God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 755

The leader was a burly man with a head of red, fiery hair. Every motion of his seemed to exude a bearing of a ruler. Beside him, there was another burly man with ordinary looks and blue hair. On the other side of the blue-haired guy, was a man with spiky hair, and shifty looks.

There was one more lady in black leather, her smoking hot body accentuated through her clothes, and she looked extremely beautiful due to her mixed-blood heritage.

Lisa came up to Yue Zhong and whispered, “The one with red hair is Blazing Flames King Yan. He is the Chief of the Western Division. The blue-haired guy beside him is his best friend Human-Tank Ken. The woman is Snowstorm Queen Sima Bing, and she is the Chief of the Southern Division. The man with spiky hair and braids is TuoTuo Mu, he is an ardent chaser of Sima Bing, and also one of the core personnel of the Southern Division.”
Jess ignored Yan’s question and asked indifferently, “Where’s Gong Chang Tian?”

Yan grinned while sweeping a glance over Yue Zhong and the rest, “He’s in the meeting room. Jess, why don’t you introduce us to these few gentlemen?”

Sima Bing and TuoTuo Mu also looked towards Yue Zhong, they had already discovered his extraordinary aura. Furthermore, Jess had been walking behind him when they came in, with a look of respect, causing them to be suspicious.

Jess spoke slowly, “This is the prophesied savior from our predecessors over hundreds of years ago. He is Yue Zhong, the man who has the God’s Imprint. I’ve brought the entire Eastern Division to submit to him. This time, I’m here to announce this fact to you guys.”

When they heard this, Yan’s face changed as his voice turned hoarse, “What? Does he possess the God’s Imprint? How is that possible? It should only be a legend!!”

Ken, TuoTuo Mu, and Sima Bing were all taken aback as well, their expressions of disbelief.

The prophecy had passed down over hundreds of years, many had already long since not taken it seriously. Only the lower rungs of the organization still believed strongly in it. At the same time, it was a tool for the Resistance to recruit new blood. With hope, humans would struggle. If despair was the only result no matter how much they fought, then no one would join them at all.

Hearing Jess proclaim this and recognize Yue Zhong’s status, Yan and the rest felt threatened, because they knew that Jess was definitely not someone who would just believe blindly.

Yue Zhong stepped forward and pulled up his right sleeve, revealing the God and Devil Imprint, “This is the God’s Imprint!”

Zhang Xing, who was leading them to the meeting room, and was part of the lower rungs of the organization, had a huge change of expression, his gaze towards Yue Zhong now filled with veneration and respect.

When Yan saw it, his face turned pale, and he immediately stretched out his right hand to attack viciously, “God’s Imprint? You must be an imposter!! Let me tear off this mask of yours!!”

If Yan could take down Yue Zhong, then he could prove that this guy was some fluke, and could deal a huge blow to Yue Zhong’s faith.

To Yan, he was unable to accept someone who had not contributed anything and could just stand on top of them just because of some unfounded prophecy.

Yue Zhong drawled indifferently, “No need to kill him, just teach him a lesson!”

When Yan heard those words, his fury erupted, and a huge ball of flames that could melt even steel enveloped his fist. He intended to teach Yue Zhong a lesson.

Sima Bing saw the flames and her face fell, bringing up her own icy cold frost to grab towards Yan’s hands, “Yan! You can’t do this!!”

Sima Bing did not mind having Yan test Yue Zhong’s strength, however, she was not willing to have Yue Zhong killed. After all, she was also in a dilemma towards the prophecy. She hoped that it was real, but at the same time, she was not willing to submit to a stranger who came out of nowhere.

At this time, Duanmu Sheng, who had been standing beside Yue Zhong quietly like a shadow, suddenly struck out. He only executed 2 moves, stepping forwards once, and his hand struck out at Yan’s body.

In an instant, a terrifying force exploded out, and Yan was sent flying back, slamming into a wall violently. He spat out a mouthful of blood, his injuries apparently heavy.

A Type 4 Divine Warrior was way above what a Type 3 Divine Warrior could handle. Based on Duanmu Sheng’s strength, in a face-to-face contest, he had the confidence to kill Yan in a single move.

“Yan!!” Ken saw Yan being struck heavily and he could not help but roar out in anger, and his muscles tensed up. In such a state, he could withstand even the force of heavy caliber bullets, and his speed could surpass the sound barrier.

With a flash of a shadow, Duanmu Sheng instantly appeared in front of Ken and sent a slap across his chest.

Ken, this huge man over 2m tall with muscles rippling, was immediately sent flying towards a wall, as he spat out a mouthful of blood and slid down while looking at Duanmu Sheng with shock and fear.

“Type 4 Divine Warrior!!!”

Simba Bing and TuoTuo Mu stared at Duanmu Sheng in shock, after witnessing him defeating 2 of the top warriors of the Resistance so easily. Their bodies tensed in shock as well in preparation for combat.

Type 4 Divine Warriors were truly powerful existences, just one could easily decimate the entire Resistance. Even if they were to utilize all sorts of traps, they could at most cause the entire base to destruct and perish together with this Type 4 Divine Warrior.

Jess replied, “That’s right! Duanmu Sheng is a Type 4 Divine Warrior and used to be an expert of the Saint Clan, but he had already been controlled by Leader Yue Zhong through the legendary Treasure of Hope: Puppet Box! He is a puppet that listens and obeys to every command of Leader Yue Zhong!”

Duanmu Sheng was an expert of the Saint Clan, with the Resistance gathering their talents, it would not be an issue ascertaining his identity. Yue Zhong could only make use of this method to win over support from the Resistance.

No one would follow a weak person, even if he or she was the prophesied leader. Initially, Luo Chen had witnessed Yue Zhong’s strength for himself, in addition to the God’s Imprint, that was why he decided to recognize him. If Yue Zhong was a trash, then even if he had the Imprint, no one would have handed him their authority.

Everyone’s gazes fell upon Yue Zhong.

He chuckled lightly and barked, “Duanmu Sheng, kneel!”

Duanmu Sheng immediately got down on his knees with a blank look, just like a puppet.

After being controlled by the Puppet Rune, while those still retained their strength and memories, they had no way of disobeying their master, at the same time, there was no possibility of having any dissatisfaction or disloyalty.

Seeing the Type 4 Divine Warrior kneeling in front of everybody, they were all shocked.

A Type 4 Divine Warrior was an expert that received respect wherever they went. In the entire Resistance, there was not a single Type 4 Divine Warrior. Such an expert actually kneeled down with a single command from Yue Zhong. This showed his dominance completely, and no one dared to suspect his might.

Sima Bing looked at Yue Zhong with a strange glint and asked slowly, “The Treasure of Hope: Puppet Box should be a weapon that our initial leaders had used against the Flesh-Eaters. Who would have thought that it had ended up in your hands? With its might, it should be easy to control a Type 4 Divine Warrior.”

TuoTuo Mu’s countenance flickered constantly before he finally smiled at Yue Zhong, “Yue Zhong, can you let us take a look at this fabled Treasure of Hope?”

Floxenia, who was in Yue Zhong’s arms, immediately whispered, “Brother Yue Zhong! He wants to take a look and find the opportunity to snatch it away. In fact, he’s a spy sent from the Saint Clan! He had already exposed the location of this headquarters to the Flesh-Eaters.”

Yue Zhong was astounded and quickly barked at TuoTuo Mu, “TuoTuo Mu! When is the Saint Clan attacking this headquarters?!”

TuoTuo Mu felt rocked by the sudden interrogation and could not stop his thoughts from flowing, but he maintained a bewildered look, “Yue Zhong, what are you talking about? I don’t understand what you’re saying!”

Floxenia continued to whisper, “The attack is due to happen in 2 hours, simultaneously against all divisions of the Resistance. Due to the Seed of Hope among the humans, that is to say, the prophesied savior, the Saint Clan does not want to leave the Resistance alone any longer as festering cancer. At the same time, one of the Seeds of Hopes from Africa on Earth has already landed in their hands.”

If TuoTuo Mu were not thinking of these, Floxenia could not possibly peer into everything, but once his thoughts were nudged, they would all be laid bare for her to read.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a cold, cruel light, as he ordered, “Fuck!! 2 hours? Duanmu Sheng, capture TuoTuo Mu and tear his limbs off!”

“Yes! Master!!” Duanmu Sheng’s eyes glimmered viciously, and without any warning, 2 sharp spikes burst out under TuoTuo Mu, directly through his legs.

TuoTuo Mu grabbed onto those spikes with fear and screamed out, “AH!!! Chief!! Save me!! Yue Zhong is mad!! No!! He must be a spy from the Saint Clan!! He wants to kill us all!!”

“Stop!!” Sima Bing immediately barked out, and raised her hands, as a white, frosty energy shot towards Duanmu Sheng.

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