God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 759

Although the floating fortress was strong, under the combined attacks from the RH2s under Bai Yi’s control, it was beginning to get damaged, and it would be a matter of time before it got destroyed.

Sitolius immediately made a decision, “The Super A.I. is really a powerful Treasure of Hope. Xiamgma Yiming, come and command the ship. The rest of you, come with me to go and destroy their ‘hope’.”

“Yes! Sir!”

The other Type 4 Divine Warriors immediately saluted with respect.

The doors of the huge fortress opened, and 5 people leaped down towards the ground.

The moment they exited, countless firepower was already trained on them under Bai Yi’s command, blasting madly.

With a wave of Sitolius’s hand, a shield appeared in his hand, its appearance mysterious and carved with strange runes, the center stuck with a piece of Type 4 Mutant Beast nuclei. The shield suddenly enlarged and the runes flashed out, causing a white light to envelop all of them.

The cannons and bullets struck the bright white light, only to bounce off, leaving a small mark.

The white light slammed into the ground like a shooting star, and 4 Type 4 Divine Warriors immediately charged towards the West.

The speed of the 4 Type 4 Divine Warriors exceeded the sound barrier, quickly charging through the ranks of the RH2s and destroying them.

With a tap of his foot, Sitolius disappeared from his location, appearing right in front of another RH2, and he waved an 8m-long bone whip towards it.

The huge bone whip directly sliced through the RH2, countless metal parts flying.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The loud roars and explosions sounded constantly, as many RH2s were torn apart in two. Even under the control of Bai Yi, the robots had no means of locking down on Sitolius’s position.

It was not that Bai Yi’s calculations were not strong enough, but the speed of the RH2s could not compare with Sitolius at all. After all, the machines had limitations as well.

On the battlefield, many RH2s were exploding from the assault of the powerful Saint Clan members with no way to retaliate.
Inside the underground base, the Resistance soldiers watched this with pale faces. They had known of the terror and might of the Type 4 and Type 5 Divine Warriors. However, at that time when Yue Zhong wrestled control over the RH2s, they were filled with a glimmer of hope. Now, with Sitolius acting, their hopes were instantly dashed. They finally knew why humans ultimately fell even with the support of those Treasures of Hope.

Sitolius’s speed at wrecking the RH2s was even faster than the Type 4s, and he had never even exhibited any special skills, just using the bone whip to tear the robots apart. It was a testimony to his strength and speed.

Gong Chang Tian was pale as he asked, “What now?”

The combat might of Sitolius had completed exceeded Gong Chang Tian’s imagination. Just him alone, with time, he could single-handedly crush all of the Resistance. There was no way they could retaliate at all.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a strange glint as he barked, “Since he came down, let us go up!! Bai Yi!! Stop the laser attacks on the fortress. Focus fire on all the Type 4 Saint Clan members on the ground, and maintain some pressure on the fortress.”

Bai Yi smiled and replied, “Yes! Master!!”

The RH2s that were ignoring everything else and firing their lasers at the floating fortress immediately adjusted their firepower towards the Type 4 Flesh-Eaters. Due to the sudden attack, 2 of them were instantly ravaged by laser beams.

“Move out!!”

Yue Zhong and the rest quickly got on an assault helicopter.

The ground opened up, and the assault helicopter quickly rose up into the sky, making its way towards the flying fortress.

During the hacking attempt, Bai Yi had gleaned some intel, informing Yue Zhong that the Saint Clan had only deployed a single Type 5 Divine Warrior on this mission.

In truth, to quell these Resistance soldiers, all it needed were 3 Type 4 Divine Soldiers. However, they actually sent a Type 5 Divine Warrior, 10 Type 4 Divine Warriors, plus an entire fleet. This showed the importance they attached to the Resistance. If it weren’t for Yue Zhong’s appearance, the Resistance headquarters might have truly been wiped out.

The moment Sitolius came down from the aircraft, it presented an opportunity for Yue Zhong to snatch it.

“You want to steal it huh? What wishful thinking!” Sitolius caught sight of the assault helicopter rising towards the floating fortress, and he sneered coldly. He grabbed a boulder and flung it with force, sending it hurtling towards the assault helicopter like a cannonball.

With his insane strength, under that forceful throw, the huge boulder was even more powerful than an actual cannon, if struck, the assault helicopter was sure to be destroyed.

At this critical juncture, Sima Bing stood up, gritting her teeth to channel her frost ability, forming a huge ice wall in midair.

The huge boulder slammed through the gigantic ice wall, leaving a hole in its wake, while it continued to hurtle towards the helicopter with slightly reduced speed.

“GET LOST!!” Lance roared, and fired out a beam of white light towards the rock, forcefully knocking it away from its trajectory, barely brushing past the assault helicopter.

It took 2 Type 3 Divine Warriors just to move a single throw from Sitolius, and both of them were already pale in their faces, having exerted all their might.

After Sitolius threw that rock, countless cannons and laser guns blasted towards him, forcing his attention away from the assault helicopter.

As a Type 5 Divine Warrior, his flesh body was truly perverse, even cannons would not be able to penetrate his body. However, the impact from all the various firepower would still cause him some distress. Furthermore, he could not withstand the laser beams. Under Bai Yi’s controls, the RH2s had cast a fire net over Sitolius, fully occupying his attention, otherwise, he would likewise suffer.

“Damn, the communications with the aircraft is down.” Sitolius looked up with frustration, but soon threw it to the back of his mind, “There’s still Xiangma Yiming within, those ants, not even a single Type 4 Divine Warrior, they can’t possibly do shit.”

Within the intel of the Saint City, the strongest expert of the human Resistance was only at Type 3 Divine Warrior level, and there were already 200 such experts from the Saint Clan together with Xiangma Yiming on board the fortress. Even if the humans made it up there, it would be suicide.

Sitolius brought his attention back to the battle and started to wreck RH2s, leaving none that he came across intact.

One of the observers on the ship discovered the assault helicopter, and reported, “Sir, there’s a helicopter flying towards us, please advise!”

“These ants actually dare think of stealing the ship? Too bad, I won’t even grant you that hope!” Xiangma Yiming laughed coldly, and ordered, “Fire with all we have, do not let them close!!”


With that order, the floating fortress unleashed a barrage of firepower towards the assault helicopter.

Although they have lost the control of the mainframe computer, and suffered a loss of accuracy, within a close range, the barrage of bullets and cannons still formed a dangerous firenet, as long as the assault helicopter was struck, Yue Zhong and the rest would be blasted to kingdom come.

Facing those projectiles, Yue Zhong immediately summoned a light shield, forming a protection around the helicopter.

The shield managed to block 2 shots before it completely disintegrated, leaving Yue Zhong no choice but to activate another light shield.

Yue Zhong had 20 of these low-level items from the God and Devil System, he gave 10 to his own generals, while he had 10 on himself.

When the 9th shield was destroyed, the helicopter managed to come in contact with the fortress.

At that moment, Jess immediately leaped out and channeled his ability to tear the alloy door open, revealing a hole for them to enter.

The group disembarked and quickly leaped through.

“How is it, Bai Yi? Any chance of controlling the ship?”

When they were in, Yue Zhong pulled out the display and asked solemnly.

Bai Yi shook her head, “Not yet! The main computer on this ship had already been sealed, furthermore, there’s some jamming signal near the mainframe. I can only infiltrate if we come in direct contact with the equipment!”

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