God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 757

800 aircraft, even a country from prior to the apocalypse would not be able to pull out such a fleet.

Within the 800 aircraft, there was a huge, steel ship that looked like a fortress suspended in air, of about 300m length. It had countless cannons pointing out of its sides, and the sight of it would leave enemies despairing.
Inside the steel ship, it was renovated with plenty of resplendent pearls and precious jewels, with lush carpets laid on the ground, and the entire interior looked extremely luxurious.

The table, sofa, and even bar were all made out of gold, shining brightly. A number of beautiful women were kneeling in two rows, enhancing the look of the interior.

On the couch that was cast in gold, there were 7 men and 3 women. They were either sampling fresh blood or flirting around with handsome men and beautiful women with casual looks.

One particular young male in jeans and his golden hair in a ponytail, held a glass of virgin blood, sipping quietly, “Seems like information on our attack was leaked, look at all the fleeing bugs.”

Inside this huge airship, there was a large display, showing the feed of the humans fleeing within the ruins below.

The people of the Resistance had plenty of experience escaping, however, with the airships above scanning below, many were still discovered.

One muscular black man, who was chewing on some bubblegum asked, “Who wants to go down and play? This is a rare Hunting Party. Hunting these people of the wild would definitely be more interesting than those in the cities.”

A handsome young man with spectacles and black hair spoke with a cold expression, his expression impassive, “Friday!! We are not here to play! This time, it is to wipe out the lowly Resistance, Sir Sitolius is watching us.”

Friday shrugged, ” Xiangma Yiming, don’t be such a prude! I was just joking. I’ll definitely carry out the mission well.”

Sitolius was a respected and strong Type 5 Divine Warrior of the Saint Clan. Of the 10 million experts in the Saint Clan, only 30 of them had a strength of a Type 5 Divine Warrior. Such an expert had a lofty position.

Xiangma Yiming’s face sunk, “Everyone, pay attention. Sir Sitolius is just here to hold the fort. We have so many Type 4 Divine Warriors here, if we still have to request for his assistance, it will be our eternal shame.”

A beautiful lady with blond hair and blue eyes, a sexy and voluptuous body, dressed in black leather shorts, black bra, her makeup thick and heavy, laughed out in an alluring manner, “Relax, Xiangma Yiming! We have 10 Type 4 Divine Warriors here. The strongest warrior of the Resistance is only a Type 3 Divine Warrior. I can easily wipe them out.”

Xiangma Yiming swept a gaze across the dozens of strong and handsome men kneeling by the beautiful woman, as he coldly barked, “Bianna, play as you will, don’t get in the way of Sir Sitolius, otherwise, I won’t let you off!!”

“How will you do that, hm? Conquer me in bed? Then you’re just like this fellow, satisfying me with that thing?” Bianna laughed out in an unbridled manner, before reaching out to grab the lower part of one of the men beside her, and crushed down forcefully. He was instantly castrated, as fresh blood flowed from her hand, giving her a cruel and savage aura.

The strong man let out a whimper of pain as he grabbed his private area, thrashing on the ground as blood flowed.

The rest of the men shuddered, their faces pale as ash, but they did not dare move. This woman in front of them might be a beauty, but they knew she was a monster in human skin, and they did not dare antagonize her.

“What’s the matter with you? Why are you screaming? So annoying!!” Bianna frowned at the sight of the man, and with her claws, she instantly tore the head of the man from his body.

Piercing into the skull, Bianna dug out a hole and reached out with her tongue to suck the inner contents.

The rest of the men had looks of anguish, knowing that their plight was the same. The more she favored a man, the earlier he was eaten. The rest who were not as liked would lead hellish lives, and killed in the end.

A boy of about 12 showed a cute smile, “Bianna’s eating manner is still so crude! Oh yea, Jonas, I heard that one of the Seeds of Hope among the humans have appeared, and was captured by you. Is his head still with you?”

“It’s right here! The planet we’re about to invade is called Earth. It’s filled with zombies, Mutant Beasts, and Mutant Plants. Their combat strength is weak there, the strongest of the humans reaching only about a Type 3 Divine Warrior. Most of their infrastructures have been destroyed as well. The only organization that could pose a threat to us is called the Kingdom of God. They had already recovered most functions of society, and conquered a few cities, with 12 Type 3 Divine Warriors called Apostles. Their technology isn’t too high, but they have nuclear weapons, capable of turning the entire planet into a wasteland. Once we go over, we must get those nuclear weapons first, then the planet would belong to us.”

A blond man with an evil and maniacal expression pulled out a glass box beside him, tearing the cloth away, revealing a head of a black man, whose expression was forever frozen in fear.

The young boy had a strange look as he asked, “Type 3 Divine Warriors are the peak over there? That planet is truly weak. Oh yea, Jonas, where is the God and Devil Imprint on that human? Can I see?”

Upon hearing that term, the 9 other Type 4 Divine Warriors almost ceased their breathing and cast their gazes on Jonas.

The God and Devil Imprint held many secrets and untold power. Legends had it that the Ancient Clan Type 6 Divine Warriors had reached their levels because they obtained the imprints, breaking through the Type 5 barrier.

The 10 Type 4 Divine Warriors present were all above 100 years but had no means of breaking through to the Type 5 stage. In truth, the Type 5 Divine Warriors were old antiques left from the first War, and in the new generations of the Saint Clan, there had only been one genius who struggled hard within a heavily irradiated zone to suddenly become a Type 5 Divine Warrior. Most of them peaked at Type 4 and stuck there.

It was because of this that everyone looked forward to seeing the legendary God and Devil Imprint.

Jonas had a look of pity flash past his eyes as he spoke mildly, “I’ve already given it to His Holy Majesty Carlman.”

Upon hearing that name, everyone became quiet.

The Holy Majesty Carlman was the Ancestor of the Saint Clan, with a Type 6 Divine Warrior strength. A long time ago, it was he and a few other Type 6 Divine Warriors who banded together to crush the human resistance, allowing the Saint Clan to become the rulers of this world.

In this world, other than a few terrifying Type 6 Mutant Beasts, no one was his match. And while those Type 6 Mutant Beasts had insane strength, they were mostly in some obscure places, with no interest in the power struggles of the world. Hence, they were no threat to Carlman. It could be said that Carlman was at the pinnacle of this world. If any of the Type 4 Divine Warriors even though of betraying his will, there would only be death.

Xiangma Yiming ordered coldly, “The orders from Saint City are to kill every single human from the Resistance, not allowing a single one to escape. Bianna, go lead a 100 RH2s to surround those in the East. Xi Meng, you take a 100 to surround those in the West. Zhang Li, go to the North, Samo, you take the South. Hua Du, go lead 100 RH2s and 200 Type 3 Divine Warriors to attack the base.”



The 5 Type 4 Divine Warriors who were picked up immediately dropped whatever they were doing and entered a combat-ready state.

5 smaller aircraft swiftly departed from the floating fortress towards all 4 directions.

The large fleet also began to descend under the cover of the assault helicopters, as they landed, many RH2s disembarked.

5 armies made up of robots quickly got in formation, galloping towards 5 different locations.

The speed of the RH2s was fast, quickly chasing up to those fleeing Resistance soldiers. The cannons uncurled out of their hatches and began to unleash hell upon those unfortunate humans.

Among the soldiers, many tried to make use of the terrain to engage the RH2s. However, their weapons were too inadequate, their bullets unable to pierce the armor of those RH2s. Furthermore, due to the advanced sensors, once they were within the scanning range, they had no way of evading the rain of bullets.

The moment the battle started, the Resistance began to lose many soldiers, as they crumbled apart, turning into corpses.

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