God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 762

With a loud shatter, the last alloy door broke apart, and a dozen Type 3 Flesh-Eaters charged in.

Yue Zhong pointed at them, “Break them!!”

“Yes! Master!”

With a glint, Xiangma Yiming charged forwards, his speed pushed to the limit, and he pounced right into the group.

“Sir Xiangma!! What are you doing?!”

“Ah!!! No!!! Sir Xiangma!!”

The Type 3 Flesh-Eaters that had just charged in were instantly torn in two, screaming in agony and pain.

Even though Xiangma Yiming had been gravely injured barely moments ago, and forced to utilize his Radiance of Life, dealing with ordinary Type 3 Divine Warriors was not an issue.

Yue Zhong pointed at them, and many Type 3 Puppet Runes shot out, imprinting their foreheads, turning them into puppets.

He then summoned a number of Type 3 Puppet Runes, placing them in Xiangma Yiming’s hands, “Go sniff them all out and make them my puppets!”

The Puppet Runes could be handed to the Puppets to utilize.

“Yes! Master!”

He replied respectfully, and immediately dashed out, crushing any Flesh-Eater and Vampire he came across.

When he left, Yue Zhong took a deep breath, and pulled out a pill made from Life-Saving Grass and sat down in his pool of blood.

Sima Bing came up to him, her eyes full of worry, “Yue Zhong, your injuries!!”

Gong Chang Tian also came up to him with a complicated gaze, his eyes flashing with a glint. He was an ambitious man, and was forced to swear loyalty due to the circumstances. Seeing Yue Zhong so heavily injured now, his blood began to boil with ambition again.

A killing intent arose in his heart as he stepped towards Yue Zhong, “If I can control the 2 Treasures of Hope in his hands, I can replace him!!”

At this moment, Yue Zhong lifted his head and shot him a cold look.

Duanmu Sheng also stepped to his side quietly.

Gong Chang Tian felt his heart turn cold, as though doused by a bucket of cold water. His strength might be on par with a Type 4 Divine Warrior, but against Duanmu Sheng, he had no hope of victory.

Without skipping a beat, he asked Yue Zhong, “Are you alright?”

“I won’t die!”

Yue Zhong responded indifferently, whisking out a can of Type 4 Mutant Beast meat and gobbled it up. Only energy could help him recover right now.

As he ate the meat, it turned into energy that nourished his body, kicking his regeneration into action.

Under everyone’s astonished gaze, his large wound quickly stopped bleeding.

He pulled out a number of clothes to put on, covering his wound, and walked up to the mainframe like nothing happened.

Currently, the screen showed what was going on below in the battles at the various directions.
Currently, the 9 Type 4 Divine Warriors and single Type 5 Divine Warrior was exhibiting their power, destroying the numerous RH2s. Even Bai Yi’s control could not help them.

The number of RH2s had to be above 200 to form a decent net under Bai Yi’s control to suppress Type 4 Divine Warriors.

The RH2s in all the 4 directions did not number more than a 100 each, thus even with Bai Yi’s control, it was hard to injure or kill the Type 4 Divine Warriors.

As for the Type 5 Divine Warrior, it was impossible to even touch him.

About 20 li west of the Resistance headquarters, a large fleet of carrier were preparing to land.

Once those heavy carriers got the RH2s within them off, the large fleet of them could force the Type 4 Divine Warriors away.

Bai Yi smiled sweetly, “Master, the ship is already fully under my control. I can utilize the defense system together with the RH2s below to kill a Type 4 Divine Warrior with 60% success. Do you want me to attack now?”

“Wait a minute!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes brightened, as he saw an astonishing scene from the display.

Below, the horde of Mutant Snakes appeared on the battlefield.

The monstrous snakes leaped towards the numerous RH2s with their jaws wide open, snapping down and causing the metal frames of the RH2s to be crushed, with countless pieces flying apart.

Some of them slithered and coiled around other RH2s, twisting forcefully, crushing the entire robot together with their pilots into a lump.

As the firepower of the RH2s were focused on the Type 4 Flesh-Eaters, the attacks of the Mutant Snakes were too sudden, and the RH2s could not react.

Yue Zhong gazed at them and frowned, “Retreat!! Do not engage with those freaks any further!”


Bai Yi controlled the RH2s to quickly make for the distance.

Bianna and Wang Bu Lu, 2 of the Type 4 Saint Clan members exchanged glances and chased after the fleeing RH2s.

Their speed was too terrifying, quickly chasing up after the RH2s and eliminating them one by one.

Yue Zhong frowned and changed his order, “Stop the retreat! Let’s just let them all fight it out there!!”

Bianna and Wang Bu Lu were not zombies without intelligence, getting them to stay and fight the Mutant Beasts was very unlikely.


With his order, the RH2s came to a stop, and continued to fire at the 2 Type 4 Divine Warriors. Even if they could not hurt them, their combined firepower could force them to move constantly, wearing down at the Stamina.

While the Flesh-Eaters and Vampires were evolved from the zombies, and had superhuman Stamina, they weren’t limitless. As long as they were forced to engaged in a high-intensity battle, they would feel tired, and their might would plunge.

Yue Zhong then ordered coldly, “Set them to self-destruct, I want those Mutant Snakes and those 2 Type 4 Flesh-Eaters to suffer.”

The speed of those Mutant Snakes were frightening as well, quickly chasing up to swallow the RH2s one by one.

Hong!! Hong!! Hong!!

At the moment when one of the Mutant Snakes was about to swallow one of the RH2s, loud explosions began to ring everywhere, as the self-destruct mechanism in each and every one of these RH2s went off, blasting the Mutant Snakes apart, their blood and flesh splattering everywhere.

With their injuries, the entire horde became even more enraged, their speed increasing suddenly.

Out of the blue, one of the strange snakes appeared in front of Bianna, its jaws opened wide as it wanted to snap down viciously at her.

“Lowly creature, fuck off!!”

Bianna eyed the huge strange snake and laughed coldly, her right hand slashing in mid-air, and a transparent psychic blade slashed through it, piercing its Type 3 scales. Its entire body was sliced up in multiple pieces, as blood, juice and parts scattered everywhere. The nuclei in its body also ended up in Bianna’s hands.

There were many Mutant Beasts hiding throughout this planet, where some had mutated due to the changes in the world, while others had evolved due to overexposure to radiation.

As a Type 4 Divine Warrior, Bianna had exterminated countless Type 3 Mutant Beasts before, her experience considered abundant when it came to dealing with them.

On the other side, Wang Bu Lu leaped onto a Mutant Snake’s head like a cannon, sending a violent fist pummeling into its head, causing a large hole. He then dropped through it.

The Mutant Snake then struggled, thrashing violently, but before long, Wang Bu Lu leaped right out, covered in brain juices, while the Mutant Snake slumped down lifelessly.

Bianna and Wang Bu Lu relied on their own capabilities to slaughter the Mutant Snakes, their eyes gleaming with excitement. After all, killing and slaughter was in their brutal nature.

As the 2 of them immersed in excitement while killing, all of a sudden, a black, human-like figure appeared in front of Wang Bu Lu without warning.

Being a Type 4 Divine Warrior, he caught sight of the figure in front of him, a human-shaped creature covered entirely in thick, snake scales. The strange thing was that it had a snake head and snake tail.

The snake-head leader opened its jaws in a flash, elongating to a size larger than its own body, and bit down viciously on Wang Bu Lu. The countless rows of sharp teeth punctured his body and ripped it into pieces.

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