraft was struck, as multiple explosions sounded out.

At the same time, a number of laser beams also penetrated the body of the ship, causing a number of the Saint Clan warriors to be killed instantly.

Yue Zhong held the 6-barrel laser cannon and fired according to Bai Yi’s instructions, as the laser beams shot out, many of the Type 3 Saint Clan members had their heads obliterated.

If it were a frontal assault, it would be tough to deal with a Type 3 Saint Clan member. However, from afar, he was engaging in sniping, and not a single Type 3 Saint Clan member could defend against him.

“Congratulations, you have gained +10 Endurance.”

In half a minute, 14 Type 3 Saint Clan members were killed by him, and the life force entered his body, enhancing his constitution once again.

After dealing with 14 Type 3 Saint Clan members, he swiftly took off the helmet, and handed it together with the laser cannon to Liu Yi Chen, who was wearing the battle suit, saying, “Put this on, fire at the red crosshairs!”

Liu Yi Chen did not question him as she quickly put them on, before firing at the distance, “Yes!”

The moment she put the helmet on, with Bai Yi’s support, she became a mobile cannon, firing laser beams one after the other, killing the many Type 2 and Type 3 Saint Clan members.

As for Yue Zhong, he looked up to the sky.

When Bai Yi had controlled the defenses to attack, her first target was the engines. The huge spacecraft had tough defenses, but with the internal explosions as well as the external assault, it began to break apart.

With a loud explosion, the entire spacecraft combusted and was enveloped in flames, turning into a huge fireball that descended towards the ground.

Yue Zhong’s pupils constricted as he could make out 2 distinct features falling from the skies, “Not dead!! Damn those freaks!!”

Those who could have escaped from that were obviously only the Type 4 Divine Warriors.

Below, the entire defenses of Qing Zhang City had been engaged, as they swiftly adjusted their targets, aiming for Duanmu Sheng and Anya.

The countless bullets formed a huge net that blasted towards the 2 Type 4 Divine Warriors as they were still in mid-air and could not change directions. Furthermore, Bai Yi had calculated all possible avenues of escape and completely sealed them down. If he was the one in their shoes, Yue Zhong was sure he would die.

At this time, a huge ball of white light shrouded the 2 of them, blocking the rain of bullets.

They quickly descended in a breath, shooting for the ground like a meteor.

The moment they landed, their senses screamed with danger and they hurriedly twisted their bodies.

15 laser beams fired out at their positions, with 2 of them piercing Duanmu Sheng, disabling his right hand. The other beam shot through Anya’s abdomen, causing a large bloody hole, looking extremely serious.

Yue Zhong had activated the defenses of Qing Zhang City and with Bai Yi’s help, they managed to injure these 2 Type 4 Divine Warriors. If it had been any Type 3 Divine Warrior, they would have perished.


Yue Zhong roared out, activating his Shadow Steps, charging for the 2 of them.

Shaxi’s eyes flashed with bloodlust, with a tap of her foot, she instantly shot past Yue Zhong like a cannonball, making her way towards the 2 Saint Clan members.

Near them, a number of buildings collapsed as the steel beams twisted out, turning into sharp spears that shot towards Duanmu Sheng and Anya.

“Break for me!!” Anya’s face was contorted with fury as her nails grew to an astonishing length, slicing apart those steel spears.

When those broken steel pieces landed on the ground, they suddenly shot towards Anya again.

She looked towards the direction of Jess and laughed cruelly, “Petty tricks!! Watch how I tear you lowly ants apart!!”
With that, Anya suddenly disappeared from her location, causing the shrapnels to miss their target.

Jess’s face fell as he tapped his foot and retreated explosively, a huge sense of death looming over her.

“Go to hell!!”

At the next instant, Anya had appeared within 20m of Jess, revealing a savage grin. Her right hand shot out with her nails coiling and twisting like poisonous snakes towards his heart.

A shield appeared in front of Jess to block.

In response, Anya’s nails sliced through the shield like tofu, piercing towards Jess’s chest without any slowing in momentum.

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