God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 751

Seeing Jess about to be pierced by Anya’s claws, a bright red shadow suddenly appeared, sending a fist towards Anya. The impact caused Anya to shoot back towards a building, slamming into the structure.

“It’s her!! She’s actually a Type 4 Divine Warrior. The Leader actually has such an expert with him! Amazing!” Jess turned to look at the red figure with a pale face, discovering her to be Shaxi. His heart leaped with excitement and celebration.

After sending Anya flying with a fist, Shaxi flickered and leaped towards her position.


Duanmu Sheng roared out as he sent a number of sharp spikes up from the ground.

Shaxi’s fists were full of power, sending them crashing into the spikes like they were nothing. Her charge was valiant, and it seemed nothing could stop in her way.

At this moment, the ground split open, as dust flew everywhere, turning into a sandstorm that blew towards Shaxi, looking like a mini-apocalypse.

With that terrifying sandstorm blanketing her, Shaxi could only choose to retreat.

At this moment, 15 laser beams fired towards Duanmu Sheng, forcing him to twist and evade the incoming assault.

Following his evasion, the raging sandstorm dispersed.

“Fucking human bitch, I’ll kill you!!”

With a roar, Anya charged out from the building, screaming at Shaxi while staring daggers at her.
All of a sudden, Anya felt a sudden sense of danger. She leaped to the side without thinking, as a number of electromagnetic beams shot towards her, one striking her right shoulder and dismembering her entire right arm.

With a grievous injury to her abdomen and her right arm torn, if it were any other human, the person would be dead. However, Anya looked towards the direction of the shot with a savage expression and noticed Yue Zhong staring coldly at her.

Yue Zhong activated his Second Order Stealth, enabling him to sneak an attack on Anya. However, at that instant of his attack, he could not fully repress his killing intent, thus alerting her.

“Fucking human!! You dare injure me!!” Anya was beyond infuriated now, screaming madly. With a flash, she quickly scaled the building next to her, pulling her closer to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong saw Anya’s terrifying speed and his pupils constricted, “Fast! Truly a Type 4 Divine Warrior. Even with such injuries, she still has so much power!”

“Give me your heart!”

In barely 3 seconds, Anya’s ghastly expression appeared before Yue Zhong, reaching out with those sharp claws of hers at his chest.


The moment Anya’s claws pierced through ‘Yue Zhong’, he actually dissolved, turning into dust, leaving behind a bewildered Anya.

“Fool! Go to hell!” Yue Zhong had activated his Second Order Stealth and was hiding in ambush. He laughed coldly and pressed down on a button in his hand.


The remote-controlled explosive beneath Yue Zhong’s clone immediately exploded out, enveloping Anya, causing her to be blasted to one side, taking her remaining arm as well as a leg.

The remote-controlled bomb was this world’s most advanced remote-controlled bomb, meant to deal with RH2s and tanks. Even as Type 4 Divine Warrior, Anya’s flesh was not so tough.

However, her life force was still incredibly strong, even after the explosion claimed a hand and leg, she had not died. Instead, her body laid crumpled on the ground as blood flowed profusely from her wounds.

Yue Zhong went towards her in big strides, discovering that many of her wounds were already healing. Flesh and blood vessels were repairing at a speed visible to the naked eye, as muscle and cells grew out like plants on fast-forward. If there were no other accidents, she would definitely regenerate in 30 minutes.

Of course, such regeneration required a lot of stamina and strength, after 30 minutes, she would be back to herself, but her fighting prowess would definitely be at 50% or less.

Anya’s eyes flashed with fear as she pleaded, “Don’t kill me!! I don’t want to die! Human, let me off. As long as you do, I can guide you to Saint City and wash your blood, allowing you to join us as a Saint Clan member!! At that time, you will be above all other humans, and you can gain any women that you want. You can kill any enemies that you want. You can even activate huge armies of the Saint Clan to crush your enemies! You can also gain eternal life!”

Anya had killed thousands of humans without much thought, but when it came to her imminent demise, she was unwilling, even fearful.

“Relax, I won’t kill you. You still have much use to me!”

One of the Type 4 Puppet Rune flew out from his hands and stuck towards Anya’s forehead.

The moment it entered, Anya’s features began to twist, before she screamed, “Puppet Rune!! This is a Puppet Rune!! You’ve gained the Puppet Box!!”

“Even if you have obtained it, it’s useless!! I’ll never become your puppet!!” Anya continued to scream wildly while her features were twisted, as white light radiated from her, attempting to block the Puppet Rune from entering her.

“It’s useless!” Yue Zhong’s eyes turned cold as he stepped on Anya’ chest, his strength exploding out.

She spat out a mouthful of blood and the Puppet Rune immediately entered her, causing her to struggle with pain.

The twisting and contorting went on for 5 seconds, before the unwillingness and rebellion in her eyes disappeared, leaving only respect and obedience, “Anya greets Master.”

He nodded in satisfaction, before bringing her limbs over to her.
The flesh grew out like tendrils, reconnecting with the broken limbs. Although the Saint Clan had an incredible recovery ability, allowing the limbs to regrow would take up too much strength and stamina.

Since he was done, Yue Zhong turned to look into the distance.

Currently, Duanmu Sheng and Shaxi were engaged in a mad combat against each other. Shaxi’s speed was fast, while Duanmu Sheng could control the ground. Both parties were going all out, and neither was stronger nor weaker than the other.

However, Duanmu Sheng had suffered some heavy injuries when he was falling, while Bai Yi was still assisting Liu Yi Chen and controlling the 8 RH2s to fire at him constantly, forcing him into impossible positions, and injuring him further.

At the moment when Anya was plotted against by Yue Zhong, Duanmu Sheng had managed to spare a look, noticing her at his feet.

“Fuck! Was Anya done in by that male human?”

Seeing this, Duanmu Sheng became incredibly anxious. In front of him, there was a Type 4 Divine Warrior whose strength seemed to be at least 10 or 20% above his. At the same time, he was surrounded by many incredible marksmen, if he continued on like this, there was no chance of survival.

As someone with experience from countless battles, he immediately made a decision, splitting the earth and summoning another sandstorm towards Shaxi.

As she flashed about in order to dodge the sandstorm, it only served to follow her, leaving her no choice but to struggle within.

Duanmu Sheng controlled the ground and could call sandstorms, his power was also recognized as one of the stronger ones among the Saint Clan Type 4 Divine Warriors. As long as he had the ground below him, few could best him in combat.

Duanmu Sheng then made use of the chance to disappear in a gust of wind.

At this time, Anya, who had been lying on the ground, shot out a claw towards Yue Zhong’s chest.

Yue Zhong turned to look at her in disbelief, before spitting out a mouthful of blood and dropped to the ground.

Anya quickly looked up to scream at Duanmu Sheng, “Duanmu Sheng, quick save me!! Otherwise, when I make it back to the Saint Clan City, I’ll be sure to give you hell!!”

He turned to shoot a dirty look at her, hesitating for a moment, before flying over towards her. Anya had a Type 5 existence backing her from her clan, while he was just an ordinary Type 4 Divine Warrior. If he offended her family, he would definitely not have it easy.

He shot over and looked coldly at Yue Zhong’s corpse on the ground, before turning to look at Anya, whose injuries were serious as she curled on the ground. His nose was acute, and he could smell that the blood was definitely Yue Zhong’s, hence, he relaxed.

Anya continued to shout at him, “Carry me!! Take me away from here!! As long as you take me away, I promise not to bug you anymore, and I will get my family to help you!!”

He took a deep breath before replying, “Fine!! As long as you swear not to stick to me, I’ll take you away!!”

Being hounded by her all these years was a nightmare to him, he was not willing to let it continue.

She shouted shrilly, “I swear it!! Quick!! Take me away!! I don’t want to stay here a moment longer.”

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