God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 763

Bianna watched as Wang Bu Lu was torn in pieces by that snake-head creature and her heart was instantly enveloped with a terrifying chill. She let out a shrill scream and hurriedly retreated towards Sitolius.

Wang Bu Lu was a powerful Type 4 Divine Warrior, in terms of combat, he was even stronger than Bianna by at least 30%. Such a powerful fighter was actually eaten in one bite, it caused Bianna to be extremely fearful.

The snake leader gobbled up Wang Bu Lu in a few bites and with a flash, it quickly chased after Bianna.

Bianna was currently fleeing with a pale face, pushing her limits. She would use her psychic powers to propel herself forward from time to time. Each time the snake-head creature was about to get close, she would channel her ability, and force the snake leader away.

The speed of this snake-head creature was extremely fast, however, it was always hampered by Bianna’s constant usage of her psychic ability.

Unfortunately, a scene soon occurred, causing Bianna to despair. In the midst of the gigantic Mutant Snakes, a number of similar snake-head creatures appeared, rushing towards her.

Yue Zhong saw all these from the mainframe display, his heart filled with a chill, “So many of those, what in the world are they?”

The bodies of those snake-head creatures were even stronger than Type 4 Flesh-Eaters. They also had human-like features, truly it was strange and frightening. Most humanoid creatures would usually possess intelligence, and enemies like that were the most dangerous for the human race.

Bianna continued to charge forth, repelling any snake-head creatures that got too close. After repelling them for 7 or 8 times, she suddenly seemed to have thought of something and began to leap into the air, using her power to help her step up towards the skies.

The usage of her psychic abilities was extremely broad, with powerful potential. Although she only had an initial Type 4 Divine Warrior strength, using her power, she was even stronger than most other peak Type 4 Divine Warriors.

The snake-head creatures came underneath her, looking at her with cold eyes.

“Good! What a good target! Bai Yi, send me outside of the ship!”

Yue Zhong looked at Bianna rising up higher with the support of her ability and spoke to Bai Yi in excitement.

“Right this way!”

One of the alloy doors opened up, revealing a mobile platform.

Yue Zhong stepped right in.

The mobile platform then shot towards the exterior of the floating fortress through a series of tunnels.

The ship had many functions and features but required the mainframe computer to display its full potential. Without it, the ship was only at best 30% of its normal capacity.

When he reached the exterior, Yue Zhong quickly pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun and took aim at Bianna.

His gaze locked on her, his killing intent caused her to feel a sense of dread. She turned to discover Yue Zhong aiming at her, and she instantly felt a chill in her heart. She quickly channeled her power to support herself up by another 6 meters.

Yue Zhong’s cold gaze was fixed on Bianna as he pulled the trigger, and the electromagnetic beam fired straight for her.

This female demon tried her best to avoid by moving up and down, but her usage of the psychic abilities could not compare to her own speed on the ground.

After dodging 3 of the shots forcefully, one of them managed to blast her right shoulder into oblivion.

She was sent hurtling towards the ground by that beam.

Another beam that burst through her head, blasting it apart, killing her instantly.

“Congratulations, you’ve gained +40 Vitality and +1 Skill Point.”

With Bianna’s death, her life force flowed into Yue Zhong through the God and Devil Imprint, enhancing him once again.

With that sudden increase of 40 Vitality, his wound on his chest began to heal even faster.

Since Bianna was killed, the snake-head creatures quickly rushed over to her corpse and tore it apart, gobbling her up.
At the same time, their eyes were filled with a vicious animosity as they stared at Yue Zhong while eating.

Yue Zhong stared right back for a while, before commanding, “Go back!”

The mobile platform then brought Yue Zhong back into the room where the mainframe was held.

Those snake-head creatures shrieked out in some strange noise before making their way towards Sitolius.

The large horde of Mutant Snakes soon came into Sitolius’s view, as they fought to reach him faster.

Right now, all around Sitolius laid the destroyed RH2s and scattered machine parts. Initially, there had been over 90 RH2s combating him, now there was barely a dozen left.

“Mutant Beasts? A bunch of lowly creatures dare attack me? What trash!!”

Sitolius stared at the newcomers and laughed coldly. He turned his body around and pounced towards the horde of snakes and snake-creatures.

The moment he charged through their midst, the bone whip in his flew out like a raging dragon, the huge, strange snakes torn instantly rupturing at the point of contact.

As the blood mist sprayed, Sitolius walked through it, looking like a demon right out of hell.

Hua Du was also tangling with the Mutant Snakes by the side, as a Type 4 Divine Warrior, dealing with those Mutant Snakes was not as casual as Sitolius, but it was not a problem for him. As long as he neared one, he would then conjure a huge blade of air to slice the head of the Mutant Snakes.

As Sitolius was slaughtering the Mutant Snakes, the snake-head creatures suddenly charged out from the horde.

At that instant, 2 of them surrounded Hua Du.

Hua Du had just killed off one of the giant Mutant Snakes, and his heart had just relaxed at that point when one of the snake-head creatures opened its jaws to bite him.

Hua Du retreated just a little too late, and his hands were caught in the teeth of the snake-head creature.

The other snake-head creature opened its mouth and quickly latch onto Hua Du’s upper body, and with a loud crunch, his entire top half was bitten off and swallowed.

After killing Hua Du in a second, the 8 snake-head creatures pounced towards Sitolius.

“Peak-Type 4? All you bastards actually have Peak-Type 4 combat ability!!” Sitolius stared hatefully at those monsters, and the bone whip in his hand lashed out, sending them flying back.

If it were just 1 of them, he could kill it easily. Facing 2 or 8 was not a problem even. However, once the numbers exceeded 10, then his confidence in dealing with them all would start to decrease. If there were more than 20, he would even have to retreat.

“Lowly? I say you Flesh-Eaters are the lowly ones. Our Snake Race will be the masters of this world from now on. Those Flesh-Eaters there, our Snake Race is currently in need of talent. Join us, and fight for us, I can still let you live. Otherwise, there will only be death for you guys.”

From the horde of snakes, an icy-cold voice sounded out. The snakes parted, forming a path, and from a distance, the numerous snake-head creatures stood with respect in two lines. Atop the crown of an enormous golden snake, sat a man and woman with human-like features. They had long snake tails, their bodies covered with a layer of silver scales.
The pair were extremely good-looking, however, their golden eyes were slits that would send a chill down anyone’s spine when looked at. The person who spoke was precisely the beautiful snake woman.

Sitolius glanced at them and snorted coldly, “Preposterous!! Just 2 measly Type 5 snakes want to become the masters of the world? This time, we have barely sent out a small portion of our Saint Clan. If we were to go all-out, wiping out your pathetic race is as easy as flipping our hands. I advise you to give up and surrender. Hand over 20 Type 4 nuclei and we can forget about this. Otherwise, in a month’s time, your race will be extinct.”

In this world, the Saint Clan was truly the hegemony, with no other powers the slightest bit a threat to them. This led to the arrogance in Sitolius’s words.

While Sitolius was not a match for the both of the Type 5 Snake Race experts, based on the might of the Saint Clan, it was not impossible to crush the Snake Race.

The snake woman pointed at Sitolius and coldly commanded, “Very good! I want to see how you can do that! Kill him, Mangudala!!”

The handsome snake man flashed forward, darting like a specter.

“Hmph! Do you want to kill me? Go try evolving another thousand years!! Lowly beast!!” Sitolius laughed coldly and with a tap of his feet, he retreated explosively at the speed of sound.

He could tell the difference in strength between both sides. He would not sit here idly waiting for his death. As long as he got away alive, it would be enough. Although the mission this time cost him huge losses, with his Type 5 Divine Warrior status, it would be settled with an explanation.

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