God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 752

Duanmu Sheng did not hesitate and bent over to pick up the recovering Anya.

All of a sudden, she screamed out, “Watch out!!”

His heart turning cold, Duanmu Sheng swiveled around to look, however, he discovered nothing. A strong sense of foreboding immediately loomed over.

Anya smiled savagely, her sharp nails immediately extending and piercing Duanmu Sheng’s body into two. His body, which could even defend against heavy caliber bullets, was ripped apart, with blood and organs splattering everywhere.

“WHY!!!” Duanmu Sheng roared in anguish, his arms had been shredded apart.

With such a sneak attack at a close distance, Duanmu Sheng had absolutely no way of defending himself.

Yue Zhong, whose abdomen had been split apart, stood right up, his electromagnetic gun pointing at Duanmu Sheng’s chest as he pressed the trigger, “Let me tell you, it’s because she is my puppet, and you will be my next Type 4 puppet as well!”

The electromagnetic beam blasted Duanmu Sheng’s chest, piercing it, as he stared vengefully at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong then pointed and one of the Type 4 Puppet Rune condensed towards Duanmu Sheng’s forehead.

“Puppet Box!! You actually obtained it!! Fuck!! Beast!!”
As the rune entered Duanmu Sheng’s forehead, he began to twist and turn in pain while screaming, before abruptly stopping, his eyes filled with veneration towards Yue Zhong, “Master, I’m Duanmu Sheng!”

“Very good!!” Yue Zhong looked at him and heaved a sigh of relief, his heart overjoyed. Just like this, he gained 2 additional Type 4 Divine Warriors.

Shaxi and Shamie were from the Mutants, while they might be willing to follow him, they were independent contractors, and would not follow Yue Zhong’s every command.

As for now, with Duanmu Sheng and Anya under his control, he could command them to fight, and his combat tactics had more room for improvisation.

With a gust of wind, Shaxi appeared beside Yue Zhong, looking at Duanmu Sheng and Anya with a strange look.

She noticed their abnormal behavior, and could not help but ask with a frown, “What’s with them, Yue Zhong?”

Yue Zhong chuckled, “I’ve used the Puppet Box to control them, they belong to me now.”

Shaxi immediately shot Yue Zhong a cold look filled with killing intent, “The Puppet Box?! I don’t wish to see you using it on us, if I find out that you did so, I’ll kill you!!”

The Puppet Box could condense the Puppet Runes, as long as anyone was controlled by it, unless Yue Zhong allowed it, they would forever remain as Yue Zhong’s puppets. Such a mysterious treasure gave Shaxi some worries, and she did not wish to become his puppet.

Yue Zhong replied with a slight smile, “As long as our partnership is strong, I would definitely not utilize these on you guys.”

Yue Zhong cooperated with the Mutants, on one hand, it was to be on guard against them as well. Based on their savage natures, if they were not careful, his human faction would be torn apart by them.

Shaxi glared coldly at Yue Zhong as a warning before turning around to leave.

Yue Zhong then gave an order to Duanmu Sheng and Anya, “Go kill all the Flesh-Eaters and Vampires in this city!”

The Flesh-Eaters and Vampires within Qing Zhang City were definitely no use to him, hence he did not intend to leave them alive.

“Yes! Master!”

The both of them bowed with respect before disappearing into the dark.

Soon after, the ghastly screams and wails of the numerous Flesh-Eaters and Vampires rang throughout the city.

While Duanmu Sheng and Anya had expended much energy to regenerate themselves, their power was still something way above the Type 2 Divine Warriors within the city. At the same time, their senses were particularly sensitive towards their own race, easily locating them, before tearing them apart.

As for the 8 RH2s, under Bai Yi’s control, they began to scan for and fired at any Flesh-Eaters or Vampires they discovered, tearing them to shreds.

Having handed the cleansing operation to Bai Yi, Yue Zhong went towards the Heavenly Scent Pavilion.

On the way, there were countless limbs, fresh blood and organs spread all over the streets. Yue Zhong saw many dead humans with unwillingness in their eyes. The entire Qing Zhang City had turned into a hell of a slaughterhouse for the humans.

This was the gruesome result of the Hunting Party of the Saint Clan. Once it began, most of the humans would be slaughtered, in order to satiate their bloodlust and hunger.

Yue Zhong took all these in, his heart bursting with fury and sorrow. The humans of this world were truly like cattle, with no control over their fate. Even Young Master Zhao and the rest of the rich playboys were merely pigs for the Saint Clan to kill. There was no sense of security. Of the resistance soldiers, most of them lacked basic knowledge, with no education, and only knew to fight for their lives and survival.

If Earth were to fall into the hands of the Saint Clan, then humans would really have no future anymore, becoming the livestock for the Flesh-Eaters and Vampires.

“Greetings, Master!!”

When Yue Zhong reached the Heavenly Scent Pavilion, he saw an entire row of women of different ages bowing down, welcoming him with a grand fanfare. There were over 500 women, each of them beautiful in their own right.

Mandy Zhang came up to Yue Zhong dressed in a white dress, smiling with a bewitching charm and introduced, “Master, these are all our quality staff from the 4 top brothels.”

Yue Zhong frowned and asked, “How much Eagle Yuan did you managed to amass?”

Mandy Zhang replied without skipping a beat, “Due to time constraint, I’ve managed to gather only 2.5 billion. However, I’ve also gathered plenty of precious gems, gold, silk, crystal horns and nuclei, total worth 1.5 billion. There is also a Type 4 crystal horn among them.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes brightened as he patted her shoulder and praised, “Great! Good job!”

A single Type 4 crystal horn was incredibly precious, Yue Zhong only had 2 with him, now he had 3.

Mandy Zhang’s smiled as her eyes twinkled, “Thank you for your praise Master!!”

The rest of the 3 managing ladies looked at Mandy Zhang with envy, she was able to gain his recognition and praise, her future was sure to be bright.

Yue Zhong handed her a Level 1 Fireball skill, “This is your reward, as long as anyone works hard for me, I will grant them strength and power.”

When Mandy Zhang received the book, she opened it, and the knowledge surged into her. Blanking out momentarily, she then turned towards a fake mountain and started to mutter a curse. A magical array appeared as a fireball flew out, blasting the fake mountain into pieces.

Seeing this, Mandy Zhang was elated and immediately kneeled down, kissing Yue Zhong’s shoes to express her loyalty and excitement, “Thank you for granting me strength, Master!! From now on, I’ll definitely work hard to keep Master satisfied, until the day I die!!”

When all the women saw this, their eyes were filled with a burning desire and envy.

This world was truly more cruel than Earth. Only those with strength could survive. Without it, they would not even be able to drink water, and if they were not careful, they could become food for others. In such a world, strength was everything.

Of the 4 top brothels, there was not a single lady who did not wish to gain strength. If they could, they would break away from the fate of being a toy for men.

Ibis, Annie, and Qi Qing’er all witnessed how Mandy Zhang gained strength, and their hearts were rocked as well, their gazes on Yue Zhong turning hot.

Yue Zhong then ordered, “Get up! Bring some people to go gather resources and vehicles, in 2 hours, we have to leave Qing Zhang City.”

Mandy Zhang stood up, as though she had undergone a rebirth, her gaze filled with confidence and vitality, “Yes! Master!!”

Mandy Zhang swiftly gathered the ladies to spread out to various parts of Qing Zhang City to carry out Yue Zhong’s instructions.

Yue Zhong sat within Heavenly Scent Pavilion, eating some dessert while enjoying Ibis’s massage and Qi Qing’er’s wondrous voice.

One tall and voluptuous lady with blond hair came up to Yue Zhong and asked, “Master, there are some other people who hope to leave with us, are we accepting them?”

Yue Zhong asked, “How many are there? Are the resources we found enough to support us bringing them to Red Rock City?”

The blond-haired lady replied with concern, “There are 4,000 of them, as of now, our total resources can definitely support the move. However, with such a huge movement, there might be problems along the way.”

Yue Zhong responded, “Then accept them, however, make it clear to them before allowing them to join. We are against the Flesh-Eaters and Vampires. If they follow us, it means they are joining us, and they must adhere to every single one of our commands. If they’re not willing, they can leave.”

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