God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 760

Bai Yi spoke quickly, “However, I know the layout clearly, and know where the central location is. Head right!!”

Without any hesitation, Yue Zhong followed Bai Yi’s instructions and ran to the left.

“Hold it right there, damn humans!!”

Yue Zhong and his group had just run forwards about 200m, when 6 Type 3 Flesh-Eaters appeared, pouncing towards them with bloodthirsty expressions.
The bodies of the Type 3 Flesh-Eaters were their strongest weapons, hence, they did not bring along any modern firearms.

Facing the sudden appearance of 6 Type 3 Flesh-Eaters, Gong Chang Tian and the rest felt anxious, knowing that these freaks were strong, and should they be held here, more would swarm over soon.

“Shaxi! Injure them! Don’t kill them!”

“I’m not your subordinate! Don’t order me around!!”

Shaxi declared coldly, before shooting forward like a shooting star right into the midst of the 6 Flesh-Eaters, slicing them into halves.

“Type 4 Divine Warrior!! She’s a Type 4 Divine Warrior!!! Yue Zhong actually has 2 Type 4 Divine Warriors as guards, too fearsome!”

Gong Chang Tian and the rest looked at Shaxi with shock and awe. In such a dangerous place, the stronger their forces, the higher the chances of success.

Yue Zhong pointed and sent 6 Type 3 Puppet Runes, that entered the foreheads of the Type 3 Divine Warriors.

“Let’s go!”

Yue Zhong did not stop to wait for the Type 3 Flesh-Eaters to proclaim their loyalty, quickly leading the rest further in.

They could not afford to screw up now or waste time, as Yue Zhong was afraid that the Saint Clan might destroy their mainframe, or cause the ship to self-destruct.

If anything were to happen, they would all lose their lives.

After all, if they did not manage to gain this floating fortress, which could be considered a technological marvel even in the Saint Clan, they would not have a sliver of hope against a Type 5 Divine Warrior.

Yue Zhong knew that while he had 2 Treasures of Hope, in terms of face-to-face combat, he was still a long way off.


A number of automatic doors closed the tunnel, sealing their path.

Jess immediately activated his ability and pulled the doors apart easily, allowing them to move forward.

Type 3 Flesh-Eaters continued to pour out from various corners of the ship, attacking Yue Zhong and his group.

Shaxi continued to charge towards the Type 3 Flesh-Eaters without waiting for Yue Zhong’s orders, injuring them heavily.

For each and every one that fell, Yue Zhong would quickly summon a Type 3 Puppet Rune and imprinted them on the Flesh-Eaters, bringing them under his control.

With Shaxi taking the lead, all the Type 3 Flesh-Eaters were swiftly subjugated by Yue Zhong, allowing him to come to the control room for the mainframe easily.

Yue Zhong took a look and his eyes lit up, “This must be the brain of the entire ship right?”

As long as they gained control of this ship, Yue Zhong would have the capacity to deal with the Saint Clan, otherwise, they could only flee or die.

Xiangma Yiming came out from another room, walking slowly while smiling evilly, “Impressive!! Truly impressive, a measly human like you actually made it here. What a feat. I’m Xiangma Yiming, Type 4 Saint Clan member. I admire you a lot, come be my dog. As long as you obey me, you’ll gain riches, and can become the leader of any city, and you’ll be the ruler of over 100,000 people. How does that sound?”

Yue Zhong stared at him with a strange look, “It’s only you here?”

Xiangma Yiming laughed out lightly, “I am more than enough. Overlord Gong Chang Tian, I know that you’re at most at the Type 3 Divine Warrior level. Just the few of you aren’t my match, no matter how many other Type 3 Divine Warriors you might best. Surrender to me, and it’s not too late. As long as you hand over the Treasures of Hope in your possession, I can guarantee all of you will lead decent lives, and no longer have to live like rats, worried about your fate.”

Type 4 Divine Warriors and Type 3 Divine Warriors were truly too far apart in strength, due to this, Xiangma Yiming dared to face them alone. On one hand, his speed was a factor, on the other, he had confidence in suppressing them.

Xiangma Yiming’s gaze swept across them when suddenly, it landed on Duanmu Sheng, and his voice faltered, “Wait!! You’re Duanmu Sheng!! Fuck, you guys have the Puppet Box!!

Yue Zhong ordered, “Kill him! Shaxi, Duanmu Sheng!!”

Both of them immediately shot forward.

The 3 Type 4 Divine Warriors engaged in battle, causing loud blasts and their shadows blurred everywhere.

Xiangma Yiming was a peak existence of the Type 4 Divine Warrior stage, against Shaxi and Daunmu Sheng, he was still able to fend them off, although it seemed unlikely he could extract himself safely.

Gong Chang Tian roared and instantly, a powerful red-colored Dou Qi exuded from his body, enhancing his Strength to reach the Type 4 Divine Warrior level. With a step forth, he quickly joined the fray.
The moment Gong Chang Tian joined the battle, Xiangma Yiming’s outlook became even worse, suffering blows from time to time.
Ken and Yan also quickly activated their strength and joined the fray.

However, just as they charged in, they were quickly sent flying out by 2 slaps from Xiangma Yiming, causing the wall to be dented, as they both spat out blood, almost dying on the spot.

This showed the difference in the combat ability. Right now, only Gong Chang Tian had the necessary strength to forcefully engage Xiangma Yiming. Most other Type 3 Divine Warriors would die or become burdens.

Yue Zhong shot them a glance and made for the control room. Even if he joined in the fray, he could not bring the battle to an end quickly.

Xiangma Yiming saw that and his face turned ashen as he roared out in anger, flashing forward to pounce on him, “Damn human, stop right there!!”

Shaxi, Duanmu Sheng, and Gong Chang Tian all lashed out at him.

He ignored their attacks and charged right at Yue Zhong, not daring to let him into the control room.

Shaxi’s claw, as well as the fists of Duanmu Sheng and Gong Chang Tian blasted Xiangma Yiming’s body.

His body twisted strangely for a moment, dispersing about 70% of the power, while he spat out a mouth of blood. The remaining 30% of force propelled him forwards closer towards Yue Zhong.

With a strong sense of death looming, Yue Zhong swiftly activated his Shadow Steps and Dark Dou Qi, his body flashing as he dodged to one side. At the same time, he sent out a fistful of Devil Flame towards Xiangma Yiming.

“Open!!” In response, Xiangma Yimign roared and a white light radiated out of his body, it was the Radiance of Life that he trained.

Many of the Saint Clan members who were Type 3 and above would usually cultivate the Radiance of Life, condensing their life force into an energy that protects them.

Of course, there was a limit to the usage. If their life force was overdrawn, then their Stamina, Spirit, and Strength would drop drastically for a short period of time. With this Radiance of Life, it showed Xiangma Yiming’s determination to eradicate Yue Zhong.

With the protection of the Radiance of Life, he managed to get past the Devil Flame, reaching out with a vicious claw towards Yue Zhong’s head.

At that instant, Yue Zhong’s body disintegrated, turning into dust and disappearing from this world.

“Clone? Illusion?”

Right at that moment, a void appeared in mid-air, with 10 sharp bone spikes firing out towards Xiangma Yiming. Due to the sudden attack, if it had been any other Type 3 Divine Warrior, they would definitely have been slain instantly.

“Petty tricks! Break for me!!” Xiangma Yiming laughed coldly, and brought a fist full of power smashing towards the 10 bone spikes, instantly destroying them.

“Fucking strong!!” Yue Zhong’s heart trembled with shock. He had exerted all his strength, made use of all his skills, and could only watch helplessly as Xiangma Yiming tore through them like paper. He truly experienced the difference between a peak Type 4 Divine Warrior and himself.

Yue Zhong did not lose hope, instead, he continued to activate his Devil Flame, firing them towards Xiangma Yiming.

At the same time, Shaxi, Duanmu Sheng, and Gong Chang Tian had chased up, using all their might to attack Xiangma Yiming.

Of the 3, Duanmu Sheng was the strongest, but he could only exhibit his full prowess on the ground. In terms of body flesh, he could not compare with Shaxi. Hence, even though the 3 of them joined hands, they could barely suppress Xiangma Yiming, not killing him.

Yue Zhong took the chance and broke through the room, immediately pulling out a data cable and connected it to the computer.

Bai Yi’s eyes started to glaze over in the handheld monitor, as data and numbers flashed through her eyes, and the entire ship started to blare out with alarm.

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