God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Taming Greenie

That green colored seal flashed between the eyebrows of that young green feather eagle. That young green feather eagle’s terrifying gaze towards Yue Zhong became gentle. At last, that green colored rune went inside the mind of the young green feather eagle and disappeared. That young eagle’s eye revealed complete allegiance to Yue Zhong.

After that green rune entered the young eagle’s mind, Yue Zhong issued out an order to that young eagle : “Step aside !”

That Tamer’s technique could tame living creatures and those creatures would attach the most importance to the one who used that technique. Receiving Yue Zhong’s command, that young eagle stepped aside.

Yue Zhong breathed a sigh of relief. Only now did he relax, he could feel the burning pain in his right chest. Even though the life saving plant was suppressing it, from time to time, blood still flowed out. Just now, the fight with that young eagle had caused his injury to further worsen.

Yue Zhong once again clenched his teeth and took out some pain-killers from within his storage ring and swallowed them. He took out some life saving plants and spit its juice on the wound.

Done all this, Yue Zhong turned his head towards those five mutated snake’s corpses, resisting the nausea, from within those five mutated snakes’ corpses , he took out five blood essence red small beads.

Yue Zhong took out a bottle of mineral water from his storage ring and washed those five blood essence, clean and then swallowed all of them.

Soon after those five blood essence entered his stomach, they turned into surging flow of energy and merged with Yue Zhong’s body, strengthening the body.

“You have obtained 18 points of vitality, 3 points of strength.”

As soon as the heat disappeared, a sweet prompt arrived in Yue Zhong’s sea of knowledge.

That prompt had just faded, Yue Zhong felt his right wound chest itching and tingling. His injury, under the help of life saving plant and his own large vitality, began to heal rapidly.

Yue Zhong selected a clean area to sit down, and started panting and gasping while pondering the next course of action.

“This place is not good for staying. must immediately leave, otherwise if that green feather eagle returns, then I will undoubtedly die.”

Yue Zhong rested a moment and looked at that still calm and standing on his side, the young green feather eagle : “From today onward, you shall be called Greenie.”

Because the young green eagle is green colored, Yue Zhong casually decided to name it Greenie. He didn’t have many ideas for a name.

The young green eagle expressionlessly stared at Yue Zhong without showing any special opposition.

He rested a moment, and White Bones separated from his body.

White Bones looked at the nest filled with animal bones. A sharp bone spike shot into one of the mutated beast corpses, and it activated Bone Exploitation Skill.

The Bones of the mutated beasts in the nest were completely absorbed into White Bone’s body. After absorbing several bones within the nest, White Bone’s body immediately condensed piece by piece into an unmatched solid bone armor. At the same time, there was a layer of dull black metal luster like steel.

“Your Summon Special Skeleton bone White Bones strength degree 20.” The Bone Armor model in Yue Zhong’s sea of knowledge made this type of announcement.

[TLN: I believe this is referring to White Bone’s number 2 skill, Bone Strengthening. It is not a Strength stat increase of 20.]

Absorbing the mutated beast bones, White Bones walked over to Yue Zhong’s side. It took its hand and pressed into Yue Zhong’s wound. White Bones activated bone control skill. It forced into and combined with the cracked bone in Yue Zhong’s wound.

Yue Zhong ate a vitality apple, rested a moment, and then went before the six mutated river snake corpses. He activated devil flame and placed all of their skins in his storage ring.

The mutated river snake skin is the best bulletproof material. Yue Zhong tested this in the past. He used rounds below 12.7 millimeters as well as all kinds of guns, and they were all unable to pierce the skin at a range of 20 meters. Only the 12.7 millimeter round heavy machine gun could pierce through it.

The mutated river snake skin didn’t lose out to his level three defensive clothes after being turned into armor. Only it didn’t have the level three defensive clothes’s additional stats.

These six mutated river snake skins were a small fortune to Yue Zhong. He could upgrade his subordinate’s defensive ability several levels after it was turned into armor.

Yue Zhong searched around the nest, but he didn’t find any additional treasure. He finally said to the young green eagle tamed by him: “Let’s go Greenie!”

Yue Zhong turned to White Bones and commanded: “Make a bridge allowing me to go down!”

A spirit flame flashed in the eyes of White Bones. He extended out a hand, and bone spike after bone spike shot out of his right arm. The spikes wounded their way into the mountain below.

Strip after strip of bone spike shot into the mountain from White Bone’s body, and it formed into a bone ladder.

Yue Zhong jumped down from the nest, and he climbed down moving along the bone spike ladder.

The green eagle tamed by Yue Zhong was also extremely intelligent. It jumped down along the bone bridge made by White Bones.

Yue Zhong and Small Green each descended down the ladder. One of the bone spikes then retracted into the body of White Bones, and then it once again shot out into the cliff wall. They advanced forward like this. Yue Zhong and Small Green were able to descend down the hundred meter high bird nest in a short of amount of time, then they quickly entered into the dense forest running far away.

“Chi Yang!! Yue Zhong was snached by a huge eagle!! Quickly go find him!!” Lu Wen anxiously said. She had rushed into Stone Horse Village and found Chi Yang in command.

Guo Yu also followed behind Lu Wen. Her big beautiful eyes had anxiety written all over them.

Chi Yang’s brows wrinkled. He said to Lu Wen: “Explain what happened.”

Lu Wen told the whole story of Yue Zhong being snatched away by the eagle to Chi Yang.

She begged Chi Yang: “Chi Yang, quickly take people to rescue Yue Zhong!! I’m begging you!”

Chi Yang who had assumed office and had continuously fought battles is accepted number two evolver under Yue Zhong.

Chi Yang was silent a moment, then slowly said at last: “No! I can’t leave this place!”

Lu Wen’s eyes flashed with disbelief. Both angry and worried she said: “Why? Aren’t you the most sworn follower of Yue Zhong? Why aren’t you going to rescue him??”

Chi Yang coldly said: “Yue Zhong handed this place over to me so that I could maintain peace and order. If I left at this time then the peace and stability could possibly turn into chaos. Yue Zhong wouldn’t wish for me to take people out to search for him. Furthermore, we don’t have a clue where he is. Where do you want me to go to find him?”

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