God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 754

Floxenia felt touched, no one had ever said anything like that to her before. Because of her power, everyone else had ostracized and bullied her.

In truth, if it wasn’t for Yue Zhong becoming a leader of a faction as well as his strength, had it been him before the apocalypse, he would definitely not take the initiative to get close to someone like her. After all, he also had his deepest thoughts that he would rather remain private. However, with his position and strength now, it was entirely different. His perspective and attitude to things were different now, thus he valued Floxenia a lot.

She stared at Yue Zhong and asked, “What if I don’t agree?”

He looked at her and did not bother hiding anything, “I will try my best to convince you, however, if you keep rejecting me, there will come a day I’ll have to kill you, or turn you into a puppet. Your power is too dangerous and precious, if I can’t get it, then no one else can. With your ability, there’s no need for me to lie to you. In fact, I’m not a saint anyway! Oh right, my name is Yue Zhong!”

With her ability, it did not matter if he tried to lie, she would be able to tell. Hence, he did not want to as well.

Floxenia immediately hugged back tightly like a cat, “Ok! Then I am willing to become yours, and employ my ability as your desire! In exchange, you cannot abandon me! Hug me tight and let me feel your warmth!”

Yue Zhong had a look of delight as he hugged this little girl tightly, “Alright!! Once we reach our destination, I’ll let you take a good bath.”

With her ability, Yue Zhong would be able to clear up any traitors or potential rebels.

A fortress could be broken from the inside, with over 100,000 subordinates, there would definitely be a few that were not aligned with him. In fact, many were still hiding their claws, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

With Floxenia’s help, Yue Zhong would be able to weed out the traitors and spies, at the same time, better understand what his subordinates thought.

Mind-reading was an ability most people of authority hoped to have, with it, they could tell who was loyal and who had hidden motives.

Yue Zhong currently hoped to gain more trustworthy and loyal subordinates instead of people who were strong. That was because those with the ability would tend to be ambitious, if Yue Zhong granted them any power, by the time he headed back to base, the master would have changed.

Jess and his men came over, and when he saw Floxenia in Yue Zhong’s arms, his eyes flashed with a strange glint, “Leader, this is…?

Floxenia suddenly spoke up, “Brother Yue Zhong, this man hopes that you don’t get too smitten with women, even if you do want to vent your desires, he hopes you vent them on normal women, not young girls. He has mistaken you to be a lolicon. However, he is extremely loyal to you, and is concerned about you, and hopes that you can truly become the savior of this world!”
When Jess heard this, he felt like the sky had darkened, and his expression turned pale. He recoiled in horror, after all, who would feel good about having their inner thoughts revealed?

Floxenia then turned her gaze towards Liu Yi Chen, “This woman called Liu Yi Chen likes you, Brother Yue Zhong. She hopes that when you do ‘it’ with her, you can spank her with her whip, and step on her face, and trod on her dignity. Although she presents a Queen-image, she actually likes to submit. She hopes for you to conquer her and humiliate her. She is also very loyal to you.”

Liu Yi Chen’s face turned pale, but at the same time, there was a flush to her face. She felt everyone looking at her. Although she was dressed, at that moment, it felt that she was laid bare naked for everyone to see. At the same time, in her sense of shame, there was a sense of joy.

Many strange gazes fell upon Liu Yi Chen. The soldiers never expected this high and mighty Queen-like character to have such a strange mindset.

Floxenia’s gaze then turned to Annie, saying, “This woman called Annie hopes to use her body to charm you into giving her strength. She is full of respect for you, but would not hesitate to use her body in exchange for your protection. She hopes to become the wife of the leader, earning respect and fear, and revels in authority and fame. However, her body is truly soft, and she is able to do all kinds of positions. This is where her confidence lies in.”

Annie’s innocent features contorted in fear as she shrieked, “Enough!! Enough!! You monster!! Monster!!”

Floxenia then turned to Qi Qing’er, “This woman respects you a lot, Brother Yue Zhong, and she doesn’t harbor any hopes of gaining authority. She just has pure respect for you as a subordinate. At the same time, if you want her body, she would not reject, purely because that’s the law of this world, it has nothing to do with love or lust. She is a woman with not much hope, and goes with the flow.”

Qi Qing’er looked at Floxenia indifferently, not saying anything.

Of the 4 top courtesans, 3 of them followed Yue Zhong, with Liu Yi Chen and Qi Qing’er decided by Yue Zhong, while Annie followed of her own accord.

Now that Jess and the 3 women had been laid bare by Floxenia, the rest could not help but take a step back, eyeing the girl in Yue Zhong’s embrace with fear. In their eyes, she was more terrifying than a demon, as none of their thoughts were safe from her.

Yue Zhong eyed Annie and spoke coldly, “Things are like that now! Floxenia can read minds, and she belongs to me, and she is a treasure. Annie, apologize right now!!”

Yue Zhong’s voice turned chilly, and Annie immediately felt a sense of fear, apologizing with a slight unwillingness, “Sorry, Floxenia, I shouldn’t have said that.”

After that, 2 streams of tears flowed down her eyes, as she felt wronged.

Yue Zhong ruffled Floxenia’s hair and chuckled, “Floxenia, you shouldn’t have done that as well. Don’t just speak out everybody’s thoughts, this would make it awkward. From now on, whatever you hear, try not to speak it out, unless it has to do with betraying or treachery.”

Mind-reading was truly an overpowered ability. Because Floxenia was still young, she did not know how to limit her words, as long as someone was around to guide her, she could exhibit this power to its fullest potential.

Floxenia nodded lightly, “OK!”

Annie looked at Floxenia with envy and jealousy, hoping for the same kind of treatment. That way, she could stand to enjoy the high life.

Jess then pointed to the rest of the survivors who were still shell-shocked, “Leader, what do we do with them?”

The survivors numbered about 400 when they were transported to this world, but after being hunted by the Irradiated Devils, they were left with only a hundred or so. Most of the rest had either chosen to flee towards the radiated areas, turning to Irradiated Devils themselves, or were killed.

Yue Zhong then turned to Floxenia.

She quickly replied, “They’re all from Earth.”

Yue Zhong replied, “Go let them know our conditions, if they’re willing, they can come with us, otherwise, they’ll have to find their own way.”


Jess turned around and walked over to the survivors.

These people had no choice when they were teleported from Earth. Without Yue Zhong’s help, they would either die at the hands of the Mutant life forms, or die to the radiation, become Irradiated Devils themselves, or even Mutants.

These Irradiated Devils were life forms that were exposed to radiation and did not die, having a different mutation occurring in them. Their bodies would then be highly dangerous sources of radiation themselves. Many humans in such locations would tend to become Irradiated Devils. Mutants are a result of consuming too much radiated water or food in moderate or low areas of radiation.

After taking in those people, under Jess’s lead, the entire group began to head further into the ruins.

After walking for about 2km, Yue Zhong and the rest came to a street full of old, dilapidated buildings.

A group of soldiers walked out from a dark alley with assault rifles, theirs weapon trained on Yue Zhong’s group while their gazes wary, “Who are you people?”

Jess took a step forward and announced, “I’m the Chief of the Eastern Division, Jess!”

The leader came up and looked at Jess with suspicion, as well as the other survivors behind, “So it’s Chief Jess, I’m Zhang Xing, who are the rest behind you?”

Jess ordered, “These people agreed to join the Resistance. Go settle them in. Bring me to the headquarters!!”
“Yes, sir! Come with me” Zhang Xing replied and prepared to lead Jess further in.

“Isn’t this Jess? I heard you brought Gong Fei to the Eastern Division to take over the 3rd Branch, how come only you are back?”

A voice full of sarcasm rang out, as 3 men and 1 woman walked over.

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