God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Small village

Chi Yang’s temper was cool and steady. Yue Zhong being snatched by the green eagle made him anxious, but he could still calmly analyze the situation. He would do anything that was within his power to do.

Lu wen rushed outside worried: “You aren’t going to find him. I will go myself!”

Lu Wen is young, and her temper is somewhat impulsive. Yue Zhong is who she recognizes, and she is going to bring people to find her man.

Chi Yang’s brows wrinkled. He commanded in a deep voice: “Zhang Zheng and Lei Yi, stop her.”

The two security guards at Chi Yang’s side went forward to block Lu Wen’s path.

Lu Wen stared, and she scolded at the two security guards: “Step out of the way!”

Lu Wen was equivalent to a half mistress in Yue Zhong’s group. No one dared be discourteous to her wherever she went. Apart from Yue Zhong and Chi Yang, very few people would dare defy her desires.

Lei Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and said to Lu Wen: “Miss Lu, sympathise with us. We are only following orders.”

Chi Yang is the direct supervisor of Lei Yi and Zhang Zheng. The two must obey Chi Yang’s commands. The only other person who can give them direct orders is Yue Zhong. No one else has direct command authority over them.

Lu Wen turned at looked at Chi Yang. She shouted with her face full of fury: “Chi Yang! What are you doing?”

Chi Yang commanded: “Lu Wen, my mission is to protect Stone Horse Village, maintain smooth operations, and provide safety for you and Guo Yu. You don’t have the strength to protect yourself. You would only die in vain if you went by yourself to seek Yue Zhong! Lei Yi and Zhang Zheng, take Lu Wen and Guo Yu back home to rest. Don’t allow them to easily escape without the command of Yue Zhong or myself.”

Lei Yi respectfully said to Lu Wen and Guo Yu: “Please young misses.”

Guo Yu pulled Lu Wen’s clothes and softly advised: “Sister, let’s go! Chi Yang is well intentioned. We don’t want to make it harder for them.”

Lu Wen fumed at Chi Yang, then finally followed Lei Yi and Zhang Zheng out.

Lu Wen understood everything Chi Yang said, but she was still somewhat angry.

Chi Yang sent people to call over Liu Yan after Lu Wen left.

“Chi Yang! What did you seek me for?” Liu Yan asked a little cautiously.

Although Chi Yang is the same rank as other people, he is still the number two man under Yue Zhong. Chi Yang could exercise Yue Zhong’s authority whenever he wasn’t around.

Chi Yang said: “Take your men to the west and search for Captain Yue Zhong. Take an IFV with you. If you find any news on Captain Yue Zhong, or if there is anything you cannot cope with, then send someone to inform me.”

The IFV is the most powerful weapon under the control of Yue Zhong. The zpt90 25 millimeter round cannon is the most powerful gun in Stone Horse Village. The bullet and knife proof mutated river snake armor could be torn apart by the zpt90 cannon.

Liu Yan nodded and left.

Chi Yang rubbed his temples watching Liu Yan leave. He anxiously thought: “Yue Zhong, I hope you are safe and sound.”

Chi Yang also wanted to personally search for Yue Zhong, but he was inseparable from the operations at Stone Horse Village. This was the crucial time for Always Bright Village survivors to enter Stone Horse Village. There could be no disorder.

Chi Yang taking over let Yue Zhong be relieved of various heavy responsibilities. He could take people to resolve the mutated river snake problem of the two rivers outside of Stone Horse Village.

Yue Zhong, White Bones, and Small Green quickly moved along through the dense forest after leaving the bird nest.

The green feather eagle is different from ordinary birds. Because Small Green is a young bird it cannot fly, but it use its two legs to walk along the ground like a penguin.

Yue Zhong strode through the dense forest. Given that the life saving flower juice couldn’t completely heal the wound, If he were an ordinary person receiving that kind of wound, they wouldn’t be able to walk. It felt as painful as being hit by multiple bullets.

Yue Zhong’s vitality far exceeded a normal persons. With the strengthening of his body and the life saving flower juice, his wound was kept within check without worsening. But he felt severe pain in his chest with every step. He could also taste traces of blood in his throat every time he breathed.

Yue Zhong walked and bitterly thought: “Truly bad luck! I finally understand the story of the mermaid princess.”

[TL: This is a story very similar to the Little Mermaid by Disney. The analogy is just that the Mermaid Princess has bad luck in the story, but things end out all-right in the end, just different than what was expected. If you understand some Chinese: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0WB8Bn74Zk]

Suddenly there was a gunshot in the forest. Yue Zhong’s heart filled with happiness, and he quickly went in that direction: “There’s people!”

Yue Zhong wasn’t the least bit familiar with that area of the forest. It was very hard to navigate without someone familiar in the area leading him.

But when Yue Zhong arrived at the location of the gunshot, he only saw five human corpses. Six mutated monkeys were crawling all over their bodies, gorging on their flesh.

Yue Zhong saw the six monkeys gnawing on the corpses, and his eyes flashed with murderous intent. He commanded to White Bones: “Kill! Kill them!”

White Bones shot forward like an arrow, rushing into the group of monkeys.

The eyes of the six monkeys flashed with a fierce light after seeing White Bones, and they rushed towards it.

White Bones waived his axe and split open a monkey’s body, chopping hit a the waist.

The five remaining monkeys took the opportunity to attack the flank of White Bones. They used their sharp claws to slash at White Bones, but they were unable to make a scratch.

During the time the monkeys attacked at White Bones, its body began to shoot out bone spike after bone spike that pierced through the five monkeys.

The five monkeys had extreme vitality. They still didn’t die even though they were pierced through by White Bones. They actually struggled for their lives on the spikes of White Bones.

Greenie stood beside Yue Zhong watching the situation. It then flapped its wings and rushed over to the five monkeys. Greenie pecked like lightning at the heads of the mutated monkeys. Their skulls were pierced through one by one, then it quickly began to feast.

The six monkeys dropped a white treasure box and a couple dozen life coins. Apart from this there were no other drops.

The white treasure box ended up being empty.

Yue Zhong shook his head and then carefully looked around a moment. He found a little trail of blood and and walked that direction.

White Bones and Greenie closely followed behind.

Following the blood trail, Yue Zhong and his companions found a little village nested in the mountains.

“Halt! Who are you?” Yue Zhong and the others had just approached a little village. Two survivors, one holding a homemade crossbow, and the other holding a large knife appeared before Yue Zhong.

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