God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 758

Yue Zhong watched the Flesh-Eaters launching an assault on the base and frowned, “Crafty bastards, they actually use such a small force to attack the headquarters!”

Hua Du had been extremely careful to deploy only 40 RH2s and a hundred Type 3 experts to attack, not dumping all of his troops. At the same time, Hua Du himself stood far away, with no intention of getting closer.

Gong Chang Tian laughed bitterly, “That’s natural. We had self-destructed a base before, killing a Type 4 Flesh-Eater in the process. That was the only time we managed to eliminate one. With this lesson, they are definitely more careful. Furthermore, our strength is weak, if you weren’t here, these units that he sent is more than enough to wipe us out.”

40 RH2s and 100 Type 3 Flesh-Eaters, such a force was truly more than sufficient to wipe out the Resistance. After all, though the Resistance had 10,000 people, there were only 3,000 soldiers, of which, not even 10 were at a Type 3 Divine Warrior level.

Any Type 3 Divine Warrior had the ability to fight 100 enemies, and the Resistance had no way of defending against a 100 Type 3 Flesh-Eaters.

In the past, the Resistance had not been eliminated entirely because the Saint Clan did not hold them in regard. Furthermore, they had always been running around, their bases kept secret. With TuoTuo Mu’s betrayal, it had changed everything, thus the Flesh-Eaters to wipe them out once and for all.

Just this small troop of the Saint Clan surpassed what the Resistance could handle. Without Yue Zhong, there would only be death for them.

Of course, this was because the Saint Clan was in power, and had no enemies. Without enemies, they could casually deploy their armies, and not have to worry about defense.

Yue Zhong watched the displays and declared solemnly, “No other choice, I’ve to act now! Bai Yi!”

“Yes! Master!!”

Bai Yi smiled sweetly before her consciousness went into the electronic systems and unleashed a powerful signal outwards.

The RH2s that were attacking the Resistance suddenly jerked, before all their weapons came out their hatches and under Bai Yi’s adjustments, they began to fire madly at the Type 3 Flesh-Eaters.

The Type 3 Flesh-Eaters were not prepared against the RH2s and were instantly ripped to shreds.

Bai Yi was a super A.I and she could instantly calculate the movements and positions of the Type 3 Flesh-Eaters. With her overpowered calculations, there was no way for them to dodge.

“Damn it!! What’s going on?”

Seeing the RH2s suddenly going berserk, Hua Du’s countenance turned ugly, turning into a flash of light as he continued to dodge the firepower.

“Damn bastard humans, you dare to rebel against our mighty Saint Clan?! Go to hell!!”

Hua Du appeared in front of an RH2, roaring in rage and waving his right hand, as a huge blade of air slashed across the cockpit, slicing the pilot within in two together with the RH2.

After destroying one RH2, Hua Du continued to flicker across the battlefield like a ghost, his right hand slashing out with air blades, destroying RH2s and their pilots.

“Strong!! A Type 4 Divine Warrior is truly not to be underestimated!” In the base, Gong Chang Tian watched how Hua Du was slaughtering the RH2s with ease, and his heart was filled with shock.

Gong Chang Tian felt that he could take on an RH2 as well, but his method would be to deal with the pilot. Furthermore, he would have to expend some energy, unlike Hua Du, taking down RH2s every second.

With the electromagnetic wave sent out by Bai Yi, all the RH2s were gradually affected, falling under Bai Yi’s control. They quickly adjusted their targets and began to attack their commanders.

Caught defenseless, Bianna and the other Type 4 Flesh-Eaters were struck violently. However, due to their status as Type 4 Divine Warriors, they just had to expend some more energy to evade death. After that, they launched their own counterattacks, destroying the RH2s.

Bai Yi’s wave also reached to the skies, causing the numerous aircraft to come under her control.

The fleet began to fly towards the Resistance base, adjusting their cannons to aim at the huge floating fortress.

In a split second, Bai Yi had completely turned the tides, displaying the terrifying might of the Treasure of Hopes.

The wave continued to stretch out towards the huge fortress, if it could end up in Yue Zhong’s hands, then the entire battle could be flipped.

The moment Bai Yi got close to the huge fortress, the mainframe within sounded off an alarm.

Near the computer, a muscular and handsome blond man dressed in a suit was sitting in his seat, his entire being exuding a terrifying aura. He opened his eyes suddenly. This was the Type 5 Divine Warrior holding the fort from the Saint Clan, Sitolius!

“Super A.I! Seems like this Treasure of Hope has ended up in the hands of the humans. We really can’t underestimate these ants.” Sitolius looked at the computer as the alarms continue to ring out, as he reached out with his right hand, instantly dispersing the electromagnetic wave.

Sitolius ordered out solemnly, “Convey my orders, full defense protocol is in play now. Isolate all wavelengths.”

He had just finished speaking and instantly, the exterior of the flying fortress began to extend out with radar systems, blanketing the entire ship, cutting off all interference.

When full defense protocol was up, no electromagnetic wave could hope to penetrate the mainframe of the flying fortress, and Bai Yi could no longer attempt to control the huge ship.

Of course, there was a downside to it, that meant that the entire ship was now deaf and blind, with no means of obtaining information from the battlefield, nor could it send messages. It was relying only on the Saint Clan members piloting the ship.

Like this, the full might of the floating fortress was cut down by at least 70%. However, this was the best way to deal with Bai Yi.

Any mainframes or central computers that were technologically advanced would not be spared from Bai Yi. Initially, the Flesh-Eaters and the Vampires had truly suffered during the war against the humans and had to come up with several measures.

When the full defense protocol was up, Bai Yi knew she could not continue and immediately went to control the rest of the fleet to start firing at the huge floating fortress.

The outer hull of the ship was made with the latest technology using alloys and its toughness and durability were even stronger than tanks. As the bullets and cannons and all sorts of projectiles were slamming against the hull, they caused sparks and fireworks but did not manage to actually damage the ship. Only a few guided missiles managed to blast a small part of the armor away, but due to its thickness, there was no way the missiles could penetrate within a short time.

The 500 RH2s on the ground were also firing their laser beams up at the huge fortress.

When the laser beams struck the ship, they managed to burn through the alloy armor, tearing numerous small holes in the hull.

Sitolius ordered out coldly, “Destroy all enemies!!”

At that moment, countless firearms opened out of the huge fortress, firing countless projectiles towards the surrounding fleet as well as the RH2s on the ground.

Although they lacked the scanning and automatic aim of the central computer, the elite pilots of the Saint Clan made up for it through their terrifying control.

A number of the assault helicopters were instantly blasted and exploded in balls of fire.

The large cannons rained down from the skies, buffeting the RH2s, blasting them into pieces as well.

Yue Zhong looked at the huge fortress with desire in his eyes, “Powerful! If only I can get such a powerful flying fortress!!”

With just that single ship, the Saint Clan was able to fend off the assault from a hundred assault helicopters and a few hundred RH2s. This was under the condition of having their mainframe shut off, and their combat ability decreased to a mere 30%. If it were at its peak, this ship could easily raze the entire Resistance base to the ground.

A number of heavy aircraft descended swiftly, unloading a huge number of RH2s that quickly raise their laser guns and fired into the skies.

With the added firepower, the huge floating fortress began to take more damage.

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