God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 756

Duanmu Sheng remained impassive as he waved his hands, sending a wall of earth to block the oncoming frost. When the frost came in contact with the earthen wall, it turned into a huge ice block.

Duanmu Sheng flashed and appeared before TuoTuo Mu, his hands clawing out and tore off his arms easily. With a swipe of his legs, TuoTuo Mu’s legs were also shattered by that obscene force.
“AHHH!” With his limbs dismembered, TuoTuo Mu screamed out in an inhumane manner.

The hearts of Yan, Ken, and Sima Bing all turned cold upon witnessing this gory scene.

Especially Yan, whose thoughts went to the slap just now from Duanmu Sheng. Had he not been merciful, he would have died already.

Sima Bing’s expression turned incredibly icy as she stared at Yue Zhong, her power flowing from her body, “Yue Zhong, what the fuck are you doing? Are you really a spy from the Saint Clan?!”

Yue Zhong replied solemnly, “Keep your cool, Sima Bing! TuoTuo Mu is a traitor from the Saint Clan, he had already given all the information to them!! In 2 hours, they’re sending their armies to eradicate us!! We are already in grave danger, and we have to leave now!”

Sima Bing was not convinced, instead, retorting coldly, “Where’s the proof that TuoTuo Mu is a spy?”

Yue Zhong glanced at TuoTuo Mu and asked indifferently, “Where’s the proof?”

TuoTuo Mu’s eyes were red as he wailed, “I’m not any fucking spy!!! You set me up!! You’re the spy!! Bing, I’ve followed you for so long, how can you not know me?! If I were truly a spy, you would have landed in their arms a long time ago!! Yue Zhong is the true traitor, his motive here must be to cause an internal strife. Who knows, Jess might already have come under his control!!”
Under his incredible acting, all the resistance soldiers immediately felt wary, casting grave looks towards Yue Zhong.

After all, humans would tend to trust those they knew better while maintaining wariness towards others. The Resistance was the same, they would choose to believe somewhat they fought alongside rather than Yue Zhong.

It was especially so for Sima Bing, who had fought alongside TuoTuo Mu through countless battles. Although she did not view him as a lover, she did recognize him as an important partner.

Floxenia whispered, “In the inner pocket on the left side of his clothes, there’s a U-plate, on it, there are the records of all the chiefs of the various Divisions.”

Yue Zhong laughed lightly, “Sima Bing, if you don’t believe me, you can go search his inner pocket on the left side yourself. Check it and see what it says.”

This time, TuoTuo Mu’s face finally broke as he began to shout anxiously, “Bing, don’t believe him!! I have nothing on me!! Even if there is, it must be planted by him!! Don’t believe him!!”

“If there really isn’t anything, I will not let you off, even if you are the prophesied savior!! I will not let you get away with hurting my partner like that!!” Sima Bing shot Yue Zhong an icy glare, as she reached into TuoTuo Mu’s pockets. Her expression fell, as she pulled out a U-plate.

TuoTuo Mu turned ashen as he stared at the U-plate and continued to mutter, “He set me up!! He set me up!! Bing, believe me!! You must believe me!!”

Sima Bing’s gaze flashed as she summoned a soldier to bring a handheld computer. She loaded up the U-plate and immediately, the information inside was displayed.

Inside the U-plate, all the information including personality, strength, position, family members as well as other vital details about the top brass of the Resistance was given. Besides the information, there were even TuoTuo Mu’s personal comments on each of the leaders. Other than that, there was a huge picture of Sima Bing herself.

Sima Bing’s countenance seemed to flare as she swiveled around and roared, “WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?!”

TuoTuo Mu had a miserable look as he groaned, “Grant me a quick death!!”

Sima Bing was pale as she gasped for breath while speaking coldly, “Why?!! When I’ve always trusted you??!!”

TuoTuo Mu’s face contorted into a savage and mad look, “You trust me, but you can’t give me what I want!! I can’t get clean water, I can’t play with beautiful women, I can’t lead a stable life!! I don’t want to hide and scurry around like a rat!! Unable to eat full meals, no warm clothes, no ladies!! What’s more, what I want most is you!! You view me as a partner, but cruelly reject my advances!!! This is the main reason why I chose to betray the organization!!! I want you, no matter what, I MUST HAVE YOU!! EVEN IF IT MEANS SELLING MY SOUL TO THOSE FLESH-EATERS!!!”

The Resistance had always been in a situation where resources were lacking. Each time the Saint Clan launched an attack, they would be forced to retreat over and over again. After all, they weren’t a match for the Saint Clan. Even TuoTuo Mu and the rest who were leaders, they had times where even they could not eat their fill and had to consume irradiated water. Many of the middle-management had consumed large quantities of irradiated water, turning them into Mutants or even Irradiated Devils.

Because of this, many middle-management had already started to turn to the other side, becoming spies and traitors in exchange for a better life. Without a resolute goal, nor a symbol of hope, it was easy for people to betray.

She looked at TuoTuo Mu with an icy look and congealed a sharp, ice pick in her hand, slamming it into his brain, directly killing him, “You make me sick!!”

After that, she turned to look at Yue Zhong, “Thanks, Yue Zhong. I would like to know though, how did you find out?”
Yue Zhong chuckled indifferently, “Since I’m the savior, naturally, I have some mysterious abilities. Now that the traitor is taken care of, let’s go have a good chat with President Gong.”

Yue Zhong had a Type 4 Divine Warrior as well as some strange method to weed out TuoTuo Mu, this caused all of the soldiers from the Resistance to look at him with renewed respect and idolization.

Even Yan and Ken, who were dissatisfied with Yue Zhong, had no choice but to accept the reality.

Within the meeting hall, Gong Chang Tian and his buddy Lance were seated at the main seats.

The moment Yue Zhong entered the hall, Gong Chang Tian stood up, saying, “How do you do! Yue Zhong, I’m Gong Chang Tian! I’ve been briefed on your matters. From today on, our Resistance will be your loyal subordinate.”

Yue Zhong was stunned for a while as he carefully assessed Gong Chang Tian.
Gong Chang Tian was the highest authority of the Resistance, although the other 3 Divisions were all independent, he was truly the one in control. A person that could get to this point would not be simple, and would definitely be characters of grit and abilities. Yue Zhong was surprised that this person would give up his power.

Gong Chang Tian chuckled bitterly, “Leader, before you came, I was also skeptical of the prophecy. However, since the Treasure of Hope is in your hands, then we humans can only gather under your banner and lead, in order to deal with the Saint Clan. For the sake of our humankind, I’m willing to become a subordinate to you. My son has a poor personality, and that was my fault as a father. I hope that Leader can return him to me, I promise to guide him properly, and get him back on the right track.”

Yue Zhong saw that Gong Chang Tian was so forthright, and could only smile lightly, “Alright!!”

Gong Chang Tian had given up his power, instantly placing Yue Zhong as the highest authority.

In fact, if Yue Zhong truly wanted to gain control over everyone, he would still need some time.

Yue Zhong asked, “Gong Chang Tian, it is a critical situation now, our base has been exposed, and we need to move, now. In 2 hours, the Saint Clan’s army would arrive. Do you have any suggestions?”

Gong Chang Tian was, after all, more familiar with the base, it was strategy and tactic to seek his opinion.

Gong Chang Tian presented his views, “We should immediately evacuate all members, allowing them to leave their separate ways. There are over 10,000 people. If we want to organize a retreat, it would be impossible. As for the base, let’s set the automatic self-defense to self-destruct when they are here.”

Sima Bing was reluctant, “Leaving on our own, that will cause many to perish!!”

The Ruins were a dangerous area, and many of the people were families of the Resistance. If they were to travel on their own, there would definitely be many casualties.

Gong Chang Tian sighed deeply, “Sima Bing, this is the best we can do! Our strength is too weak!”

Sima Bing was speechless, but she knew the truth, they were too weak compared to the Saint Clan.

Yue Zhong made his choice, “Since this is the case, immediately evacuate them. Send the soldiers to protect the family members. Leave the self-destruction of the base to me, as well as the control of the mainframe.


Gong Chang Tian responded and swiftly went to carry out Yue Zhong’s orders.

Not long after, from the Resistance base, humans began to pour out like ants, frantically making their way towards different directions. Every one of them carried some resources with them, escorted by soldiers with experience as they fled for their lives.

After more than an hour, 300 heavy aircraft carriers appeared in the skies, together with 100 assault helicopters and 400 heavy bombers.

800 aircraft filled the skies, blocking out the sunlight like a huge flock of Mutant Birds, looking extremely frightening.

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